“How To Get Netflix For Free”- With These Easy Methods

Everyone wants to watch shows and movies on Netflix as it offers a fantastic collection. There are several streaming platforms, but Netflix holds the crown in current times. With the latest technology which brings the streaming shows and movies on your time, Netflix became the most popular over a short span of time. Netflix is one of the most sought after online streaming services. The popular name comes with a huge library of TV shows, Movies, documentaries and sketches. If you are looking for a way to watch Netflix for free then the answer lies in this post. Keep reading to find out the methods which are going to help you learn how to get Netflix for free.

Can I Get Netflix For Free?

Netflix free

Yes, you can get Netflix for free with several methods, one of which is getting a free trial with a new subscription. Other methods are given below in the post.

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Disclaimer: “We respect copyright laws and would expect you to adhere to the same. Please read the terms and conditions of Netflix in your region before trying any of the methods mentioned below. We are  writing these for the purpose of information and the responsibility to comply with your local copyright laws remains solely with you, the reader.”

How Can I Get Netflix For Free?

1. Free Trial:

If you are a first time user, you must learn how to get Netflix for free with this method. As Netflix gives a month trial period to all accounts. All you need to do is visit the website and Sign up. If you are using the Netflix app on your device, you can also Sign up there. The process will show you how to Join Netflix for free. Follow the steps below to learn how to get Netflix free trial :

Step 1: Open the website – www.netflix.com or download the app on your device.

Android users

iOS users.

Step 2: Click on the Try it now button.

try now

Step 3: To choose your plan from ones available in your region, click on See The Plans.

choose plan

Step 4: Now, all you need is an email address to create an account on Netflix. To do so, click on the Create an account button, and then fill in your email and password for the new Netflix account.

create Netflix account

Step 5: Fill in your Payment details, which require a credit/ debit card or online payment services.

Step 6: Once you are done with the payment confirmation, click on Start Membership.

Now you can use Netflix for free easily. If you wish to avail only the Netflix free trial then cancel the membership for the Netflix account within 30 days. Remember to cancel the Netflix Subscription and deactivate the account. Else continue with the Netflix and the charges will be deducted from via the payment method you chose earlier.

2. Sharing account:

It is often easier on the pocket to get things on a shared basis. Netflix only allows one free trial for an account, so you need more accounts to get more trials. Therefore, find a group of friends who are willing to watch Netflix as much as you. In this way, you all can get a month free trial of Netflix, and this account can be shared with all the group members. Say, you are a group of four people then you can get four accounts. Each member creates a new Netflix account and shares it with the other three. This can continue for the next month as the next person gets their free trial on a new Netflix account. This way, as many people join in and share the account, the more time you get to watch Netflix for free. This is possibly the best way to get Netflix for free without interruptions.

3. Multiple Free trials:

Don’t worry if you do not have many friends who want Netflix. You can yourself get more free trials on several accounts. All this method requires to get Netflix for free is to have multiple payment modes. It is possible to create a brand new account, if you have multiple credit cards, email accounts & contact numbers. . For which we know, Netflix offers a free trial for a month. But it is also limited to a few times, and in that case, you must try the next method.

4. Ask a friend:

Note: Netflix does not allow sharing of account details with anyone other than the account holder.

If you are still not convinced with the methods above, try this one. This one will help you to get Netflix for free several times. With a number of people using this service as a paid service, you can ask them to share the Netflix account login information. This will let you watch Netflix for free as you are not the one paying for it. The only constraint to this if you are using a Netflix account which is shared with multiple people, the streaming at the same time will be stopped.

ask to friend

As Netflix allows upto 4 screens at max for the Premium plans, and if more users try to join, it will let you log in but won’t let you watch anything unless it is downloaded offline. So, you can use this trick to watch your favourite shows and movies on Netflix. Use the app on your device and download the TV Shows and movies at the time, when the account is free. Stream them later on offline mode.

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5. Verizon & T-mobile plans:

Verizon recently announced that with a few plans, it wouldoffer you Netflix for free. With the specific plan of Verizon Fios Triple Play connection, you can get one-year free subscription for Netflix. Similarly, T-mobile offers a free Netflix subscription on a few deals. You must get the bundle package of T-Mobile, namely – Magenta Plans, Magenta Plus & T-mobile One with One Plus plans and T-mobile One Plans to avail the offers. Note that, this might vary with your region in the US.

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These are the methods for which you can  watch Netflix for free. The easiest way is to get Netflix for free for a month on the trial period. Another is to get shared Netflix with your friends.

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