How To Discover New Music On Spotify

Being the largest music streaming app and platform, Spotify has got tonnes of extensive music libraries and albums with high-quality music that could introduce you to the newest songs on Spotify daily. It is comparatively easier to discover new music on Spotify than other apps because it wants you to use its discovery features and explore some of the best albums on Spotify.


It allows users to share playlists and has algorithmic features that would automatically connect everyone with new music on Spotify via constantly modified recommendations. Spotify has got a bunch of tools that can help users discover some of the newest songs released on the platform and stay updated with their taste and preferred genres. This included the feature of shareable playlists, along with features like Daily Mix, Release Radar, Radio, etc. These features are proved to be pretty handy when you want to diversify your music library and find new music on Spotify.

Here are the features you can use to discover music on Spotify and update your libraries whenever you wish to:

Find New Music on Spotify Using these Spotify Discovery Features

1. Playlist Suggestions

Unlike other music streaming platforms like Amazon Music, creating new playlists on Spotify brings you all sorts of new recommendations and thus, gets you some of the newest songs from Spotify’s database. All you need to do is give a sensible name to your playlist. Let’s check that out.

Step 1: Let’s create a playlist on Spotify and see how that works.

spotify playlist

Step 2: This is a completely new account, so I need to discover my favorite songs as early as possible. Since I love Linkin Park, that’s where I’ll start.

ceate new playlist spotify

Step 3: Once the playlist is created, Spotify would discover music for you via popping up searches relevant to your playlist name. Since mine is “Linkin Park”, I’d see suggestions of famous Linkin Park songs under the section called Recommended Songs.


Step 4: Now, either click on the Add button to add that particular song to the recently created playlist. Else, click on Refresh and discover new music on Spotify from in relevance to the playlist name.

It happens the same way when you’re playing Spotify on your mobile. It’s the same three steps.

breaking benjamin

Step 1: Create a Playlist

Step 2: Add songs

Step 3: Choose from the suggestions list.

2. Daily Mix

Daily Mix helps you find new music on Spotify via helping you swipe through songs from some of your favorite artists. Spotify creates six mixes daily comprising songs of different artists you must have chosen when you open your Spotify account or app for the first time. These mixes are a daily dose of newest songs on Spotify, as these mixes are refreshed every day.

daily mix

However, the songs in Daily Mix may also include the ones which you’ve frequently listened to previously, and it isn’t necessary that every single song would be a one you’ve never heard before.

You can find Daily Mix by scrolling down to the home page of your Spotify account under the Made for You section. In the mobile app, you can head to Search>>Scroll>>Made for You to find new music on Spotify via Daily Mixes .


3. Discover Weekly

This one of the best algorithms Spotify has ever created to help users discover new music on the Spotify app. Discover Weekly is another feature included in the Made for You category based on the Spotify recommendations of your favorite artists and your daily choice and preferences of music.

discover weekly

Spotify analyzes your music preferences by studying what genres you have explored, what artists you choose to listen to, and how often you listen to a particular album. Based on that, a Discover Weekly playlist is created, which is then refreshed every Monday to help you find new music on Spotify every week.

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4. Release Radar

Release Radar is another Made for You playlist created by Spotify algorithms based on your music preferences. The difference between Release Radar and Discover Weekly is that Release Radar introduces users to the newest songs on Spotify by helping them discover new artists. You may also get to know about underrated artists from your preferred music genres.

Release Radar gets updated every Friday. Since it’s got new music suggestions, you keep on discovering new music on Spotify every Friday to fill in your weekend music needs.

5. Repeat and Rewind

Repeat and rewind is also created when you listen to enough songs on Spotify for the algorithm to learn a pattern in your music choices. This one is updated every five days from day you sign up for your account. But, you can get it from day one if you search for it. Go on any web browser (mobile or PC), open this link – Rewind Repeat and then add it to your playlist. You can then directly access it from your Music Library on the Spotify app as well. Here’s how you do that.

Step 1: Open the link. If you open on mobile, it’ll be redirected to your app directly. If you open on the web, you’ll be redirected to its webpage.

Step 2: Add Rewind Repeat to your library.

repeat rewind

Step 3: You can then access this playlist right from your homepage every time.


6. Spotify Radios

Spotify’s Recommended Radios are organized on the basis of your genre preferences and artist choices. Radios discover new music on Spotify categorized into different artists or genres. Once you start a radio, the next songs would be automatically suggested by Spotify based on what artist or music genre you have chosen. It’s not necessary that you’ll be listening to songs from the same artist again and again. Starting a radio would filter further suggestions on multiple aspects. Let’s take an example.

Step 1: Head to Recommended Radios.

Step 2: Choose an artist. Let’s say One Republic. Click on those three-dots and select Start Radio.

onerepublic radio

Step 3: The first song it plays is not something by One Republic, but it’s Superheroes by The Script. Meaning, the song it chose was not just based on the artist choice but also the type of music, thus finding new music on Spotify for you at every step.

7. Popular Playlist

spotify popular list

This is the easiest way to discover new music on Spotify. Every time you open up the Spotify app or Spotify web, the first thing you’ll see on the home page would be Popular Playlist. These playlists are created by Spotify based on the latest music trends around the globe, as well as in your region. You just need to choose the one which you think would entertain you the most and find the newest songs on Spotify first hand.

Spotify has got the biggest library of songs among all other music streaming apps. And maybe that’s why people opt for Spotify over other similar platforms. By using these Spotify features, which run on some finest search algorithms, you can discover new music and find the newest songs on Spotify every time you jam in for some music. So, wire-in your headphones and start bringing some new taste of music to your Spotify music libraries.

Tell us why you prefer Spotify over other apps. If you use some other music streaming platform, tell us how it beats Spotify.

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