Apps That Help Cure Insomnia

Sleep deprivation or Insomnia, is one of the most irritating or cumbersome illness one can suffer from. It keeps one fatigued, and vastly diminishes one’s energy level. There are many psychological, medical, emotional and physical reasons that cause Insomnia. There are few apps that are available to smartphone users that help them in curing the same. While no app or software can claim to be the answer to all insomnia issues, they do try their best to help the users. So dear night owls, try and app, and see it they help. Mentioned below are the best sleep apps that help in Insomnia.

1. Relax & Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold


  • Download: Android / iOS
  • Cost: Free (In App purchases up to $2.99)

In order to sleep peacefully, without any breaks, one needs to have a deep sleep. When nothing else works, hypnosis is one of the few practices that help one fall asleep and wake up refreshed. Glenn Harrold, is a leading hypnotherapist who has created this app with multiple sub divisions such as weight loss, anxiety, self-esteem amongst others. While, the others are equally useful for those who require their assistance, the sleep hypnosis offers tracks that range from Solfeggio Meditation to Glenn’s calming voice tracks with additional sound effects in the background. These ensure that the one sleeps well and can also enjoy lucid dreaming. The key features of this app are:

  • It offers state of the art digital recordings of Glen’s many hypnosis techniques.
  • Sound effects that alter brain waves into relaxation and ensure deep sleep.
  • Helps people who have long suffered sleep deprivation.
  • Its playlist option helps one download tracks and manage their sleep schedule.

2. Pzizz

  • Downloads: iOS, Android
  • Cost: Free (In app purchases vary)

When a product is recommended by J. K Rowling, (the author of the Harry Potter series), one can be sure that there is substance and not mere words behind this app. This app is a class apart from the rest as it caters directly to the brain. You read that right. While it is important to create an account before you can use it, this app creates such sounds and sound waves that knocks even those suffering from PTSD in to deep sleep. The most important factor that makes Pzizz such an amazing app is the use of their patented psychoacoustics. They create dreamscapes because one goes off to a deep sleep. The other key features are:

  • Helps one stop overthinking.
  • Has separate cooldown music and wake up music.
  • It is compatible even when offline.
  • Easily manages one’s track history.

3. Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

There are many who say, ‘just relax’. It’s easier said than done. For those who have a high stress job, relaxing is itself a chore. They try their level best, and at times even wish they could just turn off their brain. This app for insomnia uses natural sounds and effects to help one reach the level of relaxation where one can then easily fall asleep. The use of audio therapy is highly effective as the lack of visual stimulation calms the mind and the sound effects that are played in the app are all natural. From thunder and rain, to ocean sounds, animal sounds, even stimulates one into experiencing a night in jungle with additional water sounds of waterfall and overall nature. Audio therapy works. It’s additional key features are:

  • There are no white noises used in this app. The only part where they are implemented is for ‘baby sleep’.
  • Therapy music helps soothes one into a relaxed state. There are separate sections where in one can choose music depending on their headache or blood pressure level.
  • As nature sounds are used, there is no use of any musical instrument.

Note: This app has been discontinued.

 4. Sleep Genius

Scientifically created to help one relax and get deep sleep. This is one of the best sleep app as it a must use for those suffering from mental, emotional as well as physical ailments that cause sleep deprivation. It is so effective that it has even helped NASA astronauts find solace in space! Its key features are:

  • It has 4 different sleep programs for its many users.
  • It has a special feature for ‘Power Nap’. This nap improves performance at work and increases concentration.
  • Its best feature is the relaxation program. With it, one can truly relax by letting go of any office and work or stress related matters.

5. Relax Melodies

  • Downloads: Android / iOS
  • Cost: Free (Offers in app purchases)

What is better than customization? With Relax Melodies, one can create a soundtrack of their own choice. From white noise to nature sounds to even meditation tunes, there is nothing that one can want more to create the perfect soundtrack to truly relax. By using this application, one can finally gain control over their insomnia, tinnitus and get a good night’s sleep. Its key features are:

  • Offers over 50 different type of relaxation sounds.
  • Helps reach inner peace while meditating.
  • Timer options helps one stop the application easily.

 6. Noisli 

 When a app helps one relax, not merely to sleep, but in completing day to day tasks, you just know they are onto something. With Noisli, one can detach from a noisy classroom, a chaotic work area by simply tuning in to the app. With it, one can cancel out external noise and choose a track that suits your mind the best. Its key features are:

  • Offer offline background sound support to those who suffer from PTSD and severe anxiety.
  • It allows the user to sync their sounds onto multiple devices.
  • Offers the option of customization to the users to create a combination of tracks that suits them the best. It can include, white noise, meditation sounds, nature sounds etc.
  • Perfect for kids who are hyper and suffer from ADHD.

 7. White Noise

This is one of the best apps to block distractions and get a good night’s sleep or even a power nap at work. With a massive and equally impressive sound catalog, this app has 40+ sound loops for its users. Offers users easy navigation and generates custom color user interface. It increases focus and provides the users with a calming background noise of their choice and comfort. Its other key features are:

  • There are no advertisements while the app works. This takes away a massive distraction that is unfortunately found in other apps.
  • A fade in and out type of an alarm makes getting up a refreshing process and not with the shock of the alarm blaring in one’s ears.
  • Works on a multiple number of iOS and Android devices.

8. Sleep Clock

  • Download: Android / iOS
  • Cost: Free (In App purchases from $1.99 to $29.99)

While there are many sleep tracking apps, there are few apps like Sleep Clock that help us fall asleep. The main purpose for this app is to analyze the exact moment when one’s sleep is the deepest. With that one can easily improve their sleep style and repeat it for another night till it becomes a norm for the body. Its other key features are:

  • Ensuring that it maintains a track record and history of one’s sleep pattern night after night.
  • It also provides the users with an exhaustive list of options for maintaining one’s sleep data. It even compares one’s data with that of all its users, all over the world!
  • With the help of sleep analysis and their patented technology, they can help the user get a detailed look at their sleep pattern and it also provides one with a look at the amount of movement that one undertakes.

There you have it folks! The best sleep apps in the market. So, hit that cup of chamomile tea and log in to an app of your choice. Nighty night!

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