Top 7 Celebrity Look Alike Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

Has anyone ever complimented that your face resembles a famous actor? You might not be able to validate that by meeting the celebrity in person but a celebrity look alike app might just do it for you. They quickly scan your face using the camera and match it with their database to produce results. If you are interested in finding out about your doppelgangers, then you must try these apps.

How Did We Choose The Celebrity Doppelganger Apps For You?

To find out if a celebrity look alike app is accurate, we took these factors into consideration –

  • Ratings on Google Play Store and iOS based on user reviews.
  • Accuracy of the app showing your celebrity look alike.
  • Features provided especially the AI or Machine learning capability.
  • Price charged by the app.

Please note: It is important to note that most of the apps that show your celebrity look-alike offer a few days of free trial after which you may have to purchase a premium version to enjoy all the features.

How Do Most Look Alike Picture Finder Apps Work?

These apps which match your face with a celebrity using these basic steps –

  • Capture a photo (mostly a selfie) with a preferably neutral background.
  • The app or platform uses facial recognition or machine learning algorithms to analyze the components of your face.
  • It matches your face with the pictures of celebrities in its database.
  • It narrows down the matches for accuracy and returns with results

List of Best Look-Alike Finder Apps in 2023

If you are looking for a fun celebrity look-alike app for Android and iOS, consider trying out the apps mentioned below. They will amaze you with their accurate results. Let’s get started –

1. Gradient

Gradient app

Rating Price Download Link
Android iOS Android iOS Android iOS
4.4 4.2 Free, premium Subscription starts at $4.99 per week Free, premium Subscription starts at $49.99 yearly

Gradient’s Celebrity Look Alike feature or technology is probably the best in class when it comes to finding which celebrity a user looks like. You can easily find which celebrity or historical character your face resembles. Along with that you can create AI paintings of your face, get your animated and old age versions. It also tunes up the photos for you quickly with the beauty filters. You can try out the celebrity look alike feature for free in this application but need to subscribe for unlimited usage.


  • Face recognition technology used
  • High level of accuracy when it comes to which celebrity’s face resembles yours.
  • Add effects like body tune effects, art, makeup, etc.
  • Find twins from Asia, Brazil, and Europe.
  • See how you look when you get old.
  • Cartoonify yourself

2. Celebs – Celebrity Look Alike

Celebs app

Rating Price Download Link
Android iOS Android iOS Android iOS
4.1 4.3 Free, premium Subscription starts at $4.99 Free, premium Subscription starts at $4.99

Looking for an app that shows your celebrity look alike? Celebs can be a great app. It is a fun look-alike finder app that uses machine learning to compare your picture with thousands of famous celebrities. Click  selfie or upload a selfie from your gallery, it will quickly identify which celebrity you look closest to. The application is faster than others and allows you to share your results on Instagram and Snapchat.


  • Big database of celebrities with which your face is compared to.
  • Celebrity face recognition.
  • Explore different looks on your face.
  • Share on Snapchat and Instagram.

3. Celebrity look alike Lookalike

Celebrity look alike Lookalike

Rating Price Download Link
Android iOS Android iOS Android Not Available on iOS
4.4 NA Free for 3 days after that approx. $7 NA

Another look-alike app whose algorithm matches an accuracy of almost 98.6%. It contains a database of over 1000 celebrities consisting of Actors, Singers, Models, YouTubers, etc. Select one of these categories on this celebrity look-alike app for Android. Then upload a picture and it shows you your famous doppelganger. Watching advertisements allows you to view more results.


  • Highly accurate AI algorithm.
  • You can choose up to 10 best matches
  • Shows only real matches and not random faces
  • New celebrities are added each week and the face recognition algorithm is improved frequently.

4. Celebrity Look Alike – Looky

Mobile app

Rating Price Download Link
Android iOS Android iOS Not Available on Android iOS
NA 4.7 NA Free then premium version starts at $0.99

If you are an iOS user and want an app to find your doppelganger celebrity, give this app a try. It brings into force one of the best machine-learning algorithms to find out if your face matches with that of a celebrity. It is not available for free and you need to invest a little to find the perfect matches from anime to movie characters. Find pop-culture references from Dragon Ball Z, Game of Thrones, K-Pop stars, The Office.


  • Categories from famous movies, TV shows, Anime, Pop-culture are available
  • You can purchase more matches in increments of 20, 80, 50 or 1000.
  • You can ask to add a category by contacting support.

5. Y-Star: Celebrities Look Alike

Y-Star app

Rating Price Download Link
Android iOS Android iOS Android iOS
3.2 4.7 3 days free then approx. $42/ quarter  Free for 3 days then 

To find out the famous celebrity you like, Y-Star scans your facial features first. It then puts them against an extensive database of famous celebrities. Use it for free to find our your twin for a limited time period. Share it on other platforms from the app. If you do not like your results use the Update result button to refresh it and you will find the next best  celebrity you look like.


  • App uses key facial points like nose, eyes, mouth, etc.
  • Gender doesn’t matter when it comes to finding whose lookalike you are.
  • High security images are not stored on the app’s server.
  • Share on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others.

6. Look alike – Celebrity

Look alike app

Rating Price Download Link
Android iOS Android iOS Android iOS
3.1 4.1 Free. After that premium plan starts at $9.49 Free. After that VP plan starts at $8.99

When it comes to finding look-alike celebrities, filter out your choices based on categories such as actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, models, etc. But the catch with the free version is that you can only find matches with a selfie and can not use the photos from the gallery. To use that feature you need to purchase one of the VIP plans. It also only shows you the name and the similarity percentage and not the actual photo. So you might need to Google them up if you are not familiar with them.


  • High powered AI to match faces.
  • You are shown the % of similarity between your face and the celebrity’s face.
  • Facility to choose categories like actor, model, YouTuber, etc.
  • Check similarity between 2 faces

7. Star By Face

Star By Face app

Rating Price Download Link
Android iOS Android iOS Android
3.9 3.6 Free, $1.49 Free, $0.99 (disable ads)

Want to find your doppelganger celebrity? Try this app out. It uses “System facial point detection”  that further compares your facial components such as eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth. You can add your photos from the Gallery or click a selfie and find matches with a celebrity. This comes with advertisements which count for the free usage on your smartphone.


  • Simple looking interface.
  • You can take a photo or choose from a gallery
  • High security – AI photos are deleted after recognition.
  • Find which male or female celebrity you resemble.
  • Best pair match available.

Which Celebrity Look Alike Are You?

So, which of the above look-alike picture finder apps helped you find the celebrity you have been often compared to? We’d love to read about your experience. And, if there is another credible app that didn’t make it to the list, do let us know that as well and we’ll update the list. For more such tech-related fun content, keep reading WeTheGeek.

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