Android Settings To Save Battery, Storage And Time

There are number of Android devices available out there in the market. All with different configurations, but with same operating system of different version installed on every device.

For devices with Android version 8 and above, there are many automated settings that help in saving time and battery. So, today in this article we will be talking about some of Android settings and features to help you save time, storage and battery of your device and how to use them.

Beginning Now!

App Scan by Google Play Protect

 With Google Play Protect you can scan apps and Android device for harmful content. You can enable regular check for Android device to stay prevented or warned about potential threats.

For this,

1. Go to Play Store.

2. From the left menu, select Play Protect.

Google Play Protect3. Now in Play Protect settings, enable option ‘Scan device for security threats’.

Scan device for security threats

You can also enable feature where Play Protect sends unknown apps to Google for better detection.

4. In Play Protect settings, enable option ‘Improve harmful app detection’.

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Enable Adaptive Brightness

In many situations, brightness of your phone isn’t correct. To adjust brightness according to light, Android settings comes with an option of Adaptive brightness.

Adaptive brightness will optimize brightness level for available light.

For this,

  1. Go to Settings Android.
  2. Now, open Display settings.

Display settings

  1. In Display, under Screen, enable ‘Adaptive brightness’.

Adaptive brightness

Once it is enabled, brightness of your Android device will get adjusted by itself according to light falling on device. You can also use apps to manage screen brightness.

Smart Storage

There are times when Android device we are using doesn’t have enough space and is hogged with unnecessary pictures and videos. Responding to which Android displays a message ‘Low on storage’. Removing or deleting such content would take a lot of time, so to make it less time-consuming Android Oreo and above versions now come with Smart Storage feature. It removes old pictures and videos from Android device.

To use Smart Storage,

  1. Go to Settings Android.
  2. Now in Storage & memory, tap of ‘FREE UP SPACE’ to clear up old pictures and other files.

Smart Storage

This will increase productivity of your phone and will clear up space that was hogged with unused files and folders.

Auto Google Play Updates

There are always updates for apps. These updates contain bug fixes, latest security patches, some add-on to functionality and many more. Updates for apps keep coming, but always checking for updates from Play Store and installing them can be little tiring and time-consuming as well.

So, to save your time, and to update apps automatically, Google gives you an option to auto-update apps. With which updates for apps will be automatically installed via WiFi. Here, auto-updates can only be installed through WiFi to save mobile data of user.

For this,

  1. Go to Play Store.
  2. Open the menu from the left side.
  3. Now, select Settings.

Auto Google Play Updates

  1. In Settings, tap on ‘Auto-update apps’ and select option ‘Auto-update apps over Wifi only’.

Auto-update apps over WifiAuto-update apps over Wifi

From Play Store settings, you can also enable notifications for auto-updates.

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For this, tap on Notifications and tick the box in front of the option ‘Auto-updates’. This will notify you when Play automatically updates your apps, and also check the box with ‘Updates’ to get notified every time whenever the updates are available.


So, this was all guys! These are some of the automated Android settings that will save your time and battery of Android device. Make sure you use all the automated settings to increase productivity of your device.

Smart Phone Cleaner – Save Battery, Storage & Time

Smart Phone Cleaner

Well, if you think the above manual tweaks are time taking, then you can always use Smart Phone Cleaner to save battery, storage and time.

Smart Phone Cleaner, a solution to help you get relief from Android related issues. It allows you to save battery, clean cache and boost the speed of your Android device. It optimizes the device by cleaning unwanted and junk files. It comes with 1-tap Phone Boost feature that stops all the service running in background to release RAM and boost the performance of the device. This improve battery life too.

With Smart Phone Cleaner, you can delete duplicate and redundant file with its Duplicate Files feature. It helps you to recover precious disk storage. Furthermore, it has Hibernate mode as well for the apps. This saves battery life and data on your device.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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