COVID-19 – 15 Top Android & iOS (Entertainment & Work from Home Apps)

The deadly virus is reshaping daily life globally. To fight COVID-19 and stop it from spreading, people are self-isolating, self-distancing and working from home. Here’s a list of top apps that you can download to entertain yourself and work from home during this pandemic.

Coronavirus Pandemic  – 15 Top Apps to Increase Productivity, Stay Connected During

All these apps come in handy when you are ordered to stay at home and you are looking for ways to stay connected, work and entertain yourself.

1. Zoom – Best Video Conferencing app


This popular video calling app allows screen sharing and cross-platform instant messaging. It’s free to download and easy to set up. Using it you can invite up to 100+ people in a video conference. This app works over Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, and 3G networks. Not only this, using this best video conferencing and cloud meeting app you can connect with anyone on Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, ZoomPresence, etc. Learn Zoom meeting tips & tricks to enjoy better video calling.



2. Hangout Meet by Google – Best video call app

Hangout Meet by Google

Regardless of boundaries, collaborate and develop a relationship with people. Hangout Meet lets you connect with up to 250* participants over high definition video and audio meetings. Using it you can use real-time captions powered by Google speech to text technology. Anyone can join a meeting or meet through an invite. Seamless scheduling makes accessing meetings easy while you are self-isolating and working from home.


3. Tik Tok – Best Entertainment and short video app



Live in the moment and go beyond to explore with this storytelling, short video making app. Capture funny and memorable moments and share it with the word to spread happiness. During this time when coronavirus is making everything gloomy and dangerous, Tik Tok can help lighten the mood. Use the special effects, stickers and more to take your videos to the next level and show your creativity.

4. News Break – Best app for latest news update

News Break


Stay updated on daily breaking news, weather forecast, global events, trending topics and more with News Break popular news apps. The app provides information from 10,000 + trusted sources like NBC, Fox, CNBC, BuzzFeed, etc. A totally free app that will never let you miss breaking news. Further, News Break even allows blocking a website or news source if you don’t like it.

5. Google and Apple News – Best app for world news

Google and Apple News

Both of these apps are the two most popular news apps. Free to use these apps do a good job in keeping you updated about local and world news. You can follow your interests, video games, and different genres.

If you are an Apple fan you can even buy an Apple News subscription for $9.99 monthly. This includes access to stories from The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and other popular newspapers.

6. Google Classroom – Best app for the student to continue learning

Google Classroom

A free service for school and non-profit organizations to connect learners and instructors. Along with ClassDojo for teachers, you can use this app inside and outside the classroom. This app helps save time and paper those who cannot come to school can use this app and learn.

During this time when we are in self-quarantine, like ClassDojo app, Google Classroom will also help students keep on learning. You just need a few minutes to set up and join a class.

7. Microsoft Team – Best collaboration app

Microsoft Team

One-stop collaboration app for document sharing, chatting, video chat, accessing Microsoft Office 365, etc. Using its free version you can easily manage and connect with people across the world. Quite useful for those who are working from home. The only downside is you need a paid Microsoft Office subscription to use it.


8. Noisili – Best app for concentration and focus


When at home concentrating and focusing on work can be challenging. In such a scenario, Noisili produces a soothing sound to help focus and concentrate better. This app filters out noises and helps stay motivated.

9. Gmail – Best Email app


An easy to use email app that doesn’t need any introduction. Get your messages via push notifications and mark them based on priority. Using the Gmail app, you can organize your inbox, block spam messages, schedule an email & use both Gmail and non-Gmail accounts to send and receive emails.

Not only this if you make a mistake while sending an email you can recall it using the Undo function and can even schedule emails, switch between multiple accounts and search emails quickly.

10 Disney+ – Best Video Streaming app


It’s time to dive in Disney+ an amazing video streaming service that will help relive your childhood. If you missed watching Star Wars shows it’s time to watch it. For a price of $6.99 a month, you can watch ESPN+, Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and other shows.

With Disney+ you get an ad-free experience, enjoy new releases, timeless classics, unlimited downloads on up to 10 devices and a lot more.

11. Netflix – Best Cable TV alternative


Watch award-winning series, documentaries, films, TV shows, etc all in one place. This best online streaming service and cable TV alternative is the best way to take a break and enjoy it with family. The more you watch on Netflix the better you get recommendations. Tips to watch Netflix for free.

You can create up to five profiles for an account and give different members a profile to personalize their Netflix. Save data, download titles, create your Wishlist and watch them offline or online wherever you are.

12. Amazon Audible – Best Audiobooks app

Amazon Audible

With a collection of over 200,000 audiobooks, audio shows, etc. Audible by Amazon is the best app to stream and download books to listen to when you are home. A must use the app for every book lover.

Audiobooks are indeed expensive but if you have an Amazon Audible subscription you can enjoy listening to one book per month irrespective of the cost. If you are unclear as to where to start from going with ‘Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know’ by Malcolm Gladwell. The app is free to use on Android and iPhone.

13. Slack – Best messaging and document sharing app


Another popular app used by organizations worldwide to message, share and edit documents. It can be used across devices like iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Free and paid both versions are available for use.

Whether you belong to large organizations or small businesses this app is designed for everyone. You can message or call a person or group within your team. Integrate into your workflow, customize notification and do a lot more with Slack

14. Pocket Casts – Great Podcast app

Pocket Casts

A number of podcasts and music apps like Spotify are available for use. Yet Pocket Casts is my personal favourite. As this podcast platform is by listeners and for listeners. Here you can find pretty much all the topics from health to politics to anything. Free for iPhone and Android users this app is worth giving a try.

15. The New York Time Crossword – Best Crossword Puzzle app

The New York

Want to enhance and improve your vocabulary? Take advantage of this app and this time use the New York Times Crossword puzzle to keep your brain stimulated. Beginning from Monday the puzzles are super simple as the week goes on and the difficulty level increases. When you finish a puzzle, you get a gold medal.

The same is true if you stay at home during this pandemic you and others can stay safe.

With this, we come to the end of the list for the best apps you can use during COVID-19 coronavirus outbreaks while you stay home. Using these apps, you can work from home, your kids can learn and can even enjoy. All these are best in their genre; you can use them as an when you like. If you are using any other app do let us know about it. Also, if you love any app that we have listed leave us a comment in any case.

Stay safe stay at home and take care! We can defeat coronavirus.

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