6 Best Task Scheduling Software For Windows

Whether you’re running Windows XP or Windows 10, you might be using Windows Task Scheduler to perform various kinds of automated tasks. While you can use the native scheduling app to perform basic system jobs such as defragmenting your hard disks when you’re not using computer, manage Startup programs or schedule automatic shutdowns. But unfortunately, the Windows Task Manager is limited in functionality and only let users close or end processes.

That’s where other freeware task scheduler software comes in handy. It allows users to do much more than scheduling basic tasks, even you can make your own run commands in Windows to directly access any file or folder.

Task Scheduling Software

Why You Need A Task Scheduler Software?

Scheduling apps play a vital role in handling multiple tasks together. If you’re someone who does a nine to five job, you definitely need a reliable system for scheduling your daily tasks. Using a great Windows Scheduler app, you can effortlessly manage your appointments, keep a track of your clients, set up impromptu scans, automate other Windows apps to perform its own, including maintenance, alarm clocks and much more.

Here Are Some Of The Best Task Scheduler For Windows 7/8/10

These task scheduler software works as a good reminder system to automatically run tasks at a specific time or in response to a specific event!

1. Advanced Task Scheduler

advanced task scheduler

Advanced task Scheduler by Southsoftware, tops the list of best Task Scheduler for Windows, because of its dynamic features that allow you to automate all your day-to-day tasks in the easiest way. The scheduling app offers free, professional & network version for multi-functional users for different needs. With the help of numerous scheduling options, you can set the tasks to run once, minutely, hourly, daily, monthly, yearly or at system startup.

You could perform tasks such as launching apps, open files or documents, play sounds, send messages, automatic shutdowns, close dial-up connections and much more. Once all your tasks are executed, Advanced Task Scheduler records everything in log files which are later sent to your inbox, so that you are updated with all the tasks that are being performed.

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2. System Scheduler

System Scheduler

System Scheduler is one of the best task schedulers for Windows to manage neglected batch files scripts, running of apps, and much more. Just add as many tasks as you want, and this will help you to manage all your work accordingly. You could use it to launch certain programs at a defined time as well. In particular, after launching an app you can also send it simulated keypresses, therefore helping you to automate all kinds of jobs.

It comes with an interesting tool, Window Watcher that allows you to execute some action based on the state of your program windows. It offers both free and paid version!

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3. Z-Cron

z cron task scheduler

Z-Cron is one of the scheduling apps for Windows 10, which you can use to run important tasks on your system time-controlled with a schedule. The software not only lets you schedule regular tasks but provide routine reminder pop-ups as well. Apart from possessing all the features of a standard Task Scheduler, Z-Cron also allows users to schedule tasks to run daily, weekly or at PC start-up.

What makes, Z-Cron an excellent tool in the field of best task scheduler for Windows, is it comes with a database of Embedded Tools. These tools are the basis for everything it can perform, from setting alarm clocks, monitoring system, to running other apps. It schedules everything you can ask for!

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4. Desktop Reminder

Desktop Reminder

If you’re looking for a software that can help you to perform regular tasks such as defragging, timely system backups, then look no further as Desktop Reminder should be your clear choice. It comes with numerous features like task list, calendar, date navigator, alarms with customized alerts, automatic time formatting based on system region settings and much more, that lets you create and manage tasks efficiently.

The task scheduler app is available for both private and professional use. It’s very easy-to- use, just schedule the task to occur once or at repeat across a certain period of time and you won’t forget about any important to-dos again!

Download Here

5. Schedule Manager

Schedule Manager

Forgetting essential tasks like cleaning up your PC, running mandatory apps, or taking system backups is no big deal, when there are seemingly much more important operations to execute. Scheduler Manager aims to become a great helping hand to schedule important tasks even when you are away from your PC. The software is available for both as an installable version & as a portable standalone app.

Setting up a task in Schedule Manager is quite easy. Just create a task, enter detailed information about the task such as recurrence, alert time etc., configure custom sounds to be played at the time of alert and that’s all!

6. Task Till Dawn

Task Till Dawn

You can rely on Task Till Dawn scheduler app for handling not only automatic shutdowns, or launching programs, but for leaving reminding notes, alerts and cleaning directories as well. The software is compatible with both Windows and macOS.

Task Till Dawn is a well-known freeware scheduler app that also optimizes your system for better functioning. It performs all the scheduled tasks at a given time and notifies users about the same. Scheduling task with the software is damn easy, just launch the app > click New Task button > give your task a name, description and set the time for the task to execute.

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Bottom Line

Windows Task Scheduler Apps are not only handy, but also frees up time for you to do some actual productive work, especially if the scheduled tasks are pretty conventional. And, all these aforementioned task scheduling apps are an ideal choice to perform the desired jobs. Try them & do let us know your experience in the comment section below!


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