Set Up Your Disney+ Account And Get The Best Out Of It

Disney+ debuted on November 12, along with loads of content from all the original and subsidiary cinematic productions from The Walt Disney Studios. The continuation of the Star Wars Saga, ‘The Mandalorian’ boomed up its first-day stream rates and looks like it is not going to fall down now. Besides the few glitches and technical issues caused by heavy demand, Disney+ had a successful launch.

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As for the content, given the number of media segments Disney owns, there would be no shortage of it. Fox Studios, Pixar Animations, The Disney Channel, Lucasfilms, National Geographic, and Marvel Studios have summed up Disney+ with exciting films and television programs, enough to get you hooked. 

So, in case you have not subscribed to the services yet, now is the time to do so. Disney is giving you every opportunity to set up your Disney+ account and get the best out of it. Here’s everything you need to know about Disney+ – how to stream on it, how to set it up, what to watch on it, pretty much everything. 

Let’s Get Started: 

What is the Best Plan to Purchase for Disney+?

The Plan You Missed:

Well, if you haven’t subscribed to the services till now, you’ve already missed the best deal ever you could have got. A couple of months ago, Disney was giving away Disney+ for less than $4/mo price. But there was a small condition; you’d have to commit for three years. But three years for films like Avengers, Avatar, Star Wars, and Up, and much more that is to be released in the next to years for just $4/mo. I wouldn’t have hesitated to show some commitment to that. But what’s gone is gone. Now you need to look for some other options. 

Basic Plan:

Disney+ Price

You can either get it for $7 or for $70. Disney+ original plan is priced at $6.99/month. This would cost you approximately $105 per month. However, if you’re into Disney productions, then you can opt for the annual plan, where you’d have to pay a total sum of $69..99, and you can enjoy year-long hassle-free streaming on Disney+.

The Bundle

Disney+ Bundle
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For those who think Disney+ is only competing with Netflix, they’re wrong. Disney is actively eyeing to take down both Amazon and Apple TV through its bundle plan. Both Amazon and Apple TV have their bundle plans where you can enjoy more than one service under a single subscription package. For example, Amazon’s Prime Subscription combines Amazon Shopping, Prime Video, and Prime Music under one package. 

Similarly, Disney has decided to offer its different services along with Disney+ in one single subscription. For just $12.99 a month, users can get a triple pack comprised of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN, all of whom are owned by The Walt Disney Co. Hulu is Fox’s property, which Disney owns since its acquisition of 21st Century Fox, whereas ESPN is your one-stop solution for watching your favorite sports events. 

Get it for FREE on Verizon

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If you’re a Verizon consumer, or you have Verizon Fios internet connection, you can get Disney+ entirely for Free. All new or existing Verizon consumers or users of Fios internet can stream Diensy+ for a year. Once that year is completed, you’ll be billed at its regular rates. But a whole year free. That’s a deal worth taking. 

It’s just that the consumers should have subscribed to the unlimited data plan from Verizon. That’s a little price for salvation, right?

In What Regions is Disney+ Available?

Disney+ Regions
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Disney has started off with the United States and Canada. Not later than its official debut, Disney+ has been made available to watch in The Netherlands as well. On November 19th, Disney+ would be available to stream in Australia and New Zealand

There are no further plans that have been officially announced. However, Disney has stated its plans to make Disney+ streaming services available in European nations of the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany by the end of Spring 2020. 

How Many Profiles I Can Make On One Disney+ Account?

You can create seven Disney+  profiles on one single account. These seven profiles can hold different watchlists and would filter content separately as per the preferences of individual profile owners. 

How Many Screens I Can Stream Disney+ On?

Disney+ can be streamed across four different screens concurrently. This means your $6.99/mo price can be split into four easily. There are no separate hidden amounts you need to pay to stream Disney+ on four or fewer screens. Plus, all these screens can be of any device, which supports Disney+. 

On What Devices Can I Stream Disney+?

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Here is a list of devices you can stream Disney+ on:

  • Apple Devices: 

iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, and Apple TV. The Disney+ is also integrated within the Apple TV app, in case you don’t want to browse it over the web. 

  • Android and Google Devices:

Android phones, Android TVs, Google Chromecast. Android app for Disney+ is now available on the Play Store. 

  • Microsoft 

 Xbox One

  • Smart TVs

Samsung, LG, and Sony. 

  • Roku :

Both streaming devices and Roku TV. 

  • Web:

Supported by all mainstream browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. 

  • Amazon:

Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, and Fire Tablets. 

In Which Quality Can I Stream a Video on Disney+?

There are standard high, medium, and low video qualities available for streaming on Disney+. There is 4K supported content as well, and you do not have to pay extra for that. It’s just that your screen should support 4K video resolution for you to have that experience. 

How to Download on Disney+?

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Disney+ app supports the download of content on your phone or any other device’s storage. People browsing Disney+ over the web cannot download content on Disney+. You can download content in either High, Medium, or Low quality. Depending on the availability of storage, the app would let you know how many hours of content you can store on your phone. 

Is there a special Child Profile on Disney+?

Yes, it can be one of your seven account profiles. Once you designate that profile for Kids, the content on that profile would filter accordingly, displaying major kids-oriented films such as Pixar Animation and shows from Disney Channel. 

What to Watch on Disney+?

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As mentioned above, Disney would feature a lot of content from all its subsidiary units, including recently acquired Fox Studios. There are a bunch of shows that you can expect on Disney+ on launch and in the coming months. This includes a variety of original shows and films, animated productions, and other content from Disney Studios

Surprisingly, Disney has already announced that Avengers: Endgame and Avatar are both available for stream on Disney+ on launch day itself. Ironically, both films are the highest and second-highest-grossing films of all time, respectively. But the future content promised over Disney+ also makes it worth subscribing to the service. Check out Disney+ on the web for the official lineup. 

So, don’t wait up. Subscribe to Disney+ now. It is a great alternative to Netflix and given the amount of content and such a low subscription price, one should not hesitate to switch to it.

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