8 Best Bullet Journal Apps For Your Personal BuJo (Android/iOS)

Bullet journals are known within people having an affair with their pen and diary where they can write about their day in bullet points, make a to-do list for the next day or find how their mood is. These bullet journals also act as mood, sleep or period trackers, and mostly able to keep your life organized.

BuJo or Bullet Journals have surely kept people’s live aligned for a long time, but technology has grasped a whole lot of time for many. It becomes a wise decision to keep bullet journal apps on their phone if time doesn’t allow you to open your diary every night. You can choose to unlock your phone, note the tracking habits using bullet journal apps and finally keep your life manageable. It is also not easy for everyone to maintain a hard cover diary, hence let’s explore some of the best bullet journal apps below.

What else can be done with bullet journals?

  • Inspirational quotes to help you with mood uplifting
  • Future logs like birthday, anniversary, holidays, goals, etc.
  • Facts, ideas, and observations.
  • Jotting down new ideas.

Best Bullet Journal Apps

1. Trello


Organize your work and personal life while maintaining a balance between the two using Trello. It is a visual tool that is customizable and flexible as and when needed. You can put your imagination in here and get the most fruitful results by the end of month, year or long term plans.

  • Very simple boards, cards and lists are available on Trello for detailed planning. Create new cards and drag them across the board to check your
  • Make a checklist or to-do list here and mark them all here so that you do not need to remember them all in the head.
  • Get notification popped up on the screen when the task is done and dusted, and you can sense the feeling of accomplishment.

Download: Android | iPhone

2. Asana

Asana - Bullet journal app

BuJos are not for you alone, especially when the whole team wants to keep track of project management. Asana is one such bullet journal app which is capable of connecting all the team members or employees where they can share tasks, progress, notifications, and report.

  • “My Tasks” tab mentions your to-do list. Here, you are free to create new tasks, add due dates, assignees, followers, and other required details.
  • If any changes are made in the application, its web version will be updated at the same time.
  • You can even communicate with your team members with this bullet journal app. Another cool thing is that it is free for sign up and 15 people can be a part of this list along.

Download: Android | iPhone

3. 1 Second Everyday

1 Second Everyday - Bullet journal apps

If writing is not so cool with you, try out making video journals for keeping track of your life’s moments. This awesome bullet journal app helps in making a video diary so that you can note a memorable time and save them for yourself. Forget social media here; do it for yourself.

  • Relive every day with ad-free experience and enjoy unlimited mashing at the same time.
  • You can rotate your phone to make videos of full-frame and speak out.
  • Take notes, reminders, posts, and tasks, and with all that, your privacy remains controlled unless you wish to share it with someone.

Download: Android | iPhone

4. Evernote

Evernote - Best bullet journal apps

Want to focus on specific tasks in life? Give a chance to this digital bullet journal app where you can input your typed notes, as well as scan the handwritten notes, images, web pages, audio and they, can be searched instantly anytime needed. Set reminders, memos, and plan events like parties, weddings or holidays.

  • You can choose to sync all your notes across different platforms, be it a computer, phone or tablet.
  • Work collaboratively with your friends and brainstorm on certain ideas together. Once done, this note can be shared with all of them.
  • One can use this BuJo for personal, business as well as educational purposes.

Download: Android | iPhone

5. Momento

Momento - Bullet journal apps

Relive your part of the story once again only when the moments are captured using an app bullet journal, Momento. One can add notes, photos, videos, audio, people, place, and tags to collect your memories finally.

  • As the moment is being created, they automatically get organized in a beautiful journal.
  • Any journal can be separated here, from personal, professional, study, travel, health, pregnancy, to long lost dreams. Yes, it does help in keeping your mental health calm and peaceful.
  • Search and explore old memories quickly using keywords. It’s Premium version even hides all your entries behind fingerprint or touch ID.

Download: iPhone

 6. Grid Diary

Grid Diary - Bullet journal apps

From planning goals to achieve your goals, Gris Diary is the apt and good bullet journal app for today. There is a unique grid format where one can keep things simple and even guide you if you have no idea what to do with a journal. It also acts as a powerful sleep tracker, period tracker, and mood tracker bullet journal along.

  • Dark mode and color themes are available to keep your mood balanced.
  • Multiple journals can be created with weekly, monthly or year timelines.
  • There is way more than text here. Yes, stickers, tags, and statistics are all you have!

Download: Android | iPhone

7. Wunderlist


While you are looking for a smart daily planner, Wunderlist is where you wish to end your search. You could have any purpose for this day, make a to-do list and assign yourself some tasks. Moreover, this bullet journal app can switch between various platforms like phone, computer or tablet.

  • Along with writing, you can attach photos, PDF, and presentations.
  • It is very easy to share your thoughts with friends and family using in-built methods.
  • Make different folders for different journals and switch in between them smartly.

BuJo To End My Day!

Bullet journaling has a high impact on all those who have religiously followed them, on a physical, mental, professional and financial basis. It is all because the followers could talk to themselves before they sleep, take the right decision for themselves and find what is going on in their life in a detailed manner. We believe that you can even use these bullet journal apps for such purposes.

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