Best Crossfit Workout Apps For Fitness Enthusiasts

When your busy work schedule does not let you hit the gym, you can still crush yourself and check your limits. As people’s entire life is making into mobile phones, some apps help them monitor their daily physical workout routine. What they burnt, what they consumed, and what limits they can still cross, all these answers are as simple as doing a basic calculation on a calculator. These Crossfit apps make it easy for you to track the intensity of your workouts and determine how much more you need to go to fulfill your fitness commitments.  

From heart-rates and count of steps to the number of calories burnt, these best crossfit apps would tell you everything you need to know. Moreover, they generate suitable workouts daily for you so that you may never lose your routine wherever you go. So let’s check out some of the best crossfit workout apps and see what features they have for the users in the bucket: 

Best Crossfit Workout Apps

1. Crossfit WOD Roulette

WOD Roulette

Crossfit WOD Roulette is the finest WOD (workout of the day) generator available for mobile phones. This CrossFit WOD app allows users to get daily workout suggestions as per their preferences from the app’s fantastic collection of exercises. There are multiple workouts available on the app ranging from strength training to body lifting. Besides endurance exercises such as running, the app also has essential WOD list for users who travel a lot and have maximum stays at hotels and other temporary accommodations.

Download: iOS || Android

2. SugarWOD

Sugar WOD

SugarWOD is an all-in-one, multi-functioning CrossFit programming app. It allows users to not only access workout routines via the app library but also track their workouts regularly. SugarWOD allows athletes to track their WOD and resulting performances along with comparing their skills to others via a community scoreboard. The app also allows sharing of workout performance benchmarks and comment on others’ posts, making it a complete social network for fitness enthusiasts. The app has an in-built coach prep module for coaches to prepare a routine for their student-athletes. 

Download: iOS || Android

3. Beyond The Whiteboard

Beyond Whiteboard Crossfit

Beyond The Whiteboard is the best app for daily workouts, having more than 8 million WOD plans on its library. The app has macros tracking feature, which also tracks your diet along with your workout routine, thus keeping your regime in balance.  The app also has a bar-code scanner, which allows you to scan the products you use for consumption and check the calorie intake, ensuring proper nutrition for yourself. With this CrossFit workout app, you can tone up your muscles and get your fitness level up with regular tracking. 

Download: iOS || Android

4. SmartWOD Workout Generator


This one is the best rated CrossFit workout apps for Android users when it comes to time-based WOD and exercises. The app collection of 5k workouts in its in-built library, including open workouts, endurance exercises, and gymnast exercises. There is an integrated timer with all those workouts to test your speed and agility at all levels. 

Download: Android

5. Trifecta

Trifecta Brooke Ence

This fantastic CrossFit programming app has some of the best workouts of the day in its workout program library of 1000+ routines, all approved and instructed by famous celebrity trainer Brooke Ence. The app has the most advanced and extended calorie meter, which keeps a strict log of your daily diet. Besides that, the app never lets you get dehydrated. All you need to do is log in the amount of water you have to drink and monitor the log regularly until you’ve achieved the daily intake goal. 

Download: iOS || Android

6. WODzilla – Workout Tracker


Set goals, use timers, and create custom WOD for ultimate fitness, endurance, and flexibility with one of the best CrossFit apps made exclusively for iOS users. The app lets you select WOD for personal prescriptions and let you create your own by selecting and arranging training programs in sequence for the day. The app lets you time your training and also allow you to have a complete training chart that logs your training goals and their accomplishments. 

7. WODster


This CrossFit workout app is a simple one without much to do besides giving you your daily fitness regimes. WODster is a library of the finest fitness regimes and daily workouts for you. You can choose and perform the same at your respective exercise areas or gyms. There are timers to test your endurance and speed; however, there’s no calorie checker or pulse rate measuring options. 

8. Endomondo

Endomondo tracker

Endomondo is one of the best fitness apps available for both iOS and Android platforms. A product owned by one of the best fitness product manufacturers Under Armour, Endomondo is one of the best CrossFit workout apps. The app has a great algorithm to track and analyze workouts of all kinds, including gym, running, and cycling. The app can be synced to fitness accounts and your fitness trackers, thus allowing you to track heart and pulse rates as well. Besides, there are modules for creating personal training plans, interval training plans, and advanced statistics and analysis. However, to access training and workout plans on Endomondo, one must go premium, which is why the app is third on the list.

These are the finest CrossFit workout apps with the best fitness regimes and WOD training options that you can use to train yourself at best. 

With these apps being with you all the time on the go, you can plan your goals for the next day anytime and prepare yourself for your diet and your fitness regime in advance. So, go ahead and try these apps, and get your inner fitness freak too work.

If you’ve ever used any of these apps, please share your experiences with us in the comments section. If not, then go ahead and try them out and come back to let us know if they were helpful. 



  • comment_avtar
    “LogLift” should be in this list too! It’s a simple and very intuitive app that allows you to set your goals, log your results, and make custom plans for your next OpenGym sessions!

    2 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Mridula Nimawat
      Thank you for your suggestion.

      2 years ago

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