7 Best Virtual Classroom Software For Taking Live Classes

In this article, we will know about the best virtual classroom software to use in 2023. Read the detailed blog to know the complete list.

Top 7 Most Popular Virtual Classroom Software

Check out some of the best options available in the market to conduct or take live virtual classrooms. 

1. WizIQ

WizIQ is a web-based virtual classroom tool that works well with both Flash and WebRTC options. Hence, you don’t need to install any additional software to join the classroom. You can even integrate the online classroom functionality with your website, CMS or LMS just via using developer API & Plugins. 

Why Choose WizIQ, Online Virtual Classroom Software? 

Here’s a complete feature set of WizIQ: 

  • Advanced interactive whiteboards. 
  • Live Screen & resource sharing support. 
  • Conduct polls & surveys. 
  • High-definition video conferencing. 
  • Collaborative code editor. 
  • Upload, organize & store your content in the cloud & access it from anywhere at any time. 
  • Free version available. 
  • Free trial available. 

Best Virtual Classroom Software

It’s super easy to set up with virtual training software using any browser. Carry out administrative activities for your live sessions within a few minutes. 

Visit Here

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2. Blackboard Collaborate

The software boasts some of the most innovative & useful features required for appropriate online training. While some of the users face slow performance, it does have a robust functionality set that can help you customize the personal virtual classroom experience. If you need to organize a session larger than 100 people, you must arrange it for 72 hours in advance. 

Why Choose Blackboard Collaborate, Free Virtual Classroom Software?

You can make the most out of this virtual training software, here are the benefits it has to offer:

  • Easily participate in live virtual classes despite any geographical or time obstacles. 
  • Easy & fast file, apps and other resources sharing. 
  • Needs just one-click to access the online virtual classroom. 
  • Features hand-raising capability for attendance & participation in polls.  
  • Free version available. 
  • Free trial available. 

Blackboard Collaborate 

It’s best for institutions & learning organizations that need to deliver engaging, personalized & flexible learning options for students. 

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3. LearnCube

LearnCube is a fantastic virtual classroom software based entirely on browsers to deliver or attend live classes online. Hence, you don’t need to install any extra software or rely on Flash to use the tool on your device. It’s trusted by one of the top language schools, including Oxford University, Altissia, Babbel, and more.  

Why Use LearnCube, Live Virtual Classroom Tool? 

It offers a free trial version so that you can get familiarize with online teaching first:

  • Use a whiteboard for explaining diagrams & ideations. 
  • Audio/video conferencing calls
  • Tools for scheduling & reporting. 
  • Conduct private & group classes. 
  • Screen sharing
  • Session recording. 
  • Live Streaming & Live chat possible. 
  • Free version available. 
  • Free trial available. 

Blackboard Collaborate 

A platform is best known for corporate trainers, tutoring organizations & language institutes! 

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4. Adobe Connect

Similar to LearnCube, Adobe Connect boasts some of the powerful functionalities along with several add-ons & various customization options to customize the e-learning experience. While some consider the software to be a poor choice when it comes to audio support, but overall the virtual classroom software is like a playground for an experienced instructor. 

Why Choose Adobe Connect, Virtual Classroom Software?

Adobe Connect has gained a lot of early traction in the higher education vertical. 

  • The virtual classroom software is web-based but requires Flash to run correctly. 
  • You can use the client download version to bypass the Flash Requirements 
  • It offers some great features like Interactive Whiteboard, polls, cloud recording & various modules & layouts to customize the virtual classrooms. 
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad & Android. 
  • The best tool for conducting webinars. 
  • Free trial available. 

Adobe Connect 

Adobe Connect offers a 30-Day free trial! 

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5. Newrow

Newrow deserves a place in our best virtual classroom software 2023. It’s a purpose-built online teaching platform that allows you to craft online courses & engage participants in webinars & live classes. Newrow is entirely web-based & doesn’t demand users, downloading Flash or any extra installations. With the paid version, you can enjoy unlimited usage of an on-demand live classroom. 

Why Try Newrow, Live Virtual Classroom Tool?

Here are all the reasons why you need to try Newrow right away: 

  • It offers collaborative tools like Digital whiteboards. 
  • A dedicated content management system for sharing presentations & other resources. 
  • Screen sharing is allowed. 
  • Cloud recording capabilities. 
  • You can create real-time notes. 
  • Organize & play live quizzes and much more
  • Free version available. 
  • Free trial available.


It’s a powerful virtual classroom software that drives learners’ success via engaging online sessions with up to 25 live webcam participants & 100 individuals connected through text chat.

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6. eZTalks Webinar

eZTalks offers a complete solution to tutors & learning institutes to deliver live online classes & other digital courses. You can rely on this virtual classroom software for quick file & screen sharing. This helps in keeping the entire team aligned during the lecture as well as for upcoming tasks.  

Why Use eZTalks Webinar, Free Virtual Classroom Software?

Here are the key functionalities of eZTalks webinar tool:

  • Best for instant messaging. 
  • Audio & video conferencing. 
  • Use an interactive whiteboard. 
  • Organize a video webinar.
  • Private & public messaging are allowed. 
  • Scheduler, for arranging timely online virtual classes.
  • Free version available. 
  • Free trial available. 

eZTalks Webinar 

It’s one of the best virtual classroom software for Educators, as it can provide hassle-free live classes to learners & achieve lots of benefits from its feature set!  

Note: This program has been discontinued.

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7. Vedamo

Built for online tutoring, Vedamo is one of the best virtual classroom software & learning management systems. Entirely browser-based, Vedamo doesn’t demand any extra install on your system to join the online classroom. Moreover, for demo purposes, you can attend live virtual classrooms without any cost or creating an account on the service. 

Why Try Vedamo, Online Virtual Classroom Tool? 

Vedamo is a collaborative web conferencing platform with the support of: 

  • Online Whiteboard. 
  • Screen sharing capabilities. 
  • Breakout rooms. 
  • Course management features.
  • Live face to face sessions. 
  • Free trial available.


The software proffers a highly effective & interactive live online teaching experience. 

Visit Here

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Virtual Classrooms: Gaining Huge Popularity

Virtual Classroom Market size is all set to grow significantly in the coming years. With ongoing digitization & rising usage of Internet-based devices, the concept of e-learning has made the educational industry grow tremendously. “Recent study shows that the e-learning industry, especially virtual classrooms marketplace, is expected to grow from USD 9.3 Billion in 2018 to USD 19.6 Billion by 2023.” 

The biggest advantage? You can attend online virtual classrooms from anywhere around the globe. It’s all the acceptance & constant innovation of technologies like AR & VR that are mostly used for corporate training & development that has eventually increased the participation and engagement in e-learning & personalized learning! 

Best Virtual Classroom Software: Comparison Table

Here’s a simple overview of what all the e-learning classroom software has to offer:

Best Virtual Classroom Software No. Of Users  Mobile Access Audio/Video Conferencing Screen Sharing Annotation Tools Live Streaming Collaboration Tools Price
WizIQ 10 (In Free Version) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Starting At  $20/Month
Blackboard Collaborate 100+ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Free
LearnCube 8 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Starting At $27/Month
Adobe Connect 100 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Starting At $50/Month
Newrow 25 Yes No Yes Yes Yes Limited Starting At $13/Month (For Meetings Only)
ezTalks Webinar 100 (In Free Version) Yes Yes Yes Limited No Limited Free
Vedamo 25 No Yes Yes No No Limited Starting At $25/Month

FAQs on The Best Virtual Classroom Software

What Is a Virtual Classroom?

A virtual classroom is nothing but a replica of traditional classes or training rooms. The teacher/instructor teaches & students/learners study in real-time, face-to-face. Just a small difference, the classes are conducted via Internet-enabled devices. The traditional classroom staples, such as Whiteboard & other teaching tools, remain intact. All the required group discussions, conversations and brainstorming happen in real-time. Tests & examinations are conducted pre and post the live classes. 

In a nutshell, a virtual classroom is an online learning platform that lets teachers & students communicate, interact, collaborate & discuss ideas. 

Why Are Virtual Classrooms Getting Popular?

It was already expected that technology would storm the whole scenario of learning in terms of cost, time & convenience benefits. Do you remember the time when the only way to learn & develop ourselves was to attend those long tiresome lectures & deal with cranky old professors? Admit it or not, but those classroom lectures were not only dull, but it did kill our learning intent & drained our energy at some point. 

Fast-forwarding to the present day, things have undergone a sea of change. With more people getting inclined towards Internet-enabled devices & applications, more individuals are in love with the concept of e-learning. 

Here are all the reasons why Virtual Classrooms has more advantages over traditional classrooms: 

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How To Choose The Best Virtual Classroom Software

Well, here’s a set of features that an ideal Virtual Classroom Tool must have: 

  • Synchronous Learning

An ability that lets students & teachers connect & interact with each other in real-time.

  • Live Audio-Video Support

Various tools for communicating through chats, voice calls & video conferencing through web cameras are a must. 

  • Live Session Recording

An ability to record the whole classroom session for further reference should be inculcated within every best virtual classroom software. 

  • White Board  & Other Collaboration Tools

Blackboard is one of the essential staples of traditional classrooms, right? In virtual classrooms, White Board is the alternative. It’s used as a tool for explaining diagrams, abstract concepts & drawing graphics.

  • Sharing of Screen or Learning Resources 

The best virtual classroom software should support sharing of various file formats like MS Word, MS Excel, PPTs, PDFs, and Flash Videos. Well, this is necessary; it allows teachers to share varied content with students in real-time while delivering lectures. 

  • Multi-Level Fallback Mechanism for Class Continuation 

Virtual Classrooms are solely dependent on reliable network connectivity. Ideal e-learning classroom software should operate specific fallback mechanisms so that if students get disconnected from classrooms, an alternative is there to keep the class active. 

  • Technical Support 

Ideal virtual classroom software should be capable of providing text, voice or live chat support to their users. 

If you are ready to enroll or get enrolled in a virtual classroom concept, here are some of the best solutions worth checking out! 


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