Why You Need Dark Mode and How to Enable Dark Mode in Firefox

Offered by all platforms –  Android, iOS, Windows and macOS, Dark Mode is one of the popular modern user interface features. Certainly, it looks cool, but do you know it isn’t a modern invention.

For Millennials, this might be hard to accept, but it’s a fact. Some of the early home computers used monochrome CRT monitors that displayed greenish text on a black screen.
CRT monitors

By the 80s, when companies like CPT and Xerox made word processing machines things changed. However, as they wanted to duplicate the effect of ink on paper after decades, it seems things are changing again, and dark mode is in full swing.

Tech giants like Google and Apple are advocating dark themes; therefore, they offer it everywhere. You can find it in Chrome, and Safari too. But what about Firefox?

If you are looking for an answer to this one, we are here. In this article, we will explain how to enable Firefox dark mode, and what are the advantages or disadvantages of using dark mode.

How to enable dark mode in Mozilla Firefox?

If you love using Firefox and would like to browse the web in a dark theme, or don’t want to give your eye excess strain. Here, we explain how to enable it on Firefox.

Enabling dark mode or dark themes in Firefox is easy as the browser comes with a built-in dark theme. This means no need to install any additional Firefox addon. To enable Firefox Dark Mode, follow the steps explained below.

What is Dark mode?

As the name explains,  dark mode is changing the color scheme to black and dark grey instead of whites and light greys.

Steps to enable dark theme in Firefox.

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Click three horizontal lines at the right > Options.firefox options
  3. Next look for Extensions and Themes section in the left pane.firefox extension
  4. Click Themes from the left pane > click Enable next to Dark theme.dark theme

That’s it, using these simple steps, you can enable dark themes on Firefox.

Now let’s learn why we should use Dark Mode?

Why Use Dark Mode

The Dark Mode is applauded for its various advantages, and it seems it is here to stay. So let’s know about them.

Health advantages

The most significant advantage of Dark Mode is, it reduces eye strain, eye fatigue. This means you can sleep better as the blue light emitted by the smartphone will not be able to disrupt the sleep cycle.

Moreover, a darker background benefits people suffering from photophobia, and it even helps reduce eye fatigue caused due to glare.

Saves battery life

Another commonly known advantage of the Dark Mode is it helps save energy consumption. Usually, devices with OLED and AMOLED displays require more power as each pixel on OLED  is lit individually. Therefore, once we have enabled Dark Mode, we can save on battery consumption.

Looks Amazing

Let’s be honest, the dark mode offers something different and looks interesting. It provides excellent opportunities for presenting graphs, dashboards, photos, etc.

Disadvantages of Dark Mode

As there are two sides of a coin Dark Mode too has some negatives.

Decreases reading comprehension

Light text on a dark background is not easy on the eyes. The human brain and eyes prefer dark to light and reversing; it forces the brain and eyes to work hard. Therefore, using Dark Mode can be dangerous in certain situations.

When light text on a dark screen is read, edges of the text seem to bleed into the background. This requires pupils to expand to let more light this straining the eye muscles. In the long run, if we follow this practise, we might end up damaging our eyes.

Dark and depressive

We have been listening to this a lot that blue light has harmful effects. But do you know blue wavelengths are helpful during daylight and they help uplift the mood? Healthy exposure to blue light maintains mental performance.

Wastes more time

Regardless of whatever everyone says about Dark Mode since you feel comfortable using the device at night, you end up wasting more time on the phone. Twitter, for example, has found users spending more time on the app when dark mode is enabled.

In the end, we will only say that dark mode is both helpful and dangerous. Dark themes are suited for the night, but no guaranteed hit helps eyes from digital strain. Even after knowing all this if you still wish to use Firefox dark mode, you can use the steps listed above.

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