Disney+ Shows and Movies You Should Keep On Your Watchlist

Disney Plus, stylized and trademarked as Disney+, is going to hit the web on November 12th. The long-awaited streaming service from The Walt Disney Co. is going to take on rival Netflix and another new service Apple TV+ with unique and original content, as well as films and television shows previously produced and distributed by The Walt Disney Studios.


But, since there is going to be a heavy load of shows and movies to stream on Disney+, I thought you’ll need a crash course on what Disney+ shows and Disney+movies you should stream when the service arrives at your door in the next two weeks. I have prepared a list of Disney+ movies and television shows that would instantly hook you with this new platform. While you’ve heard about the new Star Wars and Marvel movies and shows on Disney+, I take a different look towards aligning the best ones to wait for.

So, here you go:

Disney+ Shows and Movies You Should Keep On Your Watchlist

1. The Mandalorian

On top of my list has to be Lucasfilm’s The Mandalorian. Named after the eponymous race of bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe, the series follows a lone bounty hunter trying to adjust in the far reach of the galaxy beyond the scope of newly formed Republic. The series is set five years after the third film in the original trilogy Return of the Jedi, which ended with the formation of the New Republic and the downfall of the Galactic Empire.

The Mandalorian
Image Source: Star Wars

The vision is to explore what became of the galaxy after Empire’s cruel dictatorship ended. It would tell this idea from the perspective of a bounty hunter, depicting what became of the servants of that Empire when they were left ungoverned. Created by Jon Favreau, the series will debut at launch on Nov. 12th and will star Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano in lead roles.

Looks like Disney would not let Star Wars fade away. And this new perspective towards this galactic world would be worth streaming on Disney+.

2. Togo

You might feel why this unknown film is on number two on the list and why not famous Disney properties. Well, Togo has an amazing historical backdrop that you’d be able to witness in this original Disney+ movie. So, hear me out.

In 1925, an Alaskan town of Nome was struck with an epidemic. Though there was an antidote called diphtheria antitoxin available, it had to be transported across 700 miles to the town under harsh weather conditions. The task was eventually completed by a group of 150 sled dogs run by 20 mushers, who rode the distance and saved the town. Among those 150 sled dogs was Togo, who would be the center of the story.

The plotline alone drives chill through my spine, and witnessing it on live-action format is going to be a unique and breathtaking adventure.

3. Marvel Cinematic Universe

MCU, as they call it, needs no introduction. A decade-long franchise spanned across twenty-three films, various TV shows, and new exclusive Disney+ shows; this Marvel property is going to be a boom to Disney + streaming service. A few of the films from the series would be available for stream on the launch day, while others may join the group in the coming months. It’s still not confirmed whether Marvel would shift its television properties to Disney+ or not.

Marvel Disney+ shows

However, Disney+ streamers should rejoice as the studio has announced exclusive add-ons to this vast universe exclusively to stream on Disney+. It includes The Falcon and The Winter Soldier; Loki; Hawkeye; Ms. Marvel; and WandaVision. So, if you’ve doubts about subscribing to Disney+, you may reconsider.

4. Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Star Wars Original Series

Another one of the most acclaimed and widely appraised Star Wars storyline, this new Disney+ show would reintroduce your favorite Jedi master to the new generation. Actor Ewan McGregor, who played the eponymous character in Star Wars Prequels, would return to revive his famous role again. The show has been often rumored since the success of J.J. Abram’s Star Wars Sequels and was officially announced this year in August.

Obi Wan Kenobi
Image Source: Screen Crush

Though it is still time for its release as the shooting hasn’t begun yet, but this is one of the many reasons that you should avail Disney+ streaming service as soon as possible. And for Star Wars nerds, I believe you have already planned for it. Other Star Wars films and animated series have been officially confirmed for Disney+, with all of them releasing on launch day.

5. Pixar Animation Works

Well, this lineup of Disney+ movies is meant for the adult children of this millennial generation. Every person, kid or adult, has loved, admires, and cried over the amazing Pixar features such as Up, Wall-E, and Toy Story. And since Pixar is Disney’s subsidiary, the studio is going to bring all your favorite animations on Disney+ to stream in the coming days.

Image Source: D23

But you must not be disappointed. Films like Brave, Cars Trilogy, The Good Dinosaur, and Finding Nemo would make their streaming debut on Disney+ on the launch day along with some more Pixar productions. Disney is going to test user preferences before loading up their platform with all the content at once.

6. High School Musical: The Series

Disney+ shows will include a teenage nostalgia dose for the viewers as the studio is intending to revive famous teenage drama-comedy High School Musical. The film series, which introduced us to an entirely new generation of actors (such as Zac Effron), would now be available as a television production. It is to be helmed by Tim Federle, who wrote Academy Award-nominated Ferdinand for Fox Studios.

Studded with an all-new cast, some of which have never been seen on-screen, there are high expectations from this one. Set to release on launch day, this Disney+ show will take you back a decade to your school memories.

7. Gargoyles

Well, I don’t know if you’d like this show or not, this is somewhat a personal inclusion in the list. For the uninitiated, Gargoyles follows a group of humanoid, winged creatures called The Manhattan Clan, who is resurrected from a curse in the modern-day world. Led by Goliath, these creatures fight for the living, but their curse somehow still lives on as they tend to turn stone in daylight.

Image Source: Syfy

Gargoyles had a short three-year run on Disney channel in the 90s, but it was probably the first time Disney turned to a darker story and theme, gnarring comparisons from Batman in those days. I say you drop Stranger Things, Westworld, or whatever you’re watching and get a taste of this fantasy animated show on Disney+ on the launch day.

8. The Imagineering Story

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland or any other Disney-owned theme park, you’re lucky. One may wonder how those fascinating rides, shows, and attractions were built in those days. What Walt Disney must have thought when he decided to bring life to his characters?
For those who are amazed and curious to know what went into the innovation and creation of these little worlds of imagination, entertainment, and adventure, this one is for you. The Imagineering Story would describe how the talented research and development arm of Disney theme parks transformed Disney’s television world into reality. It is to cover the entire legacy established 65 years ago and, therefore, would take you back to the days of Sir Walt Disney himself.

The show takes its name from Disney’s team of illustrators, architects, designers, and writers who are collectively called The Imagineers. To be released on launch day, this Disney+ show would be a worth watch.

9. Chip ‘n’ Dale

Chip ‘n’ Dale are Disney’s creations of the 40s. Two brother chipmunks taking on different Disney characters and causing a nuisance in their lives was one hell of an entertainment. These two cute chipmunks were very beloved to all viewers and were included in hundreds of Disney sketches such as Mickey Mouse and Duck Tales along with their own series.

Image Source: Fandom

Now, Disney+ streaming service is reviving these menaces for a series of shorts, thus, bringing old Disney ventures of short films back. Though this animated Disney+ show is still in pre-production, it’s going to bring a lot of memories back from early childhood days.

10. Lady and the Tramps

Disney has entered into a new venture where it is reproducing its old animated features into live-action adaptations. In the past few years, several Disney films such as Cinderella, The Lion King, and Aladdin have been remade. Making billions of Disney, this is a win-win situation for Disney studio. And it looks like they have saved one such film for Disney+ launch day.

Image Source: Metro

Lady and the Tramp is a fantasy romance between two dog breeds, a stray Schnauzer (Tramp) and a Cocker Spaniel (Lady), who embark on a romantic adventure and dates. Disney has been known for creating such lovely plotlines such as it it did in Wall-E (the romance between two android robots).

It’s going to be really amazing watching this Disney+ movie. Eagerly awaited!

11. Fox Reboots

Earlier this year, Disney Studios was able to acquire full control over the projects and pre-established properties of 21st Century Fox against a massive cash amount of $72 billion. And now, Disney, as stated by CEO Bob Iger, wants to reimagine those stories for the new generation. Again, billions of dollars are about to pile up for Disney as it plans to reboot some of the Fox films under its banner as exclusive Disney+ movies and television shows.

Image Source: ComingSoon.net

Neither the release dates nor the progress in their development has been discussed, but we know what plans Disney has for you all. Among the planned reboots are Home Alone, Night at the Museum, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, all of whom are children and teen comedies.

12. Phineas and Ferb

If you’ve loved cartoons and animated creations during your late teens, then you wouldn’t have missed Phineas and Ferb. The story follows two brilliant but menacing step-brothers who design and construct unimaginable projects associated with science, architecture, and whatnot. While their vacation ventures ruin their sister Candace’s plans, they also own a pet platypus, who secretively is a government agent fighting evil scientist Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

Image Source: Variety

This exciting, adventurous, and hilarious Disney show lives on in everyone’s mind and heart. And Disney+ wants you to cherish those moments again. Phineas and Ferb would be available to stream on Disney+. Plus, there is an original Disney+ movie centered on Candace currently in development. Time to switch on binge mode!

13. X-Men: The Animated Series

X-Men, a long-lasting property of Fox Studios, was better of as an animated series. Because we all know how the live-action adaptation of the titular superhero team of mutants turned out. Over the years, the X-Men franchise has confused audiences with altered timelines, and we wish that the original series was somehow back.

Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Thanks to the recent acquisition of the Fox network by Disney, that wish has come true. The 90s animated show is going to be streamed on Disney+ on launch day. It’s time we get to know the true nature and potential of Prof. Xavier and his team of gifted Mutants.

14. Diary of a Female President

Image Source: Insider

The USA is yet to have a female president, but it looks like Disney doesn’t want to have a biographical reference to present that story. The Disney+ show would navigate this idea through a 12-year old who wish to be the future president of America and her struggles in middle school. And there’s a catch. The little girl is Cuban. So, a Cuban girl dreaming of leading the United States in the future is an exciting idea to witness.

Though this Disney+ TV series is to debut in 2020, no harm in getting eager for it.

15. Safety

Image Source: What’s On Disney Plus

An unknown true story of Clemson University’s football player Ray McKinnon, Safety would follow Ray’s struggles to make it big in football. Ray has been featured in journalistic stories. Ray, at 19 years only was left with the responsibility of his younger brother at a time when he was not only struggling with his dream but financial and emotional strains as well.

The original Disney+ movie is to depict his journey to grabbing a scholarship at Clemons that helped him enter football.


This is a massive lineup of Disney+ shows and films, which would hit Disney+ streaming service on November 12 and gradually by the next year. But, this is just to get you hooked into both original and Disney’s past legacies. There’s much more on Disney+ lineup, which is too much to include in one list.

Films like Pirates of Carribean and Avatar; shows like Hannah Montana and Suite Life on Deck; animated productions like Spider-Man; and franchises like Star Wars and MCU will expand Disney+. Besides, productions from National Geographic will also be a part of the services.

Besides that, Disney+ has also announced a bundle plan including Disney+, ESPN, and HULU for users and therefore is set to make a blasting entry into the streaming service competition.

Which one of the Disney+ shows and Disney+ movies are you excited about? Tell us in the comments.


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    let us know when you start the series

    5 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Abhishek Sharma
      Hey David, Disney+ would launch on November 12. Most of the content from the list would be available on the Launch Day itself, while others would follow soon. A many of Disney productions and content from its other subsidiaries would also be made available to stream on November 12.

      5 years ago

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