Why Your Android Phone’s Battery Draining So Fast

Whenever you see your phone battery draining fast, you plug in your charger and juice up your dying phone. It’s as simple as that, isn’t it?

battery draining - android battery

But here’s the deal, not every time you see your device’s battery draining fast , will you be able to find a socket, plug it into your device and knock the battery bar to the max. We recommend that as a prudent user, you might as well run after the exact causes that are quickly draining your Android phones battery.

Here we shall get down to 3 reasons why your Android system battery is draining fast and more specifically what can you do to control it –

1. Flashy Screen Could Be Hogging On Your Device’s Battery Life

It’s such a delight to watch videos, pictures and play games with a screen brightness pumped to the max. You might not notice, but that brightness could be causing Android system battery drain.

Worry not! Optimizing the screen brightness of your device is within your control.  Here are some quick ways you can adjust screen brightness of your device and prevent your phone battery from draining fast.

  • Switch On Your Cell Phone’s Adaptive Brightness Or Toggle With Brightness Levels

What Is Adaptive Brightness?

Here’s how you can stop Android system battery drain.  Almost all phones (Android and iOS) have adaptive brightness or something similar. Adaptive brightness adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the current lighting conditions.

You could either toggle the adaptive brightness switch to on or decrease the brightness levels of your phone as shown in the screenshot below.

adaptive brightness - android battery

  • Other Ways

– You could use a black and a simple wallpaper instead of live wallpapers and one’s with high-end graphics

– Enable grey-scale mode (if applicable on your device) when your device is not in use

– Keep your home screen off when, not in use

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2. Some Apps Could Be Devouring On Your Android Battery

Scratching your head, so as to what’s causing your Android battery to drain. Maybe some battery-intensive apps running in the background are the actual culprit. It’s probably time to kill them. Though there are several ways to kill apps eating away Android battery, let’s first have a look at the easiest way you could get rid of them quickly  –

junk files


Smart Phone Cleaner is one of the best must-have apps. It’s battery saver module analyses your battery usage and then tackles all those apps efficiently which might be sending your Android battery to drain. And, that’s not all, it even boosts your RAM by helping your phone get rid of cache.

3. Syncing Apps Automatically Could Be Draining Your Android Battery

auto sync - android battery

Let’s face it, it’s a pain to manually shuffle data between apps (especially when you frequently upload data to cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and several other backup services). To alleviate that pain we turn on automatic syncing (sometimes even without knowing).

But, the lesser-known fact is Automatic syncing does take a load on your Android battery’s life. We are certainly not against automatic syncing but in times when you see that your phone’s battery is draining fast, you can Turn off Auto Sync and switch to manual syncing instead.

The way to do this might differ. The path to reach Auto Sync option in your device should look something like the one mentioned below –

Accounts and backup > Accounts  > Swipe down till you see Auto-sync personal data

How Do You Prevent Your Phone’s Battery From Draining Fast

It’s good to push your Android phone’s performance to the maximum, but at the same time, it’s even better to take measures to preserve your dear Android’s battery. Not every time can you depend on your phone’s charger to save your Android battery? We are not saying that the above are the only measures you can take to keep a check on a draining Android battery, but measures like these will help you preserve your battery for a longer period of time.

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