How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Computer Through Windows Action Center

You must’ve gone through untangling that headphone cable, which still gets tangled up no matter how hard you try. Plus, that headphone wire hanging through your neck down to the system’s 3.5m jack is really irritating sometimes. Thanks to the technology of wireless connectivity between devices, we have options for getting rid of the uncanny wire.

Bluetooth connectivity has now reached up to every electronic device. This reach has expanded to a point that headphones and earbuds manufacturers have started embedding this technology in their new line of products. What was earlier used for transferring data over mobile phones is now used as a medium of connection between devices of all kinds. Whether it’s binge-watching or gaming, wireless headphones are the newest trends among audio devices.

So, let’s learn how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a computer by establishing a Bluetooth connection between your PC and the buds.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC?

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Before you proceed to the steps for connecting your Bluetooth headset to your laptop or computer, you need to check with Bluetooth driver updates on the system. Else, the Bluetooth may not work properly, thus hampering connection. Bluetooth is an embedded technology on your system and the concerned device. For this technology to function properly, it is essential that its associated drivers are updated, and that the connection of your headsets to the laptop or computer does not fail due to any issues in Bluetooth driver updates.

To check for available updates, you can go through the Device Manager and manually search for available updates.

But that’s a hectic process. It would be annoying to break your excitement for watching a sci-fi series on some streaming platform and first check if any update is available for Bluetooth drivers. But, using Advanced Driver Updater can automate this process and can update all the drivers on your system in a matter of minutes.

Advanced Driver Updater is a driver-scanning tool from Systweak that perform scans on your system to root out any available driver update. Once Advanced Driver Updater completes the scan, it lists out all the outdated drivers on your PC and asks for your permission to update them all. And thus, in a few clicks, all your outdated drivers are updated to their latest versions.

Therefore, in case of any pending Bluetooth driver update, Advanced Driver Updater’s scan would detect the same and you can update it on a single click. There’s a bonus as well. In case your new driver version causes problems, ADU’s smart backup options would allow you to backup driver updates and restore them to the previous point to be used as a contingency to unwanted system crashes.

Now, let’s get your wireless headphones ready for use and connect the headsets to your PC:

Step 1: To begin with connecting Bluetooth headphones to PC in Windows 10, Open Windows Action Center. It’s the notification bar that opens on the right end of the screen.

Step 2: Go to Bluetooth Settings by via right-click on the Bluetooth icon. Turn on Bluetooth pairing if not switched on already.  Also, make sure that Bluetooth pairing on your headphones is also ON. There is a specific button for that, which may vary on different headphone models.

Step 3: Click on (+ Add Bluetooth or Other Device) icon to connect your headphones to the PC. There would be a small scan to discover Bluetooth devices in the system’s vicinity.

Step 4: To complete the connection of Bluetooth headphones to the PC, click on your headphones’ name. It may or may not ask for a dual confirmation.

Step 6: Once connected, the device’s name would be notified as Connected. The Bluetooth icon on Action Center would also highlight the device’s name.

Note: Bluetooth in PC is mostly available on laptops only. For desktop CPUs, there are only a handful of them that comes with a pre-installed Bluetooth device in the motherboard. If you want to activate Bluetooth connectivity on your desktop, then you need to purchase a secondary Bluetooth device. Plus, you can also access Bluetooth Settings by going to the Settings panel from Start Menu on your Windows PC.

Without updating Bluetooth drivers, connecting headphones to the computer may not be successful. In such a case, either the connection would be poor, or it would break-off in between. You’d certainly not want your wireless Bluetooth headphones going off in-between your gaming session. So, get yourself rid of wasting time on manual driver updates and automate the process using Advanced Driver Updater. Just scan drivers to find available Bluetooth driver update and do the job on a few clicks.

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