5 Signs to Get Your Smartphone’s Battery Replaced Right Away

Doesn’t it make you a bit restless, the moment your phone’s battery level drops below 5%? On the contrary, nothing makes us happier than seeing a fully-charged device with a 100% battery life. Yes, you’re not alone. Our phone and battery share a dependable bond, don’t you think so? So, yes, without battery our smartphone is good for nothing, and vice versa.

But unfortunately, no matter which device you use, either iPhones or Android, the device’s battery comes with a limited life span. As soon as the device battery starts degrading, it also starts affecting the overall performance of your smartphone.

If you want to hang on to a device for a long period of time, you should most certainly get the device battery replaced. As smartphones are our dearest gadgets there’s absolutely no point in using a hazardous or degraded battery, right? Wondering “when to change a smartphone battery”?

the smartphone battery
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Here are the 5 most prominent signs/warnings that indicate that it’s time to get your phone’s battery replaced.


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Yes, this may be the first symptom that your device’s battery may indicate in its initial stages of being corrupted or damaged. If your smartphone’s battery gets overheated momentarily, like when you’re playing a game or using a heavy-sized application, then there’s nothing to worry about. But if your device’s temperature stays HOT a majority of times, even when it’s lying and not in use then maybe it’s a sign that you should get the battery replaced.

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Irregularities in Battery Percentage Level

Irregularities in Battery Percentage Level
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Did this ever happen to you, when your phone was completely discharged, and the moment you plugged it to power, your device restarts displaying a battery level like 50 or 60% suddenly? There are also a few times when we charge our device to 100%, and as soon as we unplug them from the charger, the battery level drops below 50% instantly. Sounds insanely funny! Although, signs like these must not be ignored and maybe this is a sign/warning that you should get your phone’s battery checked at a nearby store by a tech-engineer or expert.

Only Works when Plugged to Power

Yes, this is bad! If your phone only functions for the time when it’s plugged to power, then you should definitely start worrying about your smartphone’s battery life. You can’t be sitting next to a power source all day long, right? If your smartphone shuts down the moment, you plug it out from the power, then this a serious indication of getting your phone’s battery replaced.

Swollen Battery

Swollen Battery
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As a matter of inspection, you can also assess the physical condition of your phone’s battery. Simply open the back flap of your smartphone and check the physical state of the battery if it’s too swollen or in pretty bad shape. If you feel anywhere close to suspicious regarding the visible condition of your device’s battery then get it instantly replaced.

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When Your Phone Just Won’t Start

Last but not least, if your phone fails to restart even when it’s plugged to power for a couple of hours then this is a serious sign/warning that your smartphone’s battery has given up. Over time and prolonged usage, our phone’s battery life starts degrading, so if you’re not willing to give up on the device yet then getting the battery replaced will fix the issue.

Here were the most commonly noticeable signs that you should consider when to change smartphone battery. So, the bottom line is that it’s advisable to keep these points in mind so that you can instantly get the battery replaced, at the right time to keep your smartphone in an optimally functional state.

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