5 Best Apps to Control Screen Brightness on Android

Technology is damaging our vision and indirectly our daily routine. Whether it is television, desktop monitor or smartphones, the kind of dent these modern devices are giving to our eyes is irreparable. Some of the initial symptoms includes eye straining and fatigue caused due to long hours of watching computer or mobile screens and inappropriate screen brightness. In the long run, we might suffer from sleep inadequacy and fatigue, resulting in the disruption in health cycle and ultimately to the life. So, if you want to protect your eyes and eyes of those you care about, then read this blog to explore the best apps for managing screen brightness on Android.

Apps to Control Screen Brightness on Android

1. Twilight

This app is responsible for automatically adjusting the blue light, emitting from the screen. It also fine-tunes the temperature of the screen at night by applying warmth intensity and blue-light filtering. But, if you find this blue-light adjustment fussy and tedious, then you can switch to its other features like “dimness factor”. Here, you can evade all kinds of adjustments to temperature and warm controls and just regulate screen dimness to two modes: sunset and sunrise with a click.


Source: SpicyTricks

If you find this app useful, then you can switch to the optional Pro version that comes with extra settings like custom transition time, custom sunset time, custom sunrise time etc. In custom transition time, you can switch form no-diminishing to full-diminishing mode depending on the shifts.

Download: Twilight (Free)

Download: Twilight Pro ($3)

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2. C.F. Lumen

The USP of this app is that you can control and adjust screen colors by directly influencing the values of gamma rays instead of relying on tinted transparent overlay. But the app has overlay feature as well and that’s why it is one of the best Android apps for controlling screen brightness and temperature.

C.F. Lumen
Source: XDA developers

Every feature of this app is automatic in functioning, it means that the brightness can be customized automatically based on the location and time of the day. Also, you can change some ingenious modes like “Force day mode in bright ambient light” or “Force sleep mode in the dark”.

In the pro version of this app, there are some advanced features like notification options, quick toggle buttons and disabling a few upgrading nags. And if you do not want to pay for Pro features, then you can switch to “Freeload” option.

Download: CF.Lumen

3. Lux

Like Twilight app but with some better features like renowned blue light filtering app, simple to use interface and easy navigation guides. Lux is available on PC as well that uses sunset and sunrise times as indicators. The app offers effortless setup guidance with Lux Wizard with straightforward settings. But the highlight of this app is the auto-adjusting backlight feature available in four different means.

  • Ascending (ambient lighting modifications)
  • Periodic (adjustments based on a programmed timetable)
  • Dynamic (regulates only substantial variations in ambient lighting)
  • On Wake (fine-tunes when the device is awakened from sleep)

Now, let’s take a tour to its other features. In the setting section of the app, you can increase or decrease the granularity, adjust brightness levels, swiftly modify the intensity, switch to sub-zero brightness etc.

Source: Nerd’s Magazine

Lux has different widgets where you can go into darker mode in comparison to normal brightness control. Also, the app has an optional Pro version with additional characteristics like ability to use camera to study in ambient light, strong power-user settings for precision regulation, astronomer mode for starwatchers, automatic night mode for time-based color temperature control etc.

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4. Velis

The auto-brightness feature of Android smartphones has default settings with limited options for modifications. Velis allows you to replace this feature with advanced brightness management apps. The Velis application encompasses various features like advanced option to manage brightness along with other bells and whistles. The USP of this app is the learning curve that allows you to manually steep the brightness level, hence giving you the maximum control. Also, soon after the installation, the app gives you the option to setup wizard for better understanding.

Source: APK Monk

Furthermore, the app has a graph option that highlights the screen brightness option at Y-axis and ambient light on the X-axis. Here, you can alter the graph based on the requirement at every point in time. The “Superdimming” feature of this app permits you to surpass the default minimum brightness option of Android. Also, with this app, you can create multiple profiles for various auto-brightness graphs.

Download: Velis (Free)

5. Brightness Widget

Sometimes, fiddling with all kind of settings may irritate you or even give you a feeling of a technician. In such a scenario, all you demand is a widget that can instantly change brightness in a hassle-free manner. Brightness widget is not a real-time widget but almost does the same thing. With this app, you don’t have to struggle with the setting option or deal with automatic brightness adjustment.

brightness widgets
Source: Google Play

Also, you don’t have to suffer due to storage problem as the app is less than 1 MB in size and its simplicity makes its user-friendly. It has no setting option and has limited switches to manage brightness settings: minimal, medium, and maximum.

Download: Brightness Widget (Free)

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So, these are the best android apps for controlling screen brightness. Do tell us which one of the Android Brightness apps worked best for you in the comment section below.


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    Most of the apps listed are outdated, no longer supported and do not work with current Android builds. What is the point?

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