Tips And Tricks To Make Amazon Prime Video Better

First launched in 2005, Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that offered free two-day shipping along with discounted one-day shipping rates.

However it has now become more than that, it gives users access to free one-day delivery, streaming video/music and other benefits for a monthly or yearly fee.

Tips And Tricks To Make Amazon Prime Video Better-min

Amazon Prime Video is full of high-quality shows and movies that you can stream on demand. Prime Videos has so many features that you don’t know yet. So, we have discussed some tips and tricks to enhance your Prime Video experience.

1. Download and Watch Videos Offline:

Being the first to offer downloads for offline playback, Prime Video is now available any Android, iOS and fire device. If you have an unstable internet connection or if you are in constant travelling with no WiFi access near you,  this feature can help you to make your boring journey enjoyable.

If you are a frequent flyer and you travel the world, then you must know that when and if you leave the country,  Amazon’s terms of service interdict the use of a proxy or VPN to avoid region blocks.


However, if you have downloaded videos to a device and then travel to a different region, you can enjoy the uninterrupted show.

2. Parental Controls

Amazon has always been a service for all, so it has provided a way to protect your children against unsuitable content. With Parental Controls feature, you can allow your kids to watch the content freely without any worries of the absurd content.Parental Controls


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To set the Parental Controls section, follow these steps:

  • Go to Amazon Video Settings.
  • Navigate to the Parental Controls section.
  • You need to create a five-digit PIN to enable the feature.
  • You get two types of restrictions: Viewing Restrictions and Purchase Restrictions.
  • Viewing Restrictions: This restricts a kid from watching videos where the rating is higher than allowed on the account. Amazon’s videos have ratings of General, 7+, 13+, and 18+. To view them, you need to enter a pin. Moreover, you can also exclude devices from these restrictions.
  • Purchase Restrictions: To avoid your kid from purchasing or renting TV shows and movies that are available through Amazon Video but not Prime Video, this feature can be used. As to purchase or rent, you need to enter PIN.


3. Watch TV and Movies Curated by Amazon

Like others, Prime Video also recommends videos and shows according to your viewing habits

However, the Prime Video collection is much better.

If you want to watch the best of TV shows and movies offered on Prime Video, look for the recommendation lists and enjoy the best of Prime Video.

4. Make Prime Video Better

Prime Video, being cheaper with all the shows and movies still lags in volume if compared with Netflix. But not to worry, you can work your way through, adding subscriptions of premium cable and non-cable channels. Moreover, some channels let you watch live and view the channel in real-time.

5.  Make Subtitles Look Better

One of the most annoying thing for a subtitle lover is the ugly looking subtitles on Prime Video. Fortunately, you can change it to make them presentable.

You get a few options include colors, fonts, sizes, opacities, backgrounds, borders, and outlines/shadows.

Make Subtitles Look Better

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You can choose and customize accordingly.

6. Vote for New Original TV Series

Like Netflix and Hulu, Amazon produces its original TV series. But what makes it different from others is that Amazon releases several pilot episodes of series to watch and vote on. Those which receive the highest number of votes turn into full episodes.

7. Get Prime Video Without Prime

Excited after knowing what Prime Video offers but still haven’t subscribed, so you don’t need to subscribe for the full Prime membership to watch Prime Video streams.

Good news for students, as they get free six months trial with unlimited Prime Video, plus several other Prime benefits(unlimited photo sharing, Ad-Free Music Streaming, Flat-Fee Grocery Deliveries and more).

Get Prime Video Without Prime

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After the six-month free trial ends, you can opt for full Prime membership for 50% till your graduation. All you need to do is sign up for Prime Student by activating the free Prime trial with an .EDU email address. Isn’t it amazing?


But if you are not a student, then you can get Prime Video-only subscription plan costing $8.99/month. You can cancel the subscription anytime you want. However, you can also opt for the monthly plan if you want the subscription for a few months.


These are amazing tips and tricks to enjoy Amazon Prime Video to the fullest. Try them and let us know what do you think?

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