Best Self-Help Apps To Improve Yourself Every Day

Feeling good about you and your surroundings is the best thing from morning to night. And this attribute within comes when you practice certain routines and look for positive in tiny details of life. But how come people get so successful in this case? If you are also wondering, we won’t tell you to go to an ‘Ashram’ and go solace. But you can surely consider downloading some of the self-care apps along with personality development apps.

After downloading them, you need to give time for the results but believe me; you would be mesmerized in the end. Still wondering? Don’t! Just scroll down!

What Do The Best Self-Help Apps Do?

If your life has been pretty messy, things pinch you hard, you fail to follow a disciplined life and life goals are still not inline, downloading these self-improvement apps can help.

They try to make you happy, keeps you stress-free, assures that life is already perfect and improves overall health. You literally begin to cherish the smallest victories, and you surely align with best practices soon.

Which Are The Best Self-Help Apps?

Let me form a bundle of best self-improvement apps for you. Each of them can be considered essential, though you can manage to download them according to your pros and cons. Cool?

  1. Strides Habit Tracker (Tracks Daily Habits)
  2. MyFitnessPal (Achieve Health Goals)
  3. Social Fever (Lets You Enjoy Real-World)
  4. Breathe+ (Self-relaxing)
  5. Grateful (Makes You Happy)
  6. Pzizz (Sleep Peacefully)

So, wake up in the morning and let this series take care of you!

1. Strides Habit Tracker

Whatever goal you have, big or small, Strides Habit Tracker is one of the best self-improvement apps. Why? Once you get up in the morning, take a few minutes to assess the day’s goals and mark them on the application.

Strides Habit Tracker

What Can You Do Here?

  • Look at the template and choose your trackers from Health, Fitness, Education, Money, Business, Hobbies, etc. You can even create your own template.
  • If you have long term goals, e.g. monthly or yearly, they can be marked as well.
  • A smart dashboard shows your pace of achievement, success rate and motivates you to move ahead for the same.
  • If you meet your goals, the tag of ‘perfect day’ simply puts a smile on the face, totally amazing free self-care app.

What You Can’t?

  • It is not available for Android users.
  • Every goal and habit is marked separately, which could be baffling at times.

Download: iPhone

2. My FitnessPal

Staying fit and eating healthy is the next thing you would want to follow. And My FitnessPal is your buddy for this step.

My FitnessPal

What Can You Do Here?

  • Log your exercises here, from running, cardio, strength to simple yoga. In fact, it also tracks your daily steps so you can find the calories you are losing with a simple job.
  • Charts your progress, makes various reports and ultimately motivates you to move ahead.
  • This is one of the best apps for self-care as nutrition, and weight tracking is another plus point. It logs a restaurant visit, food insight, water consumption and even lets you import recipes you are planning to cook.

What You Can’t?

  • It is not completely free to use.

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3. Social Fever

Spending time overtly on your phone and scrolling Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. kills a lot of your precious time. This time could be used to go productive at some other places, imagine. Moreover, Social Fever is one of the best apps for self-care here. It comes with a great tracking system and shows accurate results. It is a user-friendly application and will take care of your health by reminding you to drink water on time, setting reminders for eye strain and earphones. 

Social Fever

What Can You Do Here?

  • Manage your time wisely and limit social media usage smartly. It sets boundaries and reminds you when excessive time has been spent.
  • Choose your hobbies that you want to achieve in the real world like cooking, taking a stroll with your pet, etc.
  • It lets your ears and eyes take some rest by getting an alert notification on prolonging music and phone usage.
  • Get regular water reminders to keep your body hydrated and stay healthy & hearty with this self-help app.

What You Can’t?

  • It is not available for iOS users.

Download: Android

4. Breathe2Relax

Don’t worry, we all get stressed in various situations some or the other day. Even if you are not stressed, give some time to breathe out the negativities and get imbibed with fresh air. Breathe2Relax is one such self-help anxiety management app that takes care of mental peace.


What Can You Do Here?

  • Inhale and Exhale deeply while this self-care app notes your feelings simultaneously.
  • You can rate your stress level in-between ‘Relaxed to Stressed’ and find if deep breathing has relieved yours mentally.
  • When connected with Apple Watch, you can see the change in heart rate as well.

What You Can’t?

  • The interface is a little cluttered and not customizable.

Download: Android | iPhone

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5. Grateful

A personality development app that makes you feel grateful for everything around is the first thing you need by evening. After giving yourself a few minutes of deep thinking in bed or sitting in the balcony, being ‘Grateful’ is a special way of thanking every minor detail.


What Can You Do Here?

  • It is a prompt-based journal to offer gratitude. Once the question pops up “what made you smile today?” or “what are you grateful for?”, you will indulge in the day and find those details.
  • Write one word or a whole essay, no one stops you from expressing your thoughts.
  • Secure your private journal behind the password and these features make it an awesome self-help app. (Premium yet unavoidable)

What You Can’t?

  • You cannot make unlimited entries unless the upgraded version is purchased.
  • It is not available for Android users.

Download: iPhone

6. Pzizz

Sleep peacefully, take a quick nap or sit in focus to calm your mind using Pzizz! This self-improvement app lets you achieve a notch higher with a fresh face and brings smiling thoughts out naturally.


What Can You Do Here?

  • Start a sleep optimized music and take a deep refreshing sleep with its help. At the same time, Nap module gives a quick, productive session to your body.
  • The focus module allows you to concentrate and stay calm so that managing the time limit is in your hands.

What You Can’t?

  • It is free for seven days only after which a subscription package needs to be purchased.

Download: Android | iPhone

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Well, you will begin your next day with this word only, we believe. As self-help apps improve your lifestyle every day, they also build the personality side by side. Now, what is your call? We would like to know about it in the comment section below. Ask us some questions or leave feedback!

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