How to Backup Your Android Smartphone Data to the Cloud

What makes you love your Android phone? Probably its version or features? But for a typical user like me, it’s the data that makes phone worthy or I should say it’s the treasure house for me. And so I can’t lose it for whatever reasons. However, situations when the device and the data are at risk aren’t less. So what can be a rescue for this? It’s simply keeping a backup of all data offline. When talked about backup, none can avoid cloud storage.

Cloud storage is the best security measure to keep data safe. It is a private as well as public storage service where you can backup, manage and restore any file. Perhaps, we’d recommend private users to sign up for private storage, since it safeguard files from menace.

Backup your Android phone data to Cloud

Just as me, you too might be considering your Android phone a treasure house with abundant valuable items in it. You can always take a backup of it with your phone settings. Follow these steps to backup your Android phone to ‘Android Cloud’

Step 1: To begin with, you should open “Accounts” in Settings and then your Google account. If you have multiple accounts, then select the one with which you want to take backup.

Step 2: Now turn on the Sync for all categories.

Step 3: Again go back to your phone settings and tap on Backup & Reset

Step 4: Now turn on ‘Back up my data’ & ‘Automatic Restore’.

Step 5: All your data will be backed up on Google Drive and you can access with the Google Account you have taken backup with.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

Almost all know about the authenticity of cloud storage. Probably this is the reason for its growing usage amongst individual users and business organizations. A recent research says, by 2017, cloud service market will see a high bloom and is expected to exceed $244 billion. This is so because cloud has got some super amazing benefits that can make things way too easy. Have a look:

  • Usage: Cloud storage has got some amazing features that makes its usability great. You can easily swipe through cloud storage to local drive. Just drag and drop your files on the local drives and you are done.
  • File Sharing:Usually you are required to attach files in emails to ensure your receiver get them. But with Cloud storage, you only have to share link in the mail body and your recipient will receive it. However, this feature is enabled only in public cloud storage service.
  • Easy Access: You don’t need a special device or network to use this service. Only requisite of cloud storage is good internet and you’ll have access over your data at all times.
  • Data Recovery: Your data recovery is assured with cloud backup. Whether your data is mistakenly lost or attacked by ransomware, you can easy get it back if you have already taken a backup at cloud storage.
  • Economical: Cloud is the cheapest means for small & big organizations as well as individual users to save their huge data. For organizations, it can reduce the annual operating cost since it just requires about 3 cents of gigabyte, while for individual users it will cost cheaper than any external drive.

Right Backup: The Best Cloud Backup App

Right Backup offers you secure cloud data backup service. Apart from your phone backup, you can alternatively use this app to save your Android data on cloud. Right Backup smartly backup your data on the scheduled time and date you have preset and also ensure protection of your data in all cases. You can download the app with the link below.Get it on Google Play

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