Best Period Tracker Apps For Android And iOS

Hey Ladies, gone are the days when you need to mark your last period date on the calendar! Say thanks to your phone which can keep an update on the same by keeping one of the essential period tracker apps. So these best period tracker apps for women not only tell you about the days left for the next period but also helps in planning pregnancy as well as any other major plans to hit at.

Have you also heard of Apple Watch Series 5 coming up with the Cycle Tracking app? Yes, now even Apple watch is gaining a step ahead, so why iPhone & Android users remain behind!

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So girls, next time you are facing mood swings, headaches, cramps or any other common disorder, open your phone, switch to popular period tracker app and notice the days count. All set? Let’s go through these amazing apps that you shall download on the phone right now!

Best Period Tracker Apps for Android And iPhone

1. Clue

Demystify your monthly cycle and get Clue today as this is one of the best period tracker as well as a fertility app to track the flow along with nearly accurate predictions. This best period tracker app is solid backed by scientific facts which is the main reason for more than 14 million followers as of now. In fact, you can log in to your PMS, cramps, and get a better prediction for the next 3 cycles.


Why Clue?

  • Fertility and ovulation tracking is quite effective where you can enter Body Basal Temperature for estimation.
  • It can integrate with Apple Health for iPhone users to find out synchronized insights.
  • Calendar reminders can help you in taking birth control pills and other necessary details.

Get Clue: Android | iPhone | Apple Watch

2. Period Diary

This unique period tracker app for Android & iOS is a complete package in itself. It can take care of your ovulation, fertility, notes, symptoms, and display the symptoms you may expect on the near date. This could be your best fertility app as it contains 30 PMS symptoms and 20 moods to sync with the phone’s calendar.

Period dairy

Why Period Diary?

  • It contains a separate Pregnancy mode for family planning.
  • Has excellent user support to back up the queries.

Period Diary: Android | iPhone

 3. Flo

Boasting itself as the most popular period and ovulation tracker, millions of women have planned their pregnancy using Flo. It can easily log the period days, find out fertile days and is an efficient tracker for the body cycle through the help of graphs.


Why Flo?

  • You can import your health data from Fitbit and Health app in this period tracker.
  • Flo Premium can give you better and personalized insights based on the history along with a prepared report for the doctor’s examination.
  • Learn useful activities during the menstrual cycle and relevant blogs for more information.

Flo: Android | iPhone | Apple Watch.

4. Glow

If you wonder how Glow could be the best period and ovulation tracker then you need to read ahead. You can learn about your reproductive health by 3 major ways including staying on track through 40 different health signals and logging in activities, get an in-depth analysis of your cycle chart, and getting empowered with resources like blogs, articles, etc.


Why Glow?

  • Set your birth control medication reminder, ovulation reminder, and even note if going through artificial insemination.
  • As you approach the Premium plan of this period tracker, be sure of comparing your data with million others, customizing profile as well as private messaging to other members.

Glow: Android | iPhone | Apple Watch

5. Period Tracker By GP

Simple & Awesome are two words you would love to name this best period tracker App for 2020. Why so? It is because this period tracker for women is filled with a plethora of handy features like tracking your menstrual symptoms from a huge list, weight, temperature, and mood for better understanding. Plus once you select the pregnancy mode, you can count the days when baby is arriving.

Period Tracker By GP

Why Period Tracker?

  • Protects your privacy by setting passwords or TouchID for personalization.
  • It helps in conceiving a baby by alarming you the fertile days.

Period Tracker: Android | iPhone | Apple Watch

Track The Happy Days with Best Period Tracker Apps

Yes, you get to enjoy unlimited chocolates, ice-cream, and pudding during the cycle but do not forget to thank the best period trackers for helping you to shop them in advance. Apart from this, these period tracker apps for Android and iOS are necessary to keep track of major changes in the female body.

Make sure you take this as a serious note and download them today for healthy running cycle.

Let us also know your views and suggestions upon same in the comment section below!

Stay Happy! Stay Healthy!

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