How to Use Google Classroom and Everything to Know

When we say the term Google, a couple of things strike on our minds. Google is our go-to platform, that is a lot more than being “just a search engine.” Apart from being one of the best search engines in the segment, Google also offers a variety of other services which include Gmail, Google Drive, Google Translator, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Assistant, Google Duo, and many more. 

How to Use Google Classroom
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Talking of what’s currently happening in the world, the adverse effects of Pandemic disease Coronavirus has led to shut down of almost all corporate ventures, transportation facilities, and nearly all public spots. We’re all advised to self-quarantine while staying inside our houses. A majority of employees around the globe have been offered WFH to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

So, in this case, Google Classroom can be of great help for educational purposes, especially for your kids. Google Classroom can offer your kids a long-distance learning platform where they can learn new things, do their assignments, connect with their teachers more interactively. 

how to use google classroom
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Before we jump on learning how to use Google Classroom, let’s understand what this tool us all about. 

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What is Google Classroom

Google Classrooms offers you a virtual space where students and teachers can collaborate. It provides you a user-friendly platform where you can initiate classroom education and make the learning process much more interactive and fun. 

What is Google Classroom
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Consider Google Classroom more like an online gathering space for students and teachers for initiating their classroom sessions, quizzes, assignments, and many other educational activities where students and teachers can involve collaboratively. The primary idea of introducing this concept was to follow a paperless approach where students and teachers can share files online. 

Google Classroom is a free service available for web, iOS, and Android platforms. 

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Why Should You Use Google Classrooms

Using Google Classroom can be a lot more fun than you can imagine! Google Classroom not just streamlines the education process for both students and teachers, but also offers a few additional features that you can benefit from. 

As Google Classroom is an intuitive tool, students can avail of a handful of benefits from using this service like keeping track of the due date of assignments, sharing projects, stay up to date about upcoming educational activities and more. Not just this, Google Classroom also offers parents space where they can analyze their student’s performance to get an overview of what they’re learning. 

What’s more fun than learning in a digital classroom, right? 

Getting Started with Google Classrooms

So, first, you need to visit Google Classroom’s official webpage and then sign up with your Google account. 

In the next step, you will be prompted to pick your role, whether you’re using this service as a student or teacher. 

Getting Started with Google Classrooms

Suppose you picked student as a role, so now to begin your first class, tap the “+” icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Your teacher, whose already on Google Classrooms will provide you a class code. Enter the class code in the box and hit the “Join” button. 

How to use google classroom
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If you picked “Teacher” as a role, then follow the same steps, tap on the “+” icon and select “Create Class.” Google will provide you a classroom code that you can share with multiple students to begin your educative sessions. As soon as a student inputs the class code on his respective device, they will be able to join your class along with other students. 

how to use google classroom
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Google Classroom offers an integrated approach for long-distance classroom learning. As we’ve all been advised to follow the Coronavirus lockdown, in this scenario, Google Classroom can prove out to be a useful tool for both students and teachers where they can connect in a collaborative space without missing out on anything important. 

Are you looking forward to using this tool? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below. 

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