7 Best Typing Tutor Software For Windows

Planning to improve your English typing skills and looking for a Windows-based PC software? You’ve reached the right place. We’ve got a batch of typing speed test software that are tried and tested by our team so that we explore each feature they include. After our research, we have come up with the top 7 typing speed test software that you can try on your Windows computer. These software are tested on various grounds such as difficulty levels, types of exercises and challenges, user-engagement, budget and functionality.

Top 7 Typing Speed Test Software For Windows PC

Here are 7 amazing typing speed test software for your WIndows computer. Read on to know more about them.

1. UltraKey 6

UltraKey 6
Source: bytesoflearning

We will start with the best english typing test software for beginners. UltraKey 6 is one of the best typing speed test software for Windows PCs. The tool demonstrates helps you to reach your maximum potential when it comes to typing even if you’re a beginner. It makes typing lessons simpler and allows you to quickly learn typing skills.

Typing lessons focus on different aspects such as individual finger training, correct posture and hand placement. UltraKey 6 helps you learn it from the scratch, increase your typing speed without compromising your accuracy. Firstly, you begin with a typing skill assessment that helps the software analyze your typing skills. Based on the results, it provides you with different assessments that allow you to improve your present typing skills.

The tool includes 700 typing exercises for 8 different user types, audio dictation mode, and cloud management system to save results, access from different computers, and so on.


  • Most comprehensive typing speed test software
  • Works on both Windows and Mac OS
  • 700 typing exercises, 8 different user modes


  • Costly
  • Graphics are old-fashioned

Price: – $29.95 (UltraKey 6 Personal License)

Download UltraKey 6 for Windows here.

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2. Typing.com

Source: typing.com

If you want the best free typing speed test software, you should go for Typing.com. The web app provides 5-minute, 3-minute and 1-minute typing assessments. You can choose anyone from the lot and start improving your speed and accuracy.

Typing.com is basically a website that includes 45 courses arranged on the basis of difficulty level. It contains 10 to 20 1-minute assignments in each course. Although, the free typing speed test doesn’t include variety of lessons as compared to other paid programs in the list, they are as complete as they can be.

Typing.com also offers 8 games for some entertainment. The website will act as your best typing tutor if you just need short assessments to refresh your knowledge or wish to go for a timed test to quickly brush up typing skills for a job interview.


  • Free
  • Intuitive design yet does not distract users
  • Easy to use website


  • Not designed for beginners
  • Does not support audio dictation

Price: – Free

Visit Typing.com

3. Typing Instructor Platinum

Typing Instructor Platinum
Source: individualsoftware

Here comes the most entertaining typing speed test software for Windows. Typing Instructor Platinum is a web-based software, built on a fun travel theme where you get recognitions in the form of a stamp on a digital passport once you pass a test.

Typing Instructor Program is a playful setup that includes many games that helps you improve typing skills. This makes the web app acceptable to users of all age group. The application’s learning path allows you to set your own goals and reach them efficiently. It analyzes various aspects while creating reports and tells you the correct use of fingers and hand posture while typing to achieve optimal speed. Typing Instructor Platinum also contains various accuracy and speed drills and its destinations concentrate on various keys to improve typing skills. Use Typing Instructor Platinum typing speed test software if you want to stay entertained while increasing your WPM speed.


  • More number of games for better user engagement


  • It lags on real-world exercises

Price: – $29.95

Visit Typing Instructor Platinum.

4. Typesy

Source: typesy

We did talk about the best typing software in different categories. Having said that, here’s an all-rounder app. Typsey is an easy-to-use software that includes several lessons in it. It follows an achievement-based learning method to improve user typing skills. It is cloud-based and can be utilized by maximum of 5 users on different systems.

Typsey allows you to improve quickly and efficiently. The typing speed test software for Windows includes video instructions that help you to understand the appropriate way to place hands and fingers on different keys to achieve optimal accuracy and speed. Each video is accompanied with exercises, which are smartly placed to improve the specific skill discussed in the video. It measures and displays aspects like WPM and AWPM (adjusted words per minute).


  • Over 400 activities and lessons
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud-based storage for maximum 5 users


  • Graphics are old-school
  • Does not have much engaging games

Price: – $29.95

5. KeyBlaze

Source: nchsoftware

KeyBlaze includes different types of lessons and games. Almost every activity includes documents with real-world apps. It means that you will also exercise legal and office documents along with prose and poetry. KeyBlaze is an app designed for adult users. It includes lessons that explain 10-keypad use. It also contains activities that allow you to practice typing while dictation.

The software doesn’t create tailored lessons or list down data about your skill level by itself. However, you can make KeyBlaze do these things as per your needs. Again, the software provides you with ample amount of data to check your performance.


  • Lets you use regular office documents during typing exercise
  • It is a free typing speed test software for Windows


  • Does not build tailored exercises by itself

Price: – Free

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6. Tux Typing Tutor For Kids

Tux Typing Tutor For Kids
Source: schoolfreeware

Tux Typing Tutor For Kids believes in making English typing a fun exercise. That’s why, the free English typing tutor uses different fun exercises to make typing more engaging.

Tux is an app especially designed for kids that lets them choose different levels starting from ‘Space Cadet’ to ‘Commander’.

The software has amazing sound and effects and different backdrops, which makes the app engaging for kids. Overall, it’s an app kids will love for sure.


  • Different levels and typing exercises
  • Interesting backdrops and cartoon style effects
  • Best for kids for improving their English typing skills


  • Works only in full screen mode
  • Word editor does not work

Price: – Free

7. Rapid Typing Software

Rapid Typing Software
Source: rapidtyping

Last in order but not of importance, Rapid Typing software is well-known for its different typing utilities, games and exercises.

Rapid Typing is smart typing speed test software for Windows PC that allows you to improve your typing skills no matter whichever keyboard format you use. The typing tutor software has everything ranging from basic lessons to the advanced ones. The application also offers a virtual keyboard and an animated screen, which moves forward each time you type the right character. Try Rapid Typing Tutor if you wish to quickly and more accurately.


  • Offers a variety of lessons
  • Best animated typing screen
  • Allows you to turn the sound effects on or off


  • It freezes sometimes

Price: – Free

These are the best typing speed test software for Windows PC that are available online. Use them to your own satisfaction and check if any of them suit your requirements. Share your feedback in the comments below. Also, let us know if we have missed out any exceptional English typing speed test software free or paid in the comments section.


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    To attract a child to the learning process, it should be, first of all, interesting. Because fast typing lessons should be quite interactive, such as these typing learning for kids https://www.typedojo.com/typing-lesson/. Now printing is a full-fledged basis, and children can easily learn information, so the sooner you start learning them, the better

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