How To Clear Cache on Android

Have you ever seen a human growing younger with each passing day? No? Well that’s true! And its same for gadgets! You’d hardly find any gadget running smoother upon its use.

But have you ever wondered why is it so? If we talk about computers, they work slowly because they have got data and junk as well. Likewise, Android devices too get infected with cache and hence, work strangely.

What’s Cache on Android Devices?

Cache data is the copy of original data that is stored on phone memory for faster access. To simply put to, it’s an automated secondary copy of data created for smooth functioning. For example, every time you browse internet, your phone creates a cache file for all web page you visit. Now if you visit that page again, the website would load in lesser time. This happens because your phone already has a cache for that web page. Here are quick tips to clear cache on android phone.

How Cache Data a clutter for Android devices?

Although cache gets created for smooth running, but its accumulation hampers the working of an Android phone. Just like a sudden drop of cherry plums beneath a cherry tree can make a person fall down, abundant cache would also make an Android phone lag.

Henceforth, cache is created for all good purpose but its ampleness ruins the whole idea.

How to Clear Cache from Android phones?

Android phones creates cache mainly from apps, when they are used. These can be deleted with two ways. Here they go-

  • Open Settings> Storage & USB> either of storage> Cached data> Clear Cache Data> Ok.


clear cache on android- storage on android


internal storage on android

clear cahce on android


  • Open Settings> Apps> open an app> Storage> Clear Cache.

Use App to clear cache on android

Cache has been such an issue that special apps have been designed to remove them. Among  the various options available we’ll list three best cache cleaner apps, which would do the work for you. Find them below.

  • Smart Phone Cleaner:


It’s a cleaner app which cleans out junk and cached files from an Android device. Instead of looking for cached data for each app manually, you can opt for this app. It’s one tap junk cleaner removes the cached files in no time.

Other than this, the app also helps in boosting phone, managing apps and other data, saves battery with its Battery Saver and speeds up games with Game Booster. Download the app to enjoy all these benefits.

  • App Cache Cleaner:

app cache cleaner

App Cache Cleaner is another cache cleaner app for android users.

The app cleans all cache created by app on Android device. Some of the smart features of the app includes one tap cleaning and scheduled automatic cleaning. Developed by Apex App Tools, the app has been rated with 4.4 stars on Play Store.

  • CCleaner:

ccleaner for android

CCleaner also clear cache on android phone. Developed by Piriform Tools, the app also speeds up and delete all logs. The app is handy and reliable. Users have rated the app with 4.4 stars on Google Play Store.

Don’t let cache ruin the smooth running of your phone. Pick the best app and get rid of abundant cached files from your Android device. Perhaps, recover storage space as well.

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