Top 10 Android Apps to Turn your Photos into AI Avatars

The word “Artificial Intelligence or AI” is frequently used in the tech industry. Though  it is not a simple concept to grasp, it brings some fairly fascinating applications to spice up your daily life.

In this article, we’ll discuss AI-powered offerings like AI image generator that lets you turn your photos into AI avatars. With the help of artificial intelligence, these apps can turn your selfies/images into cartoon characters that perfectly express your distinct personality. So, without further ado, let’s talk about these top 10 Android AI photo editor apps.

List of Android Apps to create AI Avatars

Spice things up by turning your photos into AI avatars. These apps provide countless options for designing your ideal AI avatar, from a wide range of costumes and backdrops to a variety of configurable attributes like hair color and facial expressions.

Our Selection Process –

Total apps researched: 19

Top shortlisted apps: 10

Time taken to write this post: It took us around 5 hours to compile this list of  AI photo editor apps so you can create your own unique Avatar.

1. Lensa AI

Although Lensa AI was first released in 2019, the ‘Magic Avatars’ functionality is recently added. It is the key reason why all of your friends’ recent social media display pictures are so new and unique. It produces dreamy images/selfies in a variety of artistic styles using the ‘Stable Diffusion’ algorithm model. Lensa AI can produce approximately 200 distinct avatars in ten different types and styles by using a deep-learning algorithm.


Size: 49MB

Requires: Android version 8.0 and up


Get the app from here.

2. Dawn AI Avatars

Lensa AI

Dawn AI easily makes amazing avatars from your portraits by utilizing AI technology. With just a touch of the screen, Dawn helps streamline the editing process by fantasizing your photographs to give them a cartoonish or artistic feel. Do you want to become your favorite superhero? No issue! Imagine having your mate serve as American President or perhaps your dog in an astronaut costume. You can have it with only one click.


Size: 52MB

Requires: Android version 6.0 and up

Version: 2.2.0

Get the app from here.

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3. Bitmoji


This popular app offers a wide range of personalized emojis that you can use in messaging apps, social media platforms, and even on your keyboard. Simply take a selfie and let the app do the rest, creating a cartoon-like avatar that looks just like you. From a vast collection of stickers that all feature you, create an artistic cartoon avatar.


Size: 35MB

Requires: Varies with device

Version: Varies with device

Get the app from here.

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4. ToonMe photo cartoon maker


Instead of just creating 3D animations as you would see on kid’s TV shows, Users can effortlessly upload a photo of themselves or a friend and select from a number of styles to be applied to the image thanks to a straightforward and user-friendly interface. ToonMe offers a variety of cartoon solutions for every taste, from traditional to  contemporary, and artistic.


Size: 21MB

Requires: Varies with device

Version: Varies with device

Get the app from here.

5. ToonApp AI Cartoon Picture App

ToonApp AI

ToonApp AI Cartoon Picture App is a cutting-edge mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to turn common photos into works of art in cartoon style. It allows users to make amusing avatar profile photographs using a variety of cartoon face filters, brush, and splash effects. ToonApp is well-known for creating hilarious parodies of images. The choices are unlimited because there are so many different styles to pick from, such as traditional cartoons, manga, or even oil painting.


Size: 28MB

Requires: Android version 5.1 and up


Get the app from here.

6. DeepArt Effects

DeepArt Effects

With a little assistance from artificial intelligence, Deep Art Effects enables you to turn images into art pieces that are inspired by famous artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Dali, and  more. When it involves creating art, DeepArt is undoubtedly a game-changer. Thanks to its advanced AI tech, it is capable of producing incredible, realistic, and intricate artwork.


Size: 24MB

Requires: Android version 4.1 and up

Version: 2.0.6

Get the app from here.

7. Photo Director

Photo Director

Photo Director is a powerful and easy-to-use photo editing application for mobile devices. PhotoDirector offers a wide variety of cartoon-style filters. You can quickly turn any selfie, image, or portrait photograph into a cartoon by using artificial intelligence (AI) picture identification and alteration techniques. It contains 14 distinct cartoon filters, and new effects  are released on a regular basis. You can also use it to add cartoon effects to different areas of your image.


Size: 112MB

Requires: Android version 7.0 and up

Version: 17.4.5

Get the app from here.

8. Voila Ai

Voila Ai

With the use of painting techniques from the 15th, 18th, and 20th centuries, Voilà AI turns your images into sketches. Voila gives your images a unique, whimsical appearance that is more akin to an avatar. Style your images to make them appear more contemporary and cartoon-like, like Aladdin from Disney. Your images are transformed into vibrant animated caricatures by big eyes and smooth skin.


Size: 32MB

Requires: Android version 5.0 and up

Version: 2.4 (322)

Get the app from here.

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9. Fotor – AI Art Generator


The Fotor – AI Art Generator is a great resource to use if you want to turn your images into art pieces. Simply upload your photo and choose one of Fotor’s several pre-made designs to quickly and effortlessly transform any picture into a stunning avatar. You can even create your own design if you are feeling particularly inventive. Do not forget to try it out because the outcomes have always been fantastic.


Size: 177MB

Requires: Android version 5.0 and up


Get the app from here.

10. Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO

Dream by Wombo is a must-have app if you need AI to produce an art that automatically conforms to the picture style you choose. It is committed to fusing AI with artistic production to change the ways people engage in cultural entertainment. All you are required is to describe your needs since this practical app will use your hints to generate a picture. A premium version is also available, but it’s not required to use the software to its full potential.


Size: 55MB

Requires: Android version 7.1 and up

Version: 2.0.1

Get the app from here.

To Wrap This Up

So, this was our list of top 10 Android apps to create AI Avatar. These applications provide a simple and exciting way to create AI avatars from your images. Artificial intelligence can be used to build customized cartoon characters that perfectly reflect your own personality. And for more such troubleshooting guides and tips & tricks related to Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

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