How To Change/Modify Google Text-to-Speech Voices On Android

Are you not able to comprehend the text to speech voice on your Android device? Let us help you with modifying to help you use this feature for the best. Android users must avail the inbuilt Google Text to speech app, which has many useful features. The Accessibility feature lets you hear the text on the screen for Android apps. One of the options is that it provides you is multiple Text to Speech voices. Choose one which you like to make the most of it while using your Android apps whereas there are several other options available as text to speech apps for Android to try.

Text to Speech Voices?

Text to Speech Voice is the human-like voice, which will read your text from your Android’sscreen. . Recently, Google Text to Speech app introduced a number of voices to give you more options. The male and female voices are added to the Google TTS app. This is available in different languages with different variants. It is one of the most used features, among other Google applications such as Google Translate, Google Talkback and Google Play Books. Customize your Google Text to speech voices and try the different voices on your Android to read the screen.

How To Change Google Text To Speech Voices

As it is known to be one of the useful features on Android, we must know all about it. One of the important changes we can make in the Google TTS is with the various options available for Text to speech voices. Not many are familiar with this feature and therefore, we are here to tell you about it.

Steps To Change Google Text To Speech Voices:

Step 1: Launch Settings app on your Android phone.

Step 2: Scroll down to look for Accessibility. Tap on it for more options. If you are not able to locate it in the main menu of Settings, check the Additional Settings. Go to Languages & input, here you can find Text-to-speech output. 

Change Google Text To Speech Voices


For some phone models with a manufacturer’s UI(user interface), you can locate it under the Accessibility feature in screen readers. Select Text-to-speech output under-screen readers. Tap on it.

Step 3: Text-to-speech output menu will show a preferred engine, language, Speech rate and Pitch. We can make changes to all of the Text to speech settings from here.

Change Google Text To Speech Voices step-4

You can now see adefault Google Text-to-speech Engine on your Phone. In some phones, other system text to speech engines are shown as the phone manufacturers have put that on default such as Samsung. First, change the Preferred Engine to Google text-to-speech.

Tap on the name of the engine, and this will take you a page of all the options available on your phone.

Change Google Text To Speech Voices step-5

Select Google text-to-speech engine.

Step 4:  Now tap on the Settings icon to check for voice data.

Step 5: Under this section, tap on Install Voice Data.

Change Google Text To Speech Voices step-6

This shows you the available for download Google TTS voice data. Select one out of them to be used as the speech data.

Change Google Text To Speech Voices step-6-1

Step 6: Selected language voice data will take you to the page for its variants of text to speech voices. The size is shown on the top-left and trash icon on the top-right.

Change Google Text To Speech Voices step-7

Text to speech voices can be heard as a sample plays when you select the voice.

You can also choose more than one text to speech voices for some of the languages. Male and female options can be listened to and whichever is clear for you to understand, select that one.

How To Change The Language In Text-to-speech Output

Step 1: Go to the Text-to-speech output option from the Accessibility feature.

Step 2: Under Text-to-speech output settings page, tap on Language.

How To Change The Language In Text-to-speech Output

It usually shows the default language selected from the settings which is System language.

Step 3: An overlay option will appear on your screen and you can tap on any of the available languages.  Choose the Use System language if you want that.

How To Change The Language In Text-to-speech Output step-3

Note that the language you have selected for the Text to speech voice data must be the same as the Language in the main settings. Or else it will not play the desired Text to speech voices.

How To Change The Speed And Pitch In Text-to-speech Output

Speed rate and pitch hold great importance when it comes to text to speech feature. This implies the user’s ability to understand the voice when speaking to them the screen. 

How To Change The Speed And Pitch In Text-to-speech Output

Step 1: Go to Text-to-speech output option from the Accessibility feature.

Step 2: Under Text-to-speech output settings page, tap on Speed Rate slider.

A sample is played as you tap on the Play button below. You can decide better after listening to it as to what it should be set to.

Step 3: Tap on Pitch slider to change the text to speech voice pitch. A sample plays for this change just like speed rate so as to help you set it for your Android phone.

Tap on Reset whenever you want to change it back to the previous setting.

To sum it up:

Google Text to speech app is a very useful app with the variants available in the text to speech voices. With its help, you can take help in learning a second language as it gives you a chance to understand the speech better. The modification in the Speed rate and pitch will let you pick up the pronunciation of the words easily. The text to speech voices will also let Android users read books in other languages.

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