11 Firefox Add Ons That Can Change The Way You Surf The Net

Firefox is one of the oldest browser and add-ons are its brainchild. You will find add-ons for all sorts of things to make your browsing experience better. But, how do you which ones do you need the most?

We thought of giving you a list of best add-ons for Firefox that can makes your surfing experience all the better.

1.    Evernote Web Clipper


Not everybody is as blessed as Sherlock Holmes! He saves every little useful thing in his brain. Evernote Web Clipper can work for us lesser mortals though. It is the fastest way to clip your favorite websites and it will get attached to Evernote and you can access it on any device.  You can take screenshots, pin a page as a Bookmark, and get the page as a PDF and more.

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2.    Honey:

Honey- best add-on on mozilla

It is an interesting and unique app, which helps you find and apply coupons automatically on a single click. It works throughout the stores in the UK, the USA, Canada, and Australia. It saves your money and time while shopping online. The list of websites Honey currently supports are also extensive and includes major brands. As you shop, Honey will search for coupons and sales and if it finds something, the toolbar icon will light up to notify.

3.    LastPass :

 LastPass- best mozilla add-on 2017

Are you sick of typing passwords for your accounts, then you should install LastPass add-on, which can sync your passwords to your computer and all your other devices? Moreover, LastPass makes logging into sites faster on your desktop, so it’s the best password management system.

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4.    Turn Off the Lights:

Turn Off the Lights- best mozilla add-on 2017

Turn off the lights is a great app as it is lightweight and makes watching your favorite videos comfortable. It is just like turning off the lights in a  Cineplex. The entire page will go dark and focus will be on the video.

5.    DownThemAll   –

DownThemAll -best addon on mozilla 2017

An awesome tool to download media- images, videos, music. A single click will download every piece of media/images linked to a page. It has an advanced accelerator that increases speed up to 4x and it enables you to pause and resume downloads at any time.

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6.    TrackMeNot –

track me not-best addon on mozilla 2017

Though Firefox provides security to the user while browsing, having an extra protection will do no harm. After adding TrackMeNot to your Firefox, you are protected from popular search engines as it issues randomized queries to popular search-engines, which in turn makes it difficult for search engines to track your online activity.

7.    Share This

 Share This-best mozilla add-on 2017

ShareThis is a must have add-on. You can share entire web pages and links with social buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Email, Digg, Reddit and more. But how do you share specific sections or images. Well, ShareThis does it for you!

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8.    Tab Grenade:

 Tab Grenade-best mozilla add-on 2017

If you tend to open a lots of tabs at a time, then Tab Grenade is a cool add-on. It enables you to switch tabs without clicking on each tab. Moreover, you can close all tabs with a click of a button and keep the links of those in one spot so you can open them anytime.

9.    gTranslate:

gtranslate-best addon on mozilla 2017

Now language is no barrier with the gTranslate add-on. With this add-on, you can translate any text in a web page, just select and right-click over it. The add-on uses the Google Translate service to translate the text.

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10.    Todoist:

Todoist-best mozilla add-on 2017

If you are punctual and want all the things to happen on time, Todoist is for you. Add your tasks, view the list, receive notifications so you never miss a meeting or never forget to accomplish a task on time. It also allows you to mark your to-dos as complete, use handy keyboard shortcuts to make your work simple.

11.    Stratiform:

Stratiform-best mozilla add-on 2017

Want to change, how your browser looks like? Then, you must have Stratiform as an add-on. It allows you to customize your browser by changing colors of tabs, toolbars, and buttons. Furthermore, you can change button, tab, icon, and text field styles.

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So, these are some of the cool Firefox add-ons that you must have on your browser. What do you think? If you find any cool add-on missing from this list, let us know in the comment section below.

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