10 Best News Apps For iPhone And iPad In 2023

News is a vital part of our daily life as it keeps us connected to the world. Previously it was newspapers and radios, then came the televisions and now with time the mode of getting news has shifted to our smartphones. Any important piece of news and we get the notification on our phone within seconds. So, today we bring to you a list of 10 best news apps for iPhone and iPad.

Best News Apps For iPad And  iPhone In 2023

1. Flipboard


From a vast list of areas of interest, you can choose the ones you like to get the latest news on your device. Flipboard also organizes them beautifully under for you tab. You can connect your Flipboard account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share the news directly. You can even follow accounts like YouTube SoundCloud. Explorer tab of the application will let you find new publications and topics that makes it perfectly suitable for those who keep looking for something new to read.

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2. Google News & Weather

google news and weather

In our list of news apps for iPhone and iPad another best news app is from Google. If you prefer a straight forward interface for world news and rely on Google’s news and weather services, then go for this application. On Headline tab you will find the news of different areas like world, business, technology, sports etc. News gets updated throughout the day. Local tab of the application accesses your location and provides you the latest news of your area. Which makes it the best news app for iPad and iPhone.

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3. BBC News


When it comes to news we cannot ignore British Broadcasting Corporation like other news agencies BBC also has a free news app for iPhone users. The app is focused on international coverage. The My News tab on the app allows you to select topics you want to follow or stories you want to keep a sharp eye on. The app will only show you articles pertaining to the selected interests or stories.

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4. NPR One

NPR one

If you find it better to listen to news rather than reading it, then NPR is the best application for you. NPR provides you short sound clip of 3 to 5 minutes with top news of Hour. On this app you can tag your areas of interest and the list of news sound bites, podcasts and clips will be tailored accordingly. Which makes it one of the best news app for iPhone and iPad.

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5. Apollo Reddit Client

Apollo reddit client

Apollo can be considered as one of the best ways to access Reddit on iPhone or iPad. Reddit is divided into many sub Reddits. You can choose Reddits as per your choice which are actually topic pages. Interface of the application is kept simple, you simply have to swipe left or right to browse among news.

6. Quartz


Quartz basically looks like a messenger app if we talk about the interface. Quartz texts you the news in different ways, sometimes you may find it as a link to articles while some are a sequence of photos, sometimes it is a GIF or a video clip. The application also allows you to snooze notifications and visuals are really an appreciable feature of this application. Overall it is decent free news app.

7. Pocket: Save Stories For Later


The whole concept of this application is that it can collect stories so that you can read them from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad at a later time. While browsing on your iPhone or iPad whenever you come across an article or a news you want to read later then you can tap on share icon and pocket it to read whenever you have the time. Whenever you want to read them you will find all the links you have collected in Pocket app. If you find it heavy task to collect stuff in Pocket ten you can avoid it by just following different publications and journalists. This makes it one of the best iPhone News apps.

8. Pulse

pulse news app on itunes

Pulse is another website similar to Flipboard and brings you content from different news sources. You can choose a category and in the category, you will see tiles of different news flash. These tiles also give you a neat overview of news. You can also add a source for news by scrolling from top to bottom. This is how the applications allows you to access lots of information on the go.

9. Feedly


Feedly is an RSS app which can be considered as the successor of Google reader where you can manage or add custom feeds. It can be considered as a powerful tool to keep you on top of news. Though finding appropriate content is still your own responsibility but it works very well for RSS enthusiasts because you create relevant feeds and will find that application is really a powerful news source.

10. Zinio


Zinio is the world’s Magazine newsstand and you can find over 6000 magazines in this app which are regularly updated with the latest additions. So, you can choose any magazine in your preferred category and can share what you read on Facebook if you choose to connect. You can read free articles or can sync the subscribed one across your devices. So, we can say Zinio is the best place to subscribe your favorite digital magazine and to read them from anywhere.

So, these were the best news apps for iPhone. You can choose any one of these apps as per your requirement. These apps will keep your knowledge tuned with what’s happening around the world.

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