Coronavirus Advisory: A Complete Guide on How to Clean your Gadgets

Look around and tell us what you see? 

Aren’t you surrounded by gadgets, quite literally? From your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PlayStation, smart home speaker, digital appliances are a crucial part of our lifestyle. We share an inseparable bond with our gadgets, and we sure can’t go by a day without using them, especially our smartphone.

As we love our gadgets more than anything, the job of cleaning them on time to time basis is equally important. And especially right now when the Coronavirus outbreak has attacked almost all parts of the world. It is said that the COVID-19 virus can last on surfaces for more than 24-48 hours. 

Coronavirus outbreak
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We’re sure you must be taking a lot of precautions like staying inside, avoiding to visit public spots, washing and sanitizing your hands. But sanitizing your hands is just not enough, we need to put in more effort to keep our surroundings disinfected. Our gadgets are one thing that we frequently use and touch. And, well that’s enough for the virus to spread from one point of contact to other. Hence, cleaning all your gadgets and appliances, the ones that your frequently use, including your phone, laptop, joystick controller, AirPods is crucially important. 

Here’s a complete guide on how to clean gadgets to prevent yourself from being infected with germs and to fight against the COVID-19 virus. 

Let’s get started. 


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Yes, the smartphone most certainly has to be on top of our list. So, what’s the first step of cleaning your smartphone? If you think wiping your phone’s screen with a tissue will keep it safe from being infected, then you are wrong folks. The right way of cleaning your phone is to wipe it with a microfiber cloth on both sides, the screen and the backside of your device. You can moisten the microfiber cloth with a few drops of water that will remove the bacteria, germs, and dirt from your phone. 

Also, if you use window cleaning sprays or any other acidic fluids to wipe your phone screen, then you should immediately STOP doing it as it might damage your phone’s display. 

To know more on how to clean your smartphone rightly to combat against Coronavirus, visit this link


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Next on our list of most commonly used gadgets comes our laptop or desktop. For cleaning the laptop’s keypad, you can use wet tissue wipes to eradicate the dust and bacteria to deep clean the surface. Our fingertips make a lot of contact with the keyboard, hence cleaning it thoroughly on time is crucially important. To clean your laptop’s screen, you can use a damp microfiber cloth and rub the surface in a circular motion to avoid it from being scratched. 

Smartwatch or Fitness Band

Smartwatch or Fitness Band
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If you use an Apple Watch or any other fitness tracker band like Fitbit then here’s what you need to do to keep it away from germs and infections. First, before you start cleaning pull out the dial from the strap. Now, wash the strap in cold tap water to rinse it off thoroughly from all kinds of dust, bacteria, and sweat odour. And, to clean the watch dial, wipe it slowly with a damp microfiber cloth that will remove all the fingerprint marks, bacteria, germs and infections from the surface. 

PS4 Controllers

PS4 Controllers
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As the Coronavirus outbreak is keeping us isolated at home sweet home, you may tend to spend a lot of time playing games for leisure. To wipe off the dust, you can first use your vacuum cleaner’s blower to remove the dust from the joystick controller. And, then as a safety precaution, wipe it with a wet tissue to deep clean it so that no germs sit on the surface. 


We hope now you’ve learned and attained the right technique and skills of how to clean gadgets and appliances. Just how taking care of our personal hygiene is important, cleaning our gadgets is something that can help in keeping our surroundings safe. Just by taking a few extra steps, we can fight against the infection and keep ourselves, our families and our near and dear ones safe from the dreadful impacts of the COVID-19 virus. 

Stay safe fellas, and don’t forget to wash your hands regularly in every other hour. Let’s break the cycle of germ transmission and take a pledge to deep clean all your gadgets and appliances.

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