How To Measure Your Stress Level Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic?

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COVID-19, the current epidemic started in Wuhan, China, and within a few months, it has affected 203 countries and its territories around the world. This outbreak has not been controlled yet, and the cure is yet to be found. The WHO has laid down the basic guidelines and preventive measures; however, with increasing cases and new symptoms, it has created a panic situation.

With ¼ of the world in lockdown and people stranded on the road, it is becoming scarier day by day. Amidst this pandemic situation, it is difficult to stay calm. This outbreak has affected everyone, be it a housewife, school/college going kid, and offices & its employees. This disruption in the usual routine has induced stress, which can cause them to harm both mentally and physically.

It is essential to keep your stress level in check, for this could be lead to severe mental illness in the future. To keep a check on your stress level, you can always check what is the level of your stress using a Stress-o-meter. Where can you find a stress-o-meter, you may ask? Well, we will help you with that. We have come across one of the best stress level measurement quiz by Calm Sage, named as Stress-o-Meter. It is accurate and will tell you whether you low, moderate, or high levels of stress. In case you have high or moderate stress levels, then you must address the issue and work towards it.  Calm sage is a mental wellness and self-care bogs website, which is trying to help users to stay positive and poised in this crisis.

Want to check your stress levels, please fill-up below form. You will be present by 25 questions, and you must answer them honestly to know the actual stress level. It is also advised that even if a question is partially right for you, you must answer it with a Yes to know the real status.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your stress level checked now!

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