What To Watch On Netflix?

Can’t wait to get home and open Netflix, and you sit browsing the names of shows and movies for the next hour, wait for what? You are clueless about what should you invest your time to watch. Let’s be honest all of us are looking for a way to find entertainment in our life after working hard at school, college or workplaces. Time has brought us to this place where we are all glued to the screen of one or another device. Everyone uses a smartphone, and gradually people are switching to SmartTV to play shows all day long. Also, know more about how to watch your favorite shows on SmartTV using screencast.

Netflix is the biggest hit among all as it’s been in the market for a decade now and becomes the most grossing in no time. It provides you with the content for all the video lovers, with so many kinds to choose from. It was stated to be putting the data statistics from the users to put the array of what you like in the platter for you along with suggesting videos.

We are going to be put together a number of apps and sites for you to go to for finding out what to watch on Netflix. As it will instantly help to look at the shows curated by the people with its user review. If you use smartphones to watch Netflix, keep a track on the data used by the streaming service. Or you use the computer to stream the videos, learn how to fix Netflix errors.

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How to Find Out What to Watch on Netflix

These third-party sites and apps listed below are not related officially in any way to Netflix. These are used to give an overview of what kind of videos are available and what’s new for the viewers. So it will help to decide what to watch on Netflix with this list:

1. Netflix Roulette

Netflix Roulette

It is the modern version of the search box for Netflix videos. Go to this website and it has as they call it “randomizer” ready for you to fetch results for the kind of movie or TV Shows you’re looking for. It consists of genres, type of video & IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes scores.

Fill in the information and just click on spin, rest will follow. You can always browse through the lists for the Movies and TV shows available on Netflix. All with its IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes rating on them, so it’s easier on you to judge a cover. It gives you another feature to add a title to either of the lists namely “Want to See” and “Seen It”, which will sort the work for you.

Netflix Roulette works faster and better if you make an account on it as it keeps track of videos you have already watched. This way it won’t be suggesting you those titles and you can get more and more to discover on Netflix Roulette.

2. Flixwatch


Flixwatch is a neat and simple website to search the results country wise if you like. Choose one or go to Worldwide and then it gives you the very curated lists of the various genres. You can choose from the Catalogs which is basically letting the daily user help themselves with the filters, of course, to sort out the one thing they would like to watch today. Flixwatch is helping you to decide what to watch on Netflix in a simple way.

Next is the Lists for those who don’t really spend time in finding out what’s the latest release and all. It will give you a list of titles with respective plot summary to choose better. The third option is the Shortlists which comes to work when users know their way around and just looking around for the specific title.

3. Shufllix


Try out Shufflix for the random results to get you on binge watching a show you discovered. It may also get you hinged to some of the thrilling content you find on Netflix. It’s not every day that you decide for yourself which stuff from the pool of videos would you like to watch on Netflix.

Therefore this can come handy for you as it avoids all the confusion which can build upon looking at so many titles at once. Just pick one from a shortlisted one on the website and watch it on Netflix. This one is meant for TV shows only available on Netflix. So next time you look for what to watch on Netflix you can find great shows here.

4. JustWatch

Just watch

Justwatch provides an effective way to find your movies and TV shows for your amusement. It asks you to take a quiz with three questions and yields the results which are surprisingly working of me from a while. But also for the people who really are in a hurry, right below it you can see the list of thousands of movies and they are all sorted trending. You can always change the sort with Popularity or the ratings from the online database websites.

Also try the random sort to fascinate yourself from the results it picks for you. It has been a lot more popular as it is available as an app for the smartphone. You can get the guide which will give keep you make your Netflix viewing simpler than ever. Additionally, JustWatch is also for almost all the other streaming services. So just get it now we say and don’t worry about what to watch on Netflix next.

5. InstantWatcher

Instant Watcher

InstantWatcher is a very helpful website, as you enter and get the trending results with around the world’s stats. You can see the feed for Netflix US as in two parts- Popular in the last 24 hours and New & Noteworthy. Both the lists are curated with the results of the user database which is moving the users towards the much-awaited series or the movies. Stop wasting time for what to watch on Netflix and check InstantWatcher now.

As you take the cursor to the Title, it shows your summary in a popup. This will help you in deciding if it is what you would like to watch. The genres present on the home page are sub-categorized further to make it easier for users to browse through the type of movies. You will find Action comedy, Romantic comedy in the Comedies section among others. It also has an amazing list for video streaming website Amazon, also where you can collectively get the results for both of these. Another feature is to get the popular results for the Podcasts.

6. WhatTheHellShouldIWatchonNetflix

what the hell should I watch on Netflix

As the name says it all when you get really frustrated and type your inner feeling on Google search.  This website appears as a savior in the results.  The website with the name originated with the sole purpose of getting you ready for the Netflix binge-watching. It lists all the shows and movies available on the video streaming giant Netflix.

As it is entirely dedicated to one platform, it precisely gets you the list for all the content with its availability on the Video streaming site. As you click on the website, you will see the home page as simple as it needs to be with the options for Movies, shows and random. You can also see the names of a few recently added latest video names from Netflix. Click on any of them find out genres as such Action, Romance, Thriller, etc. to choose from. Now you get a recommended video with a trailer to watch. Its recommendations are rated well as on the movie database.


To choose from the wide range of content available on Netflix can be a little overwhelming sometimes. All the above websites and apps help you save time and watch more of the videos which are in your interest and thus helps you to decide what to watch on Netfllix. Like InstantWatch will remind you of the list of movies which are going to be expired from Netflix. Also, the websites can get you the hidden gems which might not have ever heard of. If you like watching shows with friends in real-time, there are methods for that too.

Hope you benefit much from the lists of the websites and watch Netflix shows and movies curated on it. Please let us know in comments if you find any of them useful for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more such articles.

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