Apps That Will Help You Manage Your Mental Health

We focus on our physical health by going to gym regularly and eating healthy food. But what about mental health? People around the world still believe, a person with mental issues is insane. It seems to be a taboo to talk about mental health among people. But did you know that these issues are much more prominent owing to the stressful lives that we live these days.

Anxiety, stress, depression, addiction are some of the crucial issues which should not be neglected. A person when in depression, only sees a negative aspect of a thing. The condition when heightened can lead to suicidal tendencies as well.

In this post, we are going to share some of the apps that will help you manage your mental health.

Top 10 Mental Health Apps

1. Happify


Believe it or not, how you feel when you wake up decides how your rest of day will be. Whenever you are sad, depressed, or stressed, it not only affects your physical wellbeing but also your mental health. However, you can use Happify app that not only reduces your stress and anxiety but also helps you overcome negative thoughts and build greater resilience. Indeed, Happify is an effective app that helps you to cope better with stress and develop your self-confidence.

Download : iOS and Android

2. Mango Health

Mango Health

Taking your daily medicines on time can be a daunting task but not with Mango Health. It is an incredible tool which reminds you of your medicines at the right time and also rewards you for doing the same. Isn’t it great? You can record the feeling you get after taking the medicines so you can share the same with your doctor. Moreover, the app gives a gift card to its weekly lucky raffle winner, which motivates the patients to stick to the prescription and schedule.


Download : iOS and Android


3. Breathe2Relax


It is a portable stress management tool that has been designed to give you some peace of mind. Breathe2Relax provides a detailed info about stress.  You can learn various breathing exercises to stay calm, reduce stress, to control your anger and anxiety. Moreover, Breathe2Relax has been recommended by the American Psychological Association to treat stress and anxiety disorders.  Best of all, the app provides clinical care directed by a healthcare worker to get some tranquil time.

Download: iOS and Android

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4. Elefriends


It is a passcode protected and supportive online community from the mental health charity Mind. Elefriends is designed to save the time of struggling and looking for someone to share and discuss whatever is going on your mind. You can openly share your experience and listen to others. It is a safe place where you can express yourself and express your opinions to others.

Download: iOS

5. 7 Cups

7 Cups

With 7 Cups, you can connect with caring people for online therapy & counseling. It is a free, anonymous and confidential online text service that has trained listeners with whom, you can talk when you feel alone, sad or depressed. It is a 24/7 service that lets you select the therapist to chat with them one-on-one on a confidential platform. It provides over 300 free mindfulness exercises to tranquil yourself during tough times.

Download: iOS and Android

6. Headspace


Headspace is one of the best apps that will help you manage your mental health with meditation and mindfulness. Using Headspace for a few minutes during the day will help you to train your mind and body for a happier and healthier life. Apart from reducing your stress, anxiety and sleep disorder, the app also builds and boosts your confidence level.  You can learn different exercises as well with Headspace.

Download: iOS and Android

7. WRAP: Wellness Recovery Plan

wellness recovery plan

As the name reflects, it is an app that focuses on the resolving issue that people are facing. It is a universal app that is for people who have any kind of life challenges. The app is designed to provide a solution to those people who are searching or the solutions to their issue from a long time. The app allows its users to discuss their thoughts, issues, and feelings with the community, and get feedback from others to deal with it.

Download : iOS and Android

8. Dream EZ

Dream EZ

Post-traumatic stress is one of the situations which is not easy to deal with especially when you’re alone. Moreover, sometimes it may lead to nightmares and sleepless nights. However, you can use Dream EZ, which works in ITR. It is an evidence-based treatment to lower down nightmares. Dream EZ is an effective app that is created by U.S. service members, their dependents, and veterans by the National Center for Telehealth & Technology.

Download: iOS

9. Lantern


Lantern is one of the best apps that offers remarkably amazing and efficient program to manage your mental health. The app is easy to access and can be used anytime you want. The app gives a quiz to understand your strengths and areas for improvement. It provides regular exercises routines to stay calm and fit.

10. T2 Mood Tracker

T2 Mood Tracker

General well-being, depression, head injury, anxiety, stress and post-traumatic stress, these are the 6 issues that T2 Mood Tracker helps you to deal with. It is a fantastic way to track your emotional experience over time. You can share your feeling about the day like emotional experience with your healthcare provider. It is a great app that focuses on the psychological health and traumatic brain injury issues.

Note: This app has been discontinued.

Overall, the above-mentioned apps are worth a shot. Some of the apps also provide therapy and recommendations from your mental health expert so you can live a happier, mentally healthier life.

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