Android Battery Saver Tips & Tricks to Extend Battery Life

Biggest concern for most of us when getting a phone is how much will its battery last. Amongst several key features of an Android device, battery life is a crucial one. Many smartphones nowadays have powerful battery life but unfortunately it’s not same with all. There are still some which require twice or thrice plugin in a day. These undoubtedly hamper workings and leave users with disappointment. These smartphones need smart operating which optimize its performance and make it efficient. Here are some tips to do that (The steps to manually perform these steps include Google Nexus UI. Your steps may vary a bit with the handset you use)

Tips to Save Battery on Android: –

  • Set screen timeout shorter:

Most of you must have set screen timeout. This is even essential for your phone. This protects your phone from undue operating while saving its battery. Your phone’s battery can be greatly saved if screen timeout is kept shorter. For all those who don’t set screen timeout, you must set it now and enjoy extended battery.

You can set screen timeout with a few easy steps on your phone’s settings. Go to the settings tab> Sleep> Set the time.

  • Adjust the Brightness:

Brightness is one of the most battery consuming section on your phone. Sharper brightness silently eats up phone battery. This section should be addressed immediately. You can easily dim your phone’s brightness, just reduce it to the marginal from your notification tab. You can also reduce your phone’s battery from its settings. Go to settings> Display> Brightness level> Slide it backwards.

  • Disable background Apps:

There are many apps that quietly run in background. Check these apps and disable them in order to save your phone’s battery. Tap on Settings> Apps> Tap on any app> Force Stop the app. This will stop the app from running in the background and save your phone’s battery radically. When you check-in to the app after disabling, it will again run the app in background. In other words, the app will be disable only till it is not in use.

  • Ignore using Vibration Mode:

Many of us doesn’t like loud ringtones and perhaps put our phones on vibration mode. Although it notifies about every bustle that happens with our phone, but consumes considerable amount of battery. You can avoid this hassle by putting your phone on absolute silent mode. This might not notify about all happenings on your phone on the spot but certainly will help you save phone battery.

  • Turn-on the Power Saving Mode:

The newer versions of Android phones are designed with an in-built power saving mode. Turning it on helps extending battery vividly. You can switch to this feature of your android in times of emergency. Turn it on with settings of your phone. Tap on settings> Battery> Tap on three doted stack (extreme right top corner)> Tap on Battery Saver> Turn in on. Many smartphones also have a preset battery % for automatically turning on the battery saver mode. This can also be changed with the same process. Tap on ‘Turn on automatically’ and change the automatic battery saving %.

  • Restrict GPS:

GPS on your Android device performs more work than you would expect. It extracts data from phone’s GPS chip, Wi-Fi, Hotspot and phone tower locations. Perhaps it is a battery-hogging source on your phone. It mainly has two services- location reporting and location history. On one hand, these services are important to track your location but on the other hand, eats up much more battery than required.

Disable these services in order to expand your phone’s battery life. Disable them with settings on your phone. Tap on Settings> Location> Turn off Google Location Reporting.

Enhance your Phone’s Battery Life with Smart Phone Cleaner

It is very much clear that extended battery life can be gained with cautious phone functioning. This can be further ensured with Smart Phone Cleaner. The app has an in-built battery saver, which helps customize the battery consumption by sections on the device.

  • It boosts battery life up to 50%.
  • Let’s you manage major battery consumption area on your phone.
  • Designed with one-click battery saver.
  • Boosts the phone in a click.
  • Cleans out all junk and cache files in instants.
  • Helps manage data well.
  • Helps manage apps on the device.

This one apps helps you save and extend your phone’s battery life without putting in many manual steps. Get the app and enjoy lasting phone battery.

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