11 Unknown FunFacts About TikTok

A lot of exceptional things are happening in the world of social media. The things that are nowadays liked by users is insanely unbelievable. Apps such as TikTok which is oriented on its user’s content, has become extensively popular in a shorter duration of time. The app is filled with original videos, which can be anything, from musical adaptations, lip syncs, to goofy videos to keep you entertained. There are a lot of unknown facts about the app that might interest you. Let’s hear about the world’s largest growing app, which gains scores of followers each passing day.

App’s Name

app name

Starting with the name of the app, Tik Tok, which most of us remember is a title to a pop song by Kesha. So, the name is not original. Also, the app was formerly known as musical.ly and had its share of fame with this nomenclature. Only a few know that these two were different apps, both with the parent company ByteDance. They acquired the musical.ly and turned it into TikTok in 2016. In China, they have more such apps but TikTok is the most popular around the world.

Males Use The App More Than  Females

Males Use The App More Than Females

The ones who say just girls are obsessed with selfie trend on smartphones can stand corrected now: Well the statistics say, the percentage of the boys using TikTok is more than girls. According to the report, it has been consistently seen that males are more active on the app in each age group. The app has gained popularity over time, as most do find it a great way to create their own content. However, the app usage varies for people as male users tend to be the larger portion of viewers rather than the ones posting on app.

Popular Than Other Social Media Platform

Popular Than Other Social Media Platform

According to a survey, about 90% of people who have the app on their phones, use it daily The average amount of time spent on the app per month is 1250 minutes. People have been entertained with the variety of content shared on it and like it better than Snapchat and Instagram. This solely is seen as the time spent on TikTok has increased rapidly, and hence competing with major social media platforms within 3 years on its release.

Maximum Number Of Downloads

The maximum number of downloads an app has seen with this frequency over the year of 2019. TikTok has been in the top 3 most downloaded apps on Google Play Store and App Store. This indicates it is loved by a lot of people, and the craze can be seen with 188 million new users added this year. With over a billion downloads, this has been topping the charts under the entertainment apps category.

Note: As the app is of Chinese’s origin, it may not be available in India, because the Indian government has banned some of the Chinese apps



TikTok is available in 155 countries which provide a strong ground base, to begin with. Also, the app can be used in  75 languages which makes it even more fun to use. Not only Asian audience praised the app, but it has also grabbed the attention of users from Western countries.

The app is targeting the younger generation as most of its users are of 16-24 age group.

Difficulties It Faced

Even with such a large following, TikTok has seen its share of problems. It was often criticized by people and has been banned in several countries.  It got banned in Indonesia, China, and Bangladesh in the year 2018 and 2019. However, the bans were short-lived, and TikTok got back as the content was then censored in most countries. This did not affect the popularity of the app anyhow and was reciprocated in good way.

TikTok’s Headquarters

TikTok has its app’s headquarters in China, but do you know it has offices all around the world. Majorly in the popular cities – Shanghai, Los Angeles, New York, Jakarta, Mumbai, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Personalized Feed

Personalized Feed

TikTok uses Artificial Intelligence to create a personalised feed for each user. This is based on the content viewed by a user. The interests and likings of the user is analysed by an interaction within the app, and thus, the relevant content is shown. The visible content which can grasp the user to be on the app for more time is the type of technique used by app creators to keep one to visit the app repeatedly.

Giving Competition To Facebook, Netflix & YouTube

In no time, it is giving competition to the giants of video streaming and social media platforms including, YouTube, & Facebook. Even for video streaming context, this is vying with Netflix as well. The rise of the app was calculated by the company behind it, and the strategy followed by them is reading into the future.

User Engagement

User Engagement

Getting back to the numbers, one more achievement which is notable is the number of videos watch every day. According to the statistics, over 1 billion videos are being watched every day. Not only the teenagers but also the adults are addicted to the app.

Flourishing With In-App Purchases

Flourishing With In-App Purchases

Not that it is not expanding on the other markets, TikTok also used the in-app purchase. You would be amazed to know that it has been used to make purchases worth 50 million dollars to date.

Wrapping up:

TikTok is meant to succeed sooner than you think. So if you want to know what’s all this about, join now and keep up to date with the trendiest of the social media platforms.  To the irresistible app, what more do you want when you are getting a platform to showcase your talent. Try out the best of the TikTok effect and the editing tools within the app.

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