8 Best Screen Sharing Software For Windows

Screen sharing is an essential need for any business. With screen sharing software you can run your business more smoothly and in an organized manner. There are several tools for screen sharing.

Screen sharing tool allows to share your screen with other, or they can also share their screen with you, this way work gets easy, and can be done in a streamlined and strategic way as well. Let’s take a look at some of the applications of screen sharing software for windows.

Applications Of Screen Sharing Software

Screen sharing software, also known as remote desktop software or desktop sharing software. There are several applications in digital world where it can be used, such as:

  • Online meetings
  • Video conferencing
  • Online training
  • Presentations
  • Remote support
  • Education
  • Team collaboration

Best Screen Sharing Software For Windows

Let us take a look at some of the best Windows screen sharing software for Windows 10, 8 ,7 and older versions:

1. BeamYourScreen

On top of the list of best screen-sharing software for Windows PC is BeamYourScreen. A desktop sharing software that is easy-to-use and comes with several features. It allows one-to-many desktop sharing, where one desktop can be set as a presenter to all other systems. It also allows to change presenter whenever required.



  • One-to-many desktop sharing
  • Secure remote control of system
  • HTML viewer
  • Allows recording and playback

This Windows screen sharing software also has whiteboard, session scheduler and some remote shortcuts as well.

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2. TeamViewer

This is the most widely used Windows screen sharing software. It comes with several features for online meeting & collaboration such as whiteboard, session recording, text chat, etc. It is a complete package for the networking professionals for screen sharing on Windows.



  • Cross-platform access
  • Malware protection and security
  • HD VoIP voice and video conferencing
  • Remote device monitoring


The new edition is available that is TeamViewer 14. It comes with more better performance for low bandwidth and more streamlined server infrastructure.

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3. join.me

This is a desktop sharing software to make your meetings more fruitful and effective. With its video & audio conferencing feature, it becomes easier to do and present work simultaneously. It offers one-click scheduling of meetings, which can be started with just one click. It also has a mobile app to remotely control your system.



  • One-click screen sharing
  • Video & audio conferencing
  • Session scheduler
  • Allows to change presenter

It has three versions, namely Lite, Pro, and Business. Pro version trial is free for 14 days, past that you have to buy this Windows screen sharing software.

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4. ScreenLeap

This screen sharing app is the quickest and easiest for Windows operating system. It allows users to get their personal domain name. If you want to view screen of some other username, you just have to go to URL ‘http://www.screenleap.com/username’ and that’s it. It requires no extra software installation for sharing.




  • Fast and easy screen sharing
  • One-to-many sharing
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Allows integration with website

ScreenLeap comes with most simple, accessible and intuitive interface to give users a better screen sharing experience, making it one of the best screen sharing software for Windows.

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5. AnyDesk

This is a remote desktop software for Windows. It comes with several features for performance, security, flexibility, administration and licensing. It is lightweight and has low latency, so that the system can respond well and quick. As all other screen sharing software, it also provides collaboration in real-time.



  • Comes with DeskRT technology
  • Multi-platform support
  • Online administration panel
  • Allows file transfer

AnyDesk is one of the most secure and reliable remote desktop tool, which comes with highly secure layout and intuitive interface to give its users a better experience.

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6. ShowMyPC

This remote desktop tool for Windows provides remote PC access and support and other meeting services as well. It offers free helpdesk system with improved customer support efficiency for business. With this tool, you can even track lost or stolen PCs.



  • Provides remote support
  • Allows integration with website, application and API
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8
  • Simple and streamlined interface

This desktop sharing software comes with easy installation and is lightweight as compare to other screen sharing software.

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7. Mikogo

Mikogo is a free screen sharing software with multiple features to help you view and share your system to other connected system. This remote desktop tool is used mostly in online sales demo, web conferences and many more.  It also has multi-user whiteboard, where you can highlight content in real-time with Annotation tool.



  • Cross-platform access
  • Remote control access
  • Audio & video conferencing
  • Session recorder and scheduler

It also has a mobile app to view meetings and attend live conferences from your Android or iOS device via browser.

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8. MingleView

It’s a free remote desktop sharing software for Windows, which allows one-to-many desktop sharing. With MingleView, you can enjoy unlimited meetings, and there is no free usage pop-ups and registration required to use it. This software comes with extra firewall configuration and secure P2P connection to keep the shared data safe and secure.



  • One-to-many desktop sharing
  • No registration & installation required
  • Secure P2P connection
  • High screen sharing quality

This Windows screen sharing software is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008.

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So, this was all folks! This is the list of some of the best screen sharing software for Windows 10, 8, 7 and older versions. Desktop sharing is an amazing way to reach out to anyone anywhere, then be it any business meeting, team collaboration, or some family event. Download you favorite one now and ease your workload.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.


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