5 R’s To Combat Stress & Anxiety During Pandemic (Thankfully, Using Technology)

The world is under lockdown, and honestly, we appreciate how well you are trying to keep your calm, maintain sanity and waiting for everything to get back where it was. Amidst working from home and maintaining social distancing, and being confined to homes, people are getting frustrated and need happy therapy for themselves.

Now that most of your time revolves around phones, computers, and television, it is best to REFORM your activities upon them so that you end your day with a peaceful mind and wake up with new energy every day.

Apart from technology, you are free to explore yourself differently like painting with your kids, learning new DIY crafts, gardening or enjoying some hot tea in the garden. Let’s find out how you can maintain your sanity, keep yourself calm and combat stress till coronavirus leaves us for good with 5 R’s.

5 R’s To Cope With Stress & Anxiety

  1. Regular Workout
  2. Rejuvenate Yourself With Yoga, Meditation and Podcasts
  3. Reconnect With Your Loved Ones
  4. Refine Screen Time
  5. Resilience Building

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1. Regular Workout


It is really alright if you are not able to go to the gym or jog. A good workout needs some space like your living room, garden or terrace. All you need to do is download a good app on your phone, which guides you with the kind of workout you are looking for or online classes. Even if you do not have dumbbells or rods at home, these workout apps and classes have options to test your core strength and energy like never before.

Now is the best time to try out different versions of workouts so that you can find your favorite exercise and join the classes accordingly after lockdown opens.

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You can even choose to cast the workout session on television so that your family members may also join a fitness session.

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2. Rejuvenate Yourself With Yoga, Meditation and Podcasts


How about placing some incense sticks that fill the room with aroma and some meditation? You can surely rejuvenate your mind to beat stress due to the pandemic by indulging in breathing exercises and deep meditation that lets you rearrange your thoughts once again and gives you a happy boost to stay productive all day.

Believe us, your slightest efforts to keep yourself calm can result in more significant benefits. No wonder if you land up in a better place right after we say goodbye to coronavirus. You can even measure your stress levels during COVID 19, in case you are not sure.

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3. Reconnect With Your Loved Ones Or Even Those You Didn’t Contact For Years


Beat your stress from the corona pandemic by making calls to your distant friends, family members, and colleagues who are probably in the same situation as you. You may not be able to send them gift cards or flowers, but your virtual presence on video calls could be encouraging for others as well. Yes, you must also think about them and ring them right now!

Don’t even remember who to call? Scroll down your friend list on Facebook or Instagram. This way, you can also make filtration choices; neat and tidy friend lists from now on.

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4. Refine Screen Time


All you have to remember is that you have to make yourself happy. Now since your screen time matters a lot during quarantine, you can beat the stress by filtering what you watch and whatnot. For example, spending hours while watching news and alerts on coronavirus, you should better switch yourself to happy news. Don’t let yourself fall in the pit; instead, simply update yourself with the latest news twice a day and go back to what you love to do online.

Even if you are spending overtime on screen, it’s time to relax your eyes by closing them for 5 minutes and open after rubbing your palms and keeping it gently above them.

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ALERT: If you think you are spending too much time on your phone without even realizing the clock ticking midnight, help yourself with Social Fever! Make sure, you are not just refining screen time but also keeping it within the right limits. It can efficiently track the time spent on the phone in total along with the individual application. You can add the limits manually or use the default time limit of 30 mins for each application. Get a summary for the daily reports on total phone usage and most-used apps etc.

Keep your health in check with constant eyes, ears, and water reminders. Plus, you can enter Quality time such as Family Time, Sleep time, and activities or interests when you do not wish to use the phone unnecessarily. Social Fever will put your phone on DND for the set period.

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5. Resilience Building


We all know that this quarantine will end someday but beating the stress requires your efforts and positivity. It is essential to embrace the change occurring in your surroundings as the environment is recovering, families can spend more time with each other, trying out new hobbies and giving themselves more time which was not possible before. Look at the brighter side of everything, and you will be able to see everything with optimism.

Make goals for yourself everyday early morning or before sleeping so that you know the purpose of the day and push yourself to make the day fruitful. Find out the challenges you were facing by now and solve them all. Don’t stop, keep working and keep reading happy messages that the universe is sending you. For example, we highly recommend calm sage blogs to keep your positivity highest.

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

We understand that the time is tough, but helping yourself and others is the essence of living. Imagine where you would have landed if there were no laptops, phones or TVs! How life would be without them all that you forget to cherish. If you understand what we are saying, it’s time to take the right action for yourself. So throw away all the stress due to coronavirus quarantine and combat it with 5 R’s mentioned above.

Did it help? We want to know your opinions in the comment section below.

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