7 Useful Apps That’ll Help You Kill Anxiety & Depression

Our Smartphones cater to almost our entire world–indeed! From emails to shopping to music there’s nothing that a Smartphone won’t do. But our phones are not just meant for entertainment and leisure purposes, they can do a lot more than that. For instance, there are a plethora of applications available out there which can help you fight depression or anxiety troubles within no time. Be it those nervous jitters before an interview or panic attacks, these apps can surely help you to relieve stress and offer you a fountain of peace!

Here are the 7 best stress relieving apps that can offer you a better peace of mind.

1. Buddhify (iOS and Android)

No matter what situation you’re in, Buddhify aims to take you on a stress free joy ride by offering you some mindful  tasks. The app also offers motivational soulful sessions which you can listen anytime. You can start your day with Buddhify and listen to some good thoughts while you’re on your work commute and unwind yourself from anxiety. Won’t this be one great idea to kick start your day like this, isn’t it?

2. Mindsail (iOS)

Just had a breakup recently or depressed about being jobless? No matter how you’re feeling Mindsail can take you on a detour from these budding emotions. The app offers you an easy way to manage and fight your emotions with the help of expert recommended techniques. It helps you to make better choices about life’s decisions ensuring that you live a more happy and cheerful life ahead. The app also offers you a feature where you can instantly connect with professionals’ and seek advice about love, career, fighting anxiety or anything.

3. TED (iOS and Android)

TED provides an access to more than 2,000 inspirational videos from eminent business leaders and motivational figures across the globe. The app offers plenty of stress busting techniques and keeps you engaged in the best possible manner. From tech to science to love, you can pick any topic as per your mood and listen to motivational videos that’ll help you kill anxiety and depression within no time. You can also download a bunch of your favorite videos and talk shows and watch them offline.

4. Inner Balance (iOS and Android)

The first thing that happens as soon you get a panic or anxiety attack is that your heart starts beating faster than ever! Inner Balance basically monitors your heart beat patterns and analyses your physical reactions on stress. The app synchronizes your breathing with heart beats and aims to improve your coherence. You might have to buy one wearable sensor that’ll cost your about 129$ and then begin your daily training sessions right away!

5. Stress and Anxiety Companion (iOS)

Stress and Anxiety companion app offers you the perfect tools to fight your anxious feelings and channel you inner emotions in the right direction. The app comes loaded with a bunch of mindful relaxing soundtracks that’ll help you in keeping the negative thinking at bay.

6. Worry Watch (iOS)

Worry Watch is an amazing application where you can jot down your worried (or negative) thoughts on daily basis. It can become your secret companion who knows about all your dark secrets. The app is basically a password protected journal where you can let out all your feelings and analyze them with the help of graphs and charts.

7. Happify (iOS and Android)

Happify can help you fight depression and anxiety in the most fun way possible. The app has a collection of millions of science based quizzes, recreation fun activities that will help you to create a more positive outlook towards life.

Yes, an app can actually help you fight anxiety and depression! Pick any one from our list of best stress relieving apps and lead your life with a positive vibe!

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