Fast Fix For Android Battery Draining Issues

My phone’s battery always dies halfway through the day. Does this seem like something familiar?

Yes, you are at the right place, here we will discuss how to fix the battery drain prevalent issue on Android.

But before that, first, thing first.

Why Batteries Drain on Android?

The issue of battery drain can occur on your Android due to several reasons:

  • Using adware-ridden apps that get online for updates, wake up the phone screen, or change the phone’s brightness.
  • You often charge your phone even when it is 80% charged.
  • Constantly keep GPS on
  • Use live wallpapers
  • Keep the phone both on ringing and vibration.
  • Instead of using the original charger, you use any charger, etc.

Now that we know what can cause Android battery drain let’s learn how to fix it.

Fastest, Automatic and Workable Fix to Resolve Phone Idle Battery Drain

As discussed, there are several reasons for battery drain, but fixing all of them manually isn’t easy. I won’t say it isn’t possible, but trust me, it is time-consuming. You must be thinking, how can I be so sure, true?

Well, before finding smart phone cleaner, the ultimate Android optimizer and the solution for the battery drain problem, I tried everything possible that is listed below.

So, to save your time and fix the battery drain problem, here’s the quick fix, download it today.

Using this ultimate Android Optimizer, you can clean junk, cache files, optimize Android phones, save battery, clean Android, scan the device for malware, manage WhatsApp data, and do a lot more.

This will help boost the speed and optimize RAM in one tap.

To learn more about this tool in detail, read the complete review.

How To Use Smart phone cleaner Battery Saver App

To use Smart phone cleaner, follow the steps below:

1. Download, install and run smart phone cleaner.

2. Now to save battery using the best Android battery saver, tap Battery Saver.

smart phone cleaner

3. Next grant permission to smart phone cleaner

4. You will now be able to use the Battery Saver module.

5. Tap Turn Battery Saver On and see the magic of this best battery booster app

Turn Battery Saver On

6. In just a tap, you will be able to close idle apps that consume unnecessary resources and eat battery.

7. Once this is done, to boost phone speed, hit Tap To Boost option.

smart phone cleaner

8. This will free up unnecessary used RAM

9. Once this is done, you can use different modules offered and clean junk files, duplicates, manage apps, WhatsApp media, and more.

What makes Smart Phone Cleaner the best Android Cleaner?

Unlike other boosters for Android apps, this one is free to use. This means using the free version; you can clean junk from Android, save battery, clean app cache, and do a lot more. However, if you want to protect Android from malware or browse the web privately, you will need to purchase the Pro version.

Furthermore, using the CPU cooler feature, you can cool down your device if it gets heated while playing the game.

Now that you know what this app can do and how you can save Android battery, let’s learn about the manual ways.

This section is for those who don’t like using apps or are okay spending hours optimizing the device.

Manually Fixing Battery Drain Issue on Android

To save battery life, we will first need to check apps that consume the most battery life.

1. Check App Battery Usage

Note: Android is an open-source operating system; hence, the settings vary from device to device. This means the steps or options I am explaining might not be the same on your device. But, it will give you an idea as to where to look for the option.

1. Tap Settings > Device care > Battery > here, you will see a list of apps that consume the most battery life.

check app battery usage

Now that we know which app is consuming the most battery, we need to see if we use the app or not. If not, we will need to uninstall unwanted apps.

2. Uninstall Unwanted Apps on Android

To uninstall unnecessary apps, head to Settings > Apps > All. Look for the app you don’t want to use and uninstall it.

uninstall - android battery draining issues

However, if you use the app and don’t want to uninstall it, then clear the app cache.

3. Clear App Cache on Android

To clear cache head to Settings > Apps > look for the app you want to clear cache > tap the app > Storage > tap Cache > Clear Cache.

clear cache - android battery draining issues

If this sounds too much work, use one tap Booster offered by smart phone cleaner.

4. Disable GPS

GPS is the heaviest battery drainer; therefore, if you are not traveling or don’t need to track location, disable GPS. This will boost battery life. To do so, tap Settings > Location > disable it.

disable location - android battery draining issues

5. Charge phone between 40% and 80%

The best way to boost battery life for your Android device is to keep the phone battery between 40% and 80%. However, if you have a habit of keeping your phone plugged into a charger, you kill the battery. Overcharging decreases battery life; remember that.

6. Let the phone battery die once a month.

If you always keep your phone’s battery fully charged, try to let the battery drain out once a month. This helps boost battery life and gives your phone a fresh start.

7. Restart your phone

Make restarting your phone a habit. As you shut down your system after every use, you should restart your phone too. This helps save battery life and fix the battery drain issue. So, make a habit of restarting the phone once a week or in 15 days.

restart - android battery draining issues

8. Keep phone software up to date.

Whether it’s an update released for Windows, Mac, or Android, you should always install them; they include bug fixes and tweaks to improve performance. This helps efficiently use a battery and keep the device optimized.

Wrapping Up

This is all; by keeping these points in mind, you can fix battery drain issues on Android and boost device performance. If you are looking for an easy way to do all this, use smart phone cleaner, the best Android battery saver and game booster for Android. This excelled battery saver, and junk file cleaner is a lightweight savior for your phone. Using it, you can also recover storage space in no time. So give it a try and share your feedback in the comments section.



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    mariya jonsan
    I definitely try this because most of the time i face battery draining issues , so now i can try this method and solve this problem.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Cleaner for Android has saved my phone from dying a couple of times now. Really thankful for that.

    4 years ago
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    Abhay Tank
    My phone’s battery always dies in 5 to 6 hours. Very helpful information, will try this.

    4 years ago

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