10 Best Apps To Test Hardware On Android Phones

If you’re someone who relies on their Android phone to keep up with your fast-paced life, then you know how important it is to test the hardware of an Android phone. While it’s easy enough to inspect the exterior of your phone visually, assessing the condition and performance of your Android’s hardware requires more advanced tools. Wouldn’t it be great to have access to apps specifically designed to test the performance of your Android device and flag any potential hardware issues?

Whatever the reason, it’s important to regularly check the hardware of your Android phone to ensure that it’s functioning properly. That’s where these 10 best Android hardware test apps come in. So, let’s dive in and explore these top-rated apps.

10 Best Android Hardware Testing Apps in 2023

Whether you want to test your CPU, GPU, battery, memory, storage, or other components, these apps can provide you with accurate and comprehensive information about your device’s performance. So, without further ado, let’s explore the 10 best apps for testing hardware on Android.

1. CPU Z


CPU-Z is a popular app that provides detailed information about the hardware and software of your Android device. It can give you real-time data on your CPU usage, battery level, temperature, and more. With the help of this app, you can get a comprehensive and detailed report on the hardware components of your Android device and their performance. The best part? This app won’t cost you a dime, and it can even test features like your device’s RAM, sensors, and screen resolution.

Get CPU Z from here.

2. AIDA64


If you’re looking for a reliable app to test the hardware on your Android device, AIDA64 is worth considering. Not only can it be used to test phones, but it can also be used to check the performance of your TV and tablets. With this app, you’ll get detailed information about your device’s pixels, battery, sensors, and other key features, helping you get a better understanding of how well your Android device is performing.

Get AIDA64 from here.

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3. Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor Plus

When it comes to testing the hardware on your Android device, Phone Doctor Plus is an app that can deliver. With over 25 different tests available, this app can check almost every aspect of your phone’s hardware, including your camera, speaker, audio, battery, and microphone. All in all, if you’re looking for a comprehensive phone hardware testing app, Phone Doctor Plus is worth a try.

Get Phone Doctor Plus from here.

4. Test Your Android

Test Your Android

When it comes to testing the hardware on your Android device, Test Your Android stands out as a truly unique app. One of the key features that set it apart from other testing apps is its use of a material design UI, providing a sleek and modern interface. And the best part? This app is completely free to use. With Test Your Android, you’ll have access to comprehensive information about your device, all contained within a single application.

Get Test your Android from here.

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5. Sensor Box

Sensor Box

If you want an app that can test all of the important sensors on your Android device, Sensor Box is one to consider. Sensor Box allows you to easily check your phone’s gyroscope, temperature, accelerometer, light, proximity, and more. With Sensor Box, you’ll get a comprehensive view of your device’s sensor performance, helping you identify any potential issues or areas for improvement.

Get Sensor Box from here.

6. Droid Hardware Info

Droid Hardware Info

This is a straightforward and free app that’s easy to use, making it a great option for anyone who wants to test the hardware on their Android device. While it may not offer quite as many features as some other testing apps, it’s still quite accurate and can help you test many of the same features we’ve already discussed. It’s worth noting that Droid Hardware Info may not be able to test all of your device’s sensors, but it still can test several of them.

Get Droid Hardware Info from here.

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7. Device Info HW

Device Info HW

If you’re looking for an app that can give you an in-depth look at your Android device’s hardware, look no further than Device Info HW. From memory and storage to SoC properties and battery performance, this app covers all the essentials. But it doesn’t stop there – Device Info HW goes above and beyond by showcasing more advanced information like RAM type, thermals, battery discharge speed, codecs, and much more.

Get Device Info HW from here.

8. Device Info

Device Info

For those who appreciate a well-designed app, Device Info is one to check out. This app features a dashboard and many menus that allow you to easily access and test various hardware features on your Android phone. From the camera and memory to the display, battery, network, and more, Device Info covers all the essentials. And not only is it functional, but it’s also visually appealing thanks to its sleek UI design and engaging animations.

Get Device Info from here.

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9. TestM


If accuracy is your top priority when it comes to testing your Android device’s hardware, then TestM is an app you should consider. This app boasts one of the finest algorithms available, allowing it to analyze every component of your device with precision. Like other testing apps, TestM puts your phone through an array of 20-plus difficult tests to examine its various components and sensors.

Get TestM from here. 

10. System Information

System Information

If you want to get a quick and detailed overview of your Android phone’s performance, System Information is an app that can help you out. This app features a dashboard that shows real-time utilization data of your device’s CPU, RAM, battery, and storage. The app’s menus are organized in a way that makes it easy to find related details with just a tap. In short, System Information is a great tool for monitoring your phone’s performance and staying on top of any issues that might arise.

Get System Information from here

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To Wrap This Up

In conclusion, these 10 Android hardware testing applications can help you identify any issues with your device and keep it running at its best. If you want to dive deep into the hardware and performance of your Android phone, these apps have got you covered. With their comprehensive tests and analysis, you can be sure that almost everything about your device will be thoroughly checked and examined. So, don’t wait any longer, download these apps today and take control of your device’s performance.

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