Tips For Making Better Video Conferencing Calls

With the COVID-19 outbreak, most people are confined to their homes. But the work must go on, and therefore people have asked Work From Home. Now, as the offices usually function with the help of all the teammates, but with all of them sitting at their home, it is a bit difficult to coordinate. Well, if you are one of them, do not stress as you can do what multinational companies have been practising for a while now. They use the technology to stay connected sitting in different corners of the world.

This post is all about the video conferencing calls, which make it possible for everyone to stay connected from work. There are many video calling software, which will make you feel closer to friends and workmates. Technology has a solution for all, and therefore, one must carry out the essential tips for making the most out of it. Video Calling apps for making video calls in HD quality.

So, here we come up with a few tips, which will help you improve your video conferencing calls. Be it your team communicating with others in a different location or each individual at a different location. There are multiple video conferencing options to choose from based on the number of members you want to add.

Useful Tips To Make Better Video Conferencing Calls

1. Prepare early log in

Whenever you are meant to be in a call, it should be done right on time. As this is different than stepping in a meeting room. Joining the callMakiwhen the call has already started, might make you miss on important details. Also, it does not make you look good in front of your coordinates. So if you are working from home, we advise you to step ahead of the scheduled meeting and work into logging into your respective account to join the call. This way, whenever you receive a notification for the call to start, you can simply join without any hassles.

2. Be equipped

Another important point when in video conferencing is to keep all equipment ready. One can make the checklist for all the things they will need during the call. Foremost, we must keep our devices ready, i.e. charged, and keep the charger nearby in case of the long hours’ calls. One must use a good set of earphones for better audio and sound quality. If you are at home, you can use your gaming headsets which come with a mic. Alongside, if you are not using the laptop or it does not come equipped with an inbuilt camera, try webcam. There are several webcam software which will help you set up the webcams with Windows. One must test all the devices attached to the computer before the video conference call.

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Also, get all the necessary software on your computer, which can make your work easier, including video capturing software,  and other must-have PC software.

3. Clear bandwidth hogs

Best practise is to keep your PC interface clean, so when in the call you go for the screen sharing option, you don’t feel embarrassed. You can try to sort out the files and folders manually and try the PC cleaning software to remove unwanted files from the system. Don’t forget that it’s not just the device which needs to be freed, WiFi connection at home too needs to be monitored. With the smart homes in existence, there are several home devices with bandwidth being divided among them. So, please try and put other devices off the same connection as you for the time being you are in a call. Else the calls can be pixelated or have bad audio quality.

4. Surrounding

One of the major things, but missed by many as they are not used to be in video calls. Well, surroundings matter a lot when you are in a group video call. A lot of people are watching you, so decide where you want to take the call from. A set up of a table chair is most favourable, with a light which makes you easily visible to others on video conference, A lot of people do not tend to take the lighting issue seriously, but this makes it tough for others to follow. Therefore always face a light, and don’t just rely on the laptop screen light. One must also learn how to blur the background, which is possible in apps such as Skype to avoid unnecessary distraction.

Another important point to remember is to mute your audio while in video conferencing calls unless you need to speak or put your point across. As, it helps in eliminating the background noise and thus, bringing focus to what’s being said. While in a video conferencing call when you feel the need to speak, you can raise your hand or express through hand gestures. Affirmations and tad bits can always be sent as a text message to avoid the chaos. One can always communicate better with one speaker at a time in the group calls, rest can type out their points or wait for their turn.  Always follow this rule to have clear and  video conferencing call.

5. Try different apps

With the abundance of video call service providers, it sometimes gets hard to find the best for you. One can have a look at the best video conferencing software for making work calls. Although, if you are on the go and want to make a quick group call to your colleagues, you can try the apps. iPhone users can try the best video calling apps or try these video calling apps for Android users. Skype, TeamViewer, hangouts are some of the most reliable names for the work calls. As they come along with multiple features which make it easier to work along with the calls. Sending files as attachments, sharing the screen, and encrypted calls are some of the features to look for when selecting a video call service.


If you are to work in an environment for an extended period these tips for video conferencing call are to be practised. Staying alert and keeping everything ready is a much-needed task before joining the call. One must use the best video calling apps to make it easier to connect with others.

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