7 Best Dance Learning Apps During Social Distancing

I always wanted to learn dance but didn’t get time.’ Forget this thought and give yourself a break! Amidst this pandemic outbreak, practice social distancing and install dance learning apps for beginners to get assistance in every step and get the best out of isolation. Whether you want to perform at a wedding or do it to keep yourself fit, apps for dancers are indeed useful. 

Learning a new skill and converting it into a hobby is probably the best thing for keeping yourself happy and mentally fit. These apps for dancers are also perfect when you don’t want to spend money on dancing classes yet willing to grab something hidden in your soul. So guys, ready to dance your heart out? So, check out the list of some of the best apps for dancers when social distancing.

Best Dance Learning Apps


1. Just Dance Now


USP: Dancing and gaming at one place

Just Dance Now

Want to unleash the dancer within you, take help from Just Dance Now! Superhit tracks like Despacito, Shape of you, 24k, Chantaje, Bad liar, etc. are available on a single tap. Not only them, but the list also gets updated every month for the entertainment never to stop. Its Dance Room elaborates the steps you are performing, and once you perform the steps right, you get to score some good dance moves. Are you ready for this dance learning app for beginners? But before, keep in mind that you must carry a phone with a good internet connection, probably Wi-Fi.


Just Dance Now review



You can dance with the entire world with a social connection.
See how many calories are burned out after every session using Healthkit (iPhone).

VIP subscription is required to enjoy most of the services.

Just Dance Now: Android | iPhone

Price: Free; in-app purchases


2. Steezy Studio


USP: Guided lessons

best apps for dance

Whether you are quarantined at home and want to pass the time or just wish to learn dance in your free time, Steezy Studio is undoubtedly the best choice and is highly recommended. There are so many free tutorials here, which teach you dance steps by breaking them in the shortest possible manner. It is not about copying these steps; it is really about learning the moves. 

Interestingly, you can cast all the tutorials on your TV for an enlarged version, switch the class view from the front or behind and even download these lessons for offline viewing. Yes, this is the best app for dancers who are socially distant and learning how to dance.


Steezy Studio review


Styles like hip hop, urban, popping, breaking, locking, whacking, jazz, etc. are available for learning.
Challenging steps for the advanced version.

Expensive than other competitors

Steezy Studio: Android | iPhone

Price: Free trial; $19.99 monthly subscription


3. Pole Dance Lessons


USP: Best pole dance tutorials

Pole Dance Lessons

We all agree to the fact that pole dance is a hell of a tough thing but looks beautiful when performed correctly. This is why your tutor Veena has got you this pole dance learning app for beginners as well as intermediaries. To begin with, you can buy the right pole with the assistance of a unique pole wizard. Ms. Veena has probably a huge list of students’ list until now, and her experience could be beneficial for you all.

Safety is the highest priority for your teacher, so it is best to carefully hear the tips that she provides you during the course. This is probably the only app for dancers who are interested in the genre.


Pole Dance Lessons review


Best app for those who want to learn pole dancing.
Gives you knowledge of body mechanics.

Advanced versions require you to make payment.

Pole Dance Lessons:  iPhone

Price: Free to install; $9.99 monthly subscription

4. Ballet Class


USP: Dance with piano music

ballet dance

With several piano tunes already present here, this Ballet dance learning app for beginners is a great app to start with your ballet lessons. Interestingly, you can choose the piano piece for yourself among the list of availabilities which are created by professional pianists. These tunes are ordered according to the traditional sequence of exercises that structure classical ballet classes.

Your dance lessons are personalized based on classical music play, and hence this best app for dancers who are social distancing can fulfil their desire to learn their favourite dance form.


ballet dance review


From the list of so many songs, you can change the speed.
Music by famous artists like Gianna Bolotova, Fabio Ghidotti, etc.

Sometimes music syncing could be an issue.

Ballet Class: Android | iPhone

Price: Free; in-app purchases


5. Step Dance Moves Guide


USP: Beginners tips for step dancers

Best dance apps

Step dance is an integral part of America’s culture, and people love to groove high on the beats. This is one of the best dance learning apps for those who wish to master themselves in details of step dance. The concept of stepping belies derived from the fact that the body is used as an instrument to create rhythms and sounds with their footsteps, claps and vocals.

This requires a lot of teachings on clogs, jigs, reels, show tunes, etc. which are all detailed up with this app for dancers.


Step Dance Moves Guide review


Lessons suitable for beginners, intermediaries, and advanced users.
Professional choreographers are available for you.

The cluttered interface could make you a little frustrated.

Step Dance Moves Guide: Android 

Price: Free

6. Dance Reality


USP: Dance with Augmented Reality

Dance Reality

In the comfort of your home and schedule, this AR dance learning app for beginners will blow your mind. As you land here, an instructor appears on your screen and guides you to follow the animation of footsteps. It doesn’t intend to substitute the person, but ARKit is beautiful to look at.

Animated footprints, control of the speed, counting voice-over, solo or couple practice, and music for each style is going to treat you differently. No wonder, the user reviews are great.


dance reality review


Variety of dance styles like Salsa, Waltz, Hip-hop, etc.
Clever use of Apple ARKit.

Screen detection could be glitchy.

Dance Reality: iPhone

Price: Free; in-app purchases

7. Zumba Fitness

USP: Intense dance combined with fitness

Zumba Fitness

Where fitness freaks are looking for online exercise classes, they can always try Zumba fitness classes during social distancing. Be it any shape, size or age, Zumba can be done using this dance learning app for beginners where you can save and access lessons anytime and anywhere.

Here, you can check your instructors and contact them for classes. The concept of Fitness Parties in the app is all about sharing your class regime with your friends and let them join in for the same fitness session. 


Zumba Fitness review


Get real-time notifications about events, sales, etc. right from this app for dancers.
Options for finding Live Zumba class nearby are available.

Viewing locations of the nearest Zumba center and ‘Check-in’ option is a little hectic.

Zumba Fitness: Android | iPhone

Price: Free

Note: This app has been discontinued for iPhone.


You must have understood that the best dance learning apps can be chosen based on your interest like learning, fitness or fun. But these apps for dancers are cool, to begin with. You should also know that along with dancing; there are other things that you can keep your eyes on:

Best Yoga apps

Best meditation apps for Apple watch

Best self-help apps to improve yourself.

We are recommending these apps as well in need of social distancing and quarantine so that your physical, as well as mental health, remains great. 

In case you wish to talk to us or recommend anything else, our comment section is open below!


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    I am trying Zumba Fitness and its really nice and working properly , this one of the best app for me during Social Distancing.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Gamboll , dance app for freshers , professionals, and content creater

    4 years ago

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