7 Best Text to Speech Apps for your Android Phone

Bored of looking at the mobile screen for so long and wish for someone to read all those long lines of text to you? It would be surely relieving if a text reader solves all your problems and reads out all the syllabus, business documents or just a novel of your favorite writer.

How? Simple! We have accumulated a list of text to speech apps for your Android phone. Just pick your favorite feature, install it today, put on the headphones and start with your work.

Best Text to Speech Apps for Android

1. Text to Speech

Quite easy to handle and very straightforward for what you need is definitely Text to Speech. All you have to do is install the app on your phone, copy-paste the text and put on the Play button. When you wish, you can even download text from the app.

Text to Speech

Special Features:

  • Change the speed and pitch of the default voice
  • Save the recorded file and share it with friends or family
  • A different set of languages available

Download here!

2. Voice Aloud Reader

The most interesting part about the app is that it works with URLs as well where you just have to paste it on the box and it will automatically start reading it for you. Along with the same, you can add text files into the app and let it read it all for you.

Voice Aloud Reader

Special Features:

  • Share or send your file by mail directly through the app
  • Control speech volume, rate of reading, volume and pitch of the reader
  • Optional sleep timer to stop after a given timeline.

Download here!

3. Talk FREE

What is catchy about this text to speech app is that it can import texts even from other apps. The app is having a knowledge base of many languages and can translate what you are typing on its screen. It can also export your audio file in WAV format.


Special features:

  • A base of many languages for ease
  • Background reading with ‘Speak with Talk’ facility
  • Import texts even from the other apps

Download here!

4. Narrator’s Voice

Even without having an active Internet connection on your Android, you can enjoy various voice effects like echo, reverb, compressor, etc. Also, you can convert the text file to audio MP3 and video MP4 while sharing them on social media network. This text to speech app has been doing a great job with various in-built features since a good time.

Narrator’s Voice

Special Features:

  • Save your audio file for future purposes (Audio saved files work without Internet too)
  • Have expressive and natural sounding voices
  • In-purchase app gives ad-free experience

5. T2S: Text to Voice

This text reader app has its own qualities that include opening the text file, reading it aloud and export it as an audio file. You can also click ‘Type Speak’ mode that reads what you have typed out aloud.

T2S Text to Voice

Special Features:

  • Adjust the pitch and speech rate as per the convenience
  • Great text reader app for those lagging in communication with ‘Type Speak’ option
  • Active browser mode that reads the text from other URLs

6. Pocket

Read from anywhere and everywhere is more than just a catchy motto, when it comes to Pocket app. Multiple voices, languages, pitch and speech selection make the app cooler from many others. The app can grab content literally from any source and read it aloud to you for hassle-free hand experience.


Special Features:

  • Supports background playback i.e. you can listen to the speech even when using other apps
  • Listen to the saved content even in the offline mode
  • Bookmark your favorite articles now and let text reader do rest of the work later.

7. iSpeech Translator

A little more than just text reader, this text to speech app can even translate the content posted on your phone file. How? As you type anything on your screen and translate into any selected language from the scroll section. You can also use the mic to input the text apart from typing.

iSpeech Translator

Special Features:

  • Contains more than 20 languages for translation
  • Cut and paste the content from any web, chat or email
  • Share your favorite translations to your friends.

Winding up

As we come up to the end of the best text to speech apps, we would say that you can download Voice Aloud Reader where you can personalize your reading space or maybe iSpeech if you wish to translate your language into any other. Text to Speech is also near to perfection that is quite simple and easy to use while the Narrator’s voice gives the experience of various speech expressions.

For a quick look, explore the special features of each and download them today for your perfect text reader.

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