Best Mind-Bending Sci-fi Series On Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has a variety of content for you to stream all night and then keep streaming until you’re tired of it. One of the most searched genres on Amazon Prime is sci-fi, a collection shows offering mind-bending adventures, immersive visual effects, and thrilling plotline. Here is a list of top 15 sci-fi shows on Amazon Prime you can add to your watchlist:

Sci-Fi: Science in Fiction

Though film-makers started exploring science fiction in movies quite early in the 1950s through detective thrillers and superhero films. However, it wasn’t until Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey that sci-fi was revolutionized with impeccable use of visual effects, graphics, and the concept of time-space exploration. As the technology grew, so did the opportunity for film-makers to create exceptional sci-fi content, which could be supported by the use of the latest VFX techniques. This gave rise to shows like Star Trek and sci-fi turned into a completely exclusive genre. 

With content streaming expanding across international territories, these sci-fi shows are now available in packages on tens of different streaming platforms. One of the most prominent of these sites is Amazon Prime. You can now catch some of the best sci-fi series on Amazon’s Prime Video, with all their seasons bundled up.

With sci-fi explained, let’s get to the best sci-fi shows on Amazon Prime that are reaching new records of viewership every day. 

List of Top 15 Mind-Bending Sci-fi Series On Amazon Prime

1. Mr. Robot

Image Source: Prime Video

This show has blown away minds and has set new benchmarks of authenticity and technical accuracy in the depiction of hacking and cybersecurity concepts. Mr. Robot is more of a sci-fi-cum-drama thriller series, following a group of hacktivists led by an anarchist called Mr. Robot, who plans to destroy debt records by encrypting financial data of business conglomerates. What begins a series of thrilling events is when Mr. Robot hires Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity engineer in his group, who masters in hacking into highly secured networks. 

The show originally airs on NBC, but it’s officially one of the top-rated sci-fi shows on Amazon Prime. You can stream the first three seasons with Prime while you may need to purchase the fourth one separately. 

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2. Westworld

Image Source: Variety

Nolan brothers have put a dent on cinematic art forms through their mind-blowing collaborations on Memento, Dark Knight Trilogy, and The Prestige. And, now they are doing the same with their individual projects. Westworld is a creation of the visionary mind of Jonathan Nolan, famous for writing most of his brother’s films and creating another of the Amazon Prime sci-fi series Person of Interest

Studded with a talented cast comprising of Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffery right, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, and James Marsden, Westworld takes place in a technological amusement park inhabited by android hosts. The owners of such parks allow humans to spend time in these parks and experience the olde Western American world. But unbeknownst to the owners, a group of android hosts begins to realize their true selves and start gaining sentience. 

While it’s not exactly available as an Amazon Prime sci-fi show, but can be added to your Prime library, if you combine it with an additional purchase of HBO content at $14.99/month. And don’t worry, you won’t be paying that money just for Westworld, but for a lot of other HBO-exclusive content.

Watch it on Amazon

3. Orphan Black

Orphan Black Tatiana Maslany
Image Source: Metro

Orphan Black follows the complicated plotline associated with human cloning and issues of personal identity. A show of Canadian-origin Orphan Black stars Tatiana Maslany in five different roles, all of whom represent a clone of her character. The show revolves around her clones trying to evade a scientific corporation involved in illegal human experimentation and cloning.

The show has the highest ratings among all the Amazon Prime series and has been expanded to five complete seasons, ending the story with the 50th episode. Winner of 68 different awards, including an Emmy for Masalany, Orphan Black, can be termed as the best sci-fi series on Amazon Prime. 

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4. The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone
Image Source: CBS

The Twilight Zone is one of the revived shows in the list of sci-fi Amazon Prime shows. The show first premiered long back in 1959 and is considered as the introductory benchmark in the science-fiction genre. The show has been since revived thrice, with the third revival being aired on CBS in 2019. And it’s been helmed by none other than Jordan Peele.

The show can be accessed among other Amazon Prime sci-fi shows; however, an additional CBS subscription needs to be paid to watch the show. But since Amazon Prime has bundled up against the entire show from 1959-present on one platform, this subscription is entirely worth it. 

Watch it on Amazon

5. Star Trek

Picard Star Trek
Image Source: Variety

Star Trek needs no introduction to sci-fi fans. A franchise spanned over five decades, Star Trek is one of the most popular science fiction adventures. And now, with its availability at Amazon Prime, you can say it is the most viewed Amazon Prime series globally.

Among the available Star Trek entries available on Prime Video are Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the recent entry Star Trek: Discovery. On top of it, the franchise on Prime is expanded by the Star Trek movies and the latest series on Amazon Prime, Star Trek: Picard, which will debut soon. So if you’re a sci-fi freak, Amazon Prime has got months of entertainment packed for you. 

Watch it on Amazon

6. The Outer Limits 

Image Source: Syfy

Just like The Twilight Zone, you can revisit the era of early understanding and depiction of science in fiction with this sci-fi series on Amazon Prime. While The Twilight Zone had an element of fantasy and supernatural to its episodes, The Outer Limits focused exclusively on concepts of bio-physics such as alien technology, cloning, technological mutation, and time-travel. 

Aired originally in 1963, the anthology series has been an inspiration to films like Star Trek, and it laid the ground for integration od scientific research with filmmaking. This aspect has been the forefront of most of modern sci-fi films and television productions. The Outer Limits went on to be revived in 1995, and a new revival is now said to be in the early stages of development.

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7. Person of Interest

Jim Caviezel Person of Interest
Image Source: IGN

A billionaire programmer designs a federal vigilance program that can predict potential terrorist activities by collating gathered intelligence and information. Things take a turn when “The Machine” gains sentience and begins identifying non-terrorists perpetrators ignored by the federal government, who only seems interested in threats to national security. The programmer than recruits a former CIA operative to take things in his hands and investigate in the “irrelevant” cases exposed by his sentient machine. 

The plotline of Person of Interest is more of a detective thriller. But show’s exploration of artificial intelligence and the impact of superintelligence on different scenarios is impeccable, making this show one of the top sci-fi Amazon Prime shows.

Created by Jonathan Nolan (known for The Dark Knight) and JJ Abrams (know for Star Wars Sequels), the show is a thought-provoking and intensifying take on the common concepts of futurism and machine sentience. One of the best sci-fi series on Amazon Prime, you can catch all its five seasons on Prime now. 

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8. Doctor Who

Doctor Who Series 11
Image Source: Variety

An integral part of British pop-culture, which laid the foundation for sci-fi writers and film-makers globally, Doctor Who is one of the best sci-fi shows on Amazon Prime. Though the history of the show goes back to 1963, you can get the relaunched series of the show on Prime, which began in 2005 and has spanned eleven seasons to date.

Consisting of a wide ensemble, the show follows an extraterrestrial being called The Doctor, who travels through space and time in different eras and planets to solve issues and wage fight against injustice. The show is best known for its extended continuity despite changing the lead member of the cast over the years. This single narrative spanned in five decades of the timeline has led the show to become an inspiration for writers and directors alike, thus, making the show a cult across continents. 

Watch it on Amazon

9. The Expanse

The Expanse
Image Source:

Debuted in 2015, The Expanse currently lies among the best sci-fi series on Amazon Prime of all time. The Expanse is a sci-fi mystery thriller, which is set hundred years into the future in a colonized Solar System. The plot follows three protagonists Josephus Miller, James Holden, and Chrisjen Avasarala, who are linked together in a sinister conspiracy among the inter-terrestrial worlds of Earth, Mars, and The Belt.

After moderate success in Season 1, the show received praise for its second and third season, leading Amazon to renew the show for two more seasons. This list The Expanse among most highly-acclaimed sci-fi shows on Amazon Prime. With just 12 episodes per season, this can be your new must-watch since HBO’s GoT and many other shows came to an end this year. 

Watch it on Amazon

10. The X-Files

The X Files
Image Source: Vox

The X-Files is a perfect blend of suspense thriller and science-fiction, added with elements of psychological mystery and paranormal. The show follows two FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who investigate low-priority cases buried in the FBI’s X-Files section. These cases involve reports of paranormal phenomena and the existence of extraterrestrial life. Spanning over the last 25 years, with the show being revived in 2016 after a fourteen-year break, it is one of the largely praised television series of the early 2000s.

However, the show is not a sci-fi show for Amazon Prime but is actually a property of Fox Studios. Prime picked up the show and added it to its library much later. But since Amazon now holds the streaming rights for the show, you can go and take that advantage and start binge-watching The X-Files

Watch it on Amazon

11. Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams
Image Source: IndieWire

Electric Dreams is one of the latest series on Amazon Prime, dealing with sci-fi storylines and plots. Created in an anthology format, this sci-fi Amazon Prime show consists of ten standalone episodes, based on the works of novelist Philip K. Dick. The episodes cover a range of sci-fi topics, including deep space exploration, psychosis, futurism telepathy, humanoids. With cast members like Bryan Cranston, Vera Farmiga, Richar Madden, and Lara Pulver, Electric Dreams is a must watch and should be right away added to your wishlist. 

Notably, The Man on High Castle is another series based on the works of Philips K. Dick, which is currently among the top-rated shows on Amazon Prime.

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12. Medium

Image Source: CBS Drama

Starring Patricia Arquette as Allison DuBois, Medium revolves around a psychic, who assist law enforcement in solving crimes. Allison claims to have dreams of events that occurred in the past or which will occur in the future, and she tends to alter the present based on her psychic experiences. 

Based on the life of real-life author Allison DuBois, the show is spanned across seven seasons, and is currently an underrated part of Amazon Prime’s sci-fi series collection. The show loosely relates to the 2002 film Minority Report where a law-enforcement division uses technology to decode similar visions from assigned psychics to solve crimes before they are committed. However, the show’s authenticity and credibility is much higher due to a real-life figure being associated with it. 

While the show’s ratings eventually decreased, it was added among other sci-fi series on Amazon Prime much later. In spite of all the conflicting reviews, watch it for Patricia Arquette’s phenomenal Emmy-winning performance. 

Watch it on Amazon

13. The Feed

Image Source: Amazon

Set in the future, The Feed revolves around a family of visionaries that invents a social networking machine technology implanted in people’s brains. The technology allows people to share ideas, memories, and emotions through minds as our generation does it on social media. But things go wrong when technology drives people insane, spreading hate, eventually leading people to become murderous. The family is now left to deal with this invisible monster they have unleashed. 

The Feed is a British production comprising ten episodes in its first season. After its run, it was officially added to the library of sci-fi shows at Amazon Prime. Though the storyline finished at the end of the first season, there is no official announcement as to whether there’ll be a second season to the show. 

Watch it on Amazon

14. Under The Dome

Image Source: CBS

Under The Dome is an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by the pioneer of horror and sci-fi novels, Stephen King. This fact alone makes its plot worth exploring. Spanned across 39 episodes in three seasons, this limited series explores a group of residents of Chester Mill. The residents find themselves trapped in a mysterious anomaly wherein they are trapped in a transparent dome-shaped barrier. The show explores their struggle to find a solution and their struggle with a lack of resources. Initially debuted on CBS, the show ended in 2015 and is now streamed under contract on Amazon Prime.

This is one of the best sci-fi series on Amazon Prime. It has been highly underrated throughout years under the shadow of new prime originals such as The Man on the High Castle. The decline in viewership later forced producers and showrunners to give an early end to the show, but the concept and the adaptation of King’s work are enough to give it a try. 

Watch it on Amazon

15. The Triangle

The Triangle
Image Source: IMDB

A decade-old three-part mini-series, The Triangle is a fictional story associated with the famous scientific anomaly of the Bermuda Triangle. The show is an Emmy Award recipient and was well-received at the time of the release. The show also gnarred popularity due to writer Bryan Singer (director of X-Men) being attached to the project.

Starring Sam Neil, the show, however, lost fame in the following years, mostly because of its miniseries-type format, which limited the amount of content. But, since now Amazon has added the show to Prime Video, it is once again accessible and should be given a try. The Triangle is currently one of the top searches among the science-fiction amazon prime series.

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Which is The Best Science-Fiction Show on Amazon Prime?

These are the top sci-fi shows on Amazon Prime, which have gained mass popularity over the course of their run and have taken the audience to a new scientific exploration through their content. Amazon Prime also hosts a bunch of latest Amazon Prime original series. But, these shows still have a significant impact on the sci-fi genre and have been widely acclaimed and awarded for the sense of thrill and entertainment they have imparted among audiences. These shows not only represents some of the best sci-fi series on Amazon Prime video but also represents the evolution of sci-fi in television productions. They define the evolution of science fiction and have helped writers reach new extravagant levels of creativity.

But if you ask me to pick the best sci-fi amazon prime show out of these, I’ll name four – Orphan Black; The Twilight Zone; Person of Interest; and The X-Files.

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