How to Improve English by Using Best Vocabulary Builder Apps

Language makes a lot of difference; it can be a strong weapon to impress during a job interview or a casual conversation with your neighbors. If English is not your native language, or if you have recently shifted to US, then your smartphone can work as a powerful gadget to improve your vocab. You can install some best vocabulary improvement applications on your smartphone to learn English. One can find hundreds of applications on the Play Store. To make the selection easier we are presenting a list of handpicked vocabulary improvement app.

Features you should look in a best vocabulary builder app

Here are some key features which should be there in a vocabulary builder app.

  • Should have voice integration feature.
  • Must have inbuilt quiz.
  • A handy widget can make use of application easier.
  • Should come with new words every day.

Best vocabulary enhancing apps:

Here is the list of applications which can help you to improve your vocab.

1. Vocabulary Builder:

Vocabulary Builder

If you usually get spare time during night to learn English, then this application will work perfectly for you because the application is having night mode especially for night users. Apart from this the application is having a multiplayer quiz which helps to enhance English even for entire group of your friends. The application is having a cool home screen widget in which you will get a new word to learn every day.

Download Here

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2. Vocabulary Builder-Learn English:

Vocabulary Builder-Learn English

Another Vocabulary builder app in our list is full of lots of phrases, idioms and slangs. People normally use slangs in day to day language and this is why this application is very useful if you are looking for a tool which can help you enhancing communication skills in English. If your device drains a lot of battery when you are online then offline mode of application works perfectly to save battery and data. You can save your individual progress by creating your login Id and password.

Download Here

3. English Vocabulary in Use:

English Vocabulary in Use

When I was a kid books with pictures were my best friends. It is easy to learn things with pictures for everyone this is why the next application in our list is more emphasis on showing you pictures to improve vocabulary. The application is having inbuilt translator and for all your day to day activities and stuff you will find pictures with names which really helps beginners. Another key feature of this application is that it is having lot of audio content which you can listen in your native language to learn English easily.

4. Power word:

Power word

The application is a little different from other applications in our list. In the app you can learn and play. It is having an inbuilt dictionary and some interesting games.  Learning curve includes 7 different levels and till 7th level you will be able to learn remarkable English vocabulary. The application is having 2600-word hints and when it comes to playing interesting games using these words you can include and exclude words and can even change the level of difficulty.

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5. Full English vocabulary Test:

Full English vocabulary Test

The application is loaded with full of knowledge lessons which you can take on your smartphone or on your tablet. If you are preparing for any exams like IELTS then this application will surely help you to learn and improve the vocabulary. The application is equipped with GMAT and SAT vocabulary test.

6. Learn English Vocabulary:

Learn English Vocabulary

Here is the application which is loaded with 6000 words and having interactive sessions. The application supports most of the popular languages of the world, so it does not matter which is your native language it is an effective tool to improve your vocab. The application is not only having one game to learn English, you can choose from 7 epic games and on the top of that the application completely functions offline.

7. English Grammar&Vocabulary:

English Grammar and Vocabulary

If you want to enhance Grammar with vocabulary, then you should choose this application. With a very basic interface the app is very easy to use, and you can start from scratch to learn grammar and to brush up your vocabulary. On this, you can find some hardcore Grammar topics such as tenses, digress parts of speech etc. The application clears all the topics with the help of suitable examples in the form of paragraphs or sentences.

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8. GRE Flash cards:

GRE Flash cards

If you want to learn English with flash cards, then the application is having variety of them. All you need to start playing and you will get different cards each with a new word when you will flip the card you will get the meaning of the word with its usage in a sentence. Then you will have two buttons to confirm that if you already knew the word or you just came to know it which helps in deciding your progress level.

9. Hello English:

Hello English

Here is how to improve English vocabulary for a specific reason. Hello English, is the most suitable application for those who are preparing for IELTS, SAT or GRE exams. The application is having three levels which are Basic, Medium and Advance which can be changed anytime. This application is also having word of the day feature which is suitable to learn things faster. You can share daily words with your friends and results can also be shared.

10. Words Crush:

Words Crush

Here is some more fun in the path or your English learning if you love to play candy crush then here is a similar game all you need to do is to make meaningful words from the letters given and then it will automatically be crushed all you need to clear the grid and you will be level up. Word crush is also having different levels starting from easy to extreme. This makes it one of the best vocabulary builder apps.

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11. Wordsdom:


The game is addictive and challenging and this is the concept it makes you to have better command over English language. You can offline play puzzles in the game anywhere. The application is majorly suitable for kids because it is more like a game and colorful picture in the background will keep them entertained. It is a complete package to brush up English vocabulary and to sharpen your brain.

This is how you can easily improve English vocabulary using these best vocabulary builder apps so grab your favorite one and impress everyone with your vocabulary.


Vocabulary dot com vocab builder

The application is complete package to learn English on your smartphone. It is equipped with quiz and many other features that can help you to learn English and keep you entertained at the same time. The application performs deep analysis of your vocab and shows you accurate results. Application has a dedicated button to learn how you can pronounce a word.

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