Best Apple Watch Meditation Apps To Calm Yourself Anywhere

Meditation is the best way to deal with stress & the hustle and bustle in the world. It helps you create your own space to relax and meet your true self. There are a lot of apps available for both Android and iOS to help you mediate but have you heard about such apps for your Apple Watch?  Along with picking calls, checking messages, tracking your fitness status, you can get meditation apps on your Apple Watch. This addition has simplified our lives further.

Recently the Indian Government has commemorated “Father Of The Yoga In The West” or Paramhansa Yogananda for his contribution to meditation and Yoga as well. Imagine his teachings from the 19th century reaching to you with a single tap.

Imagine a smartwatch tied up on the wrist where you have to tap on the meditation app. Now sit anywhere and get into the ‘dhyana’ to achieve mental peace and inner satisfaction. So here we go with the best Apple Watch meditation apps.

Meditation Apps For Apple Watch

1. SattvaSattva

USP: Imbibed With Ancient Vedic Study

As we know that meditation has its roots deeply embedded in history, Sattva has been designed on similar Vedic principles. People from all over the world have benefitted personally, and now Apple Watch can provide the same mental calmness, without a doubt.

How Sattva Is Best Apple Watch Meditation App?

  • Whether you are new to the world of meditation or an expert, Sattva will take you a notch higher only.
  • Vedic mantras and chants with sacred sounds make you feel better with every passing moment.
  • Famous Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar’s famous speeches are delivered through this meditation app for Apple Watch. His guidance allows you to immerse yourself into own world.
  • Heart rate monitor and mood tracker finds out the result of meditation.

Download: Sattva

Price: Starting from $12.99 per month

2. Headspace

HeadspaceUSP: Quick Sessions

You need to relax and manage your stress to be productive at work. And Headspace is a total saviour in the form of the Apple Watch meditation app. Laying itself as a major guide to your health and happiness, one can find guidance and mindful techniques to have better sleep and a peaceful environment.

How Headspace Is Best Apple Watch Meditation App?

  • Focus exercises and the daily dose of meditation on new topics let you explore your inner self in a very detailed manner.
  • “Mini meditation” sessions can be taken to quickly reset your mind when a busy schedule has totally killed the positive vibes.
  • Free basic courses to understand the effectiveness of meditation in real life.
  • “SOS” sessions when you are into fear, stress, panic or anxiety.

Download: Headspace

Price: Starting from $12.00 per month

3. Timeless

TimelessUSP: Simple Interface

Make yourself better every day with this one of the best meditation apps for Apple Watch. Timeless has been developed by professional meditators who are aware of various techniques and helps you in improving concentration.

How Timeless Is Best Apple Watch Meditation App?

  • Simple and minimal design with no interference is the one super cool thing you will find here.
  • Teachings are tailored according to the modern lifestyle, and various sessions for emotional well-being are perfectly carved out.
  • Multi-day courses are available with Timeless to teach you techniques of Vipassana, Yoga meditation, etc.

Download: Timeless

Price: Starting from $11.99 per month

4. 10% Happier

10% HappierUSP: Dose For Beginners

Awarded as “Best of 2018”, 10% happier improves your daily life and tries to make it 10% happier. Isn’t that cool? No one can achieve happiness and peace of mind in one day. Improving a small percent within is what makes this Apple Watch meditation apps distinct from others.

How 10% Happier Is Best Apple Watch Meditation App?

  • Perfect for newbies as videos and meditation combos teach the basics very beautifully.
  • Those who face issues in sleeping deep can totally rely on this meditation app for Apple Watch and find music that drives you to a peaceful sleep.
  • Small stories of inspiration and words of wisdom can just not be ignored when wanting some life’s motivation.

Download: 10% Happier

Price: Starting from $9.99 per month

5. Zen

ZenUSP: Get Your Mind Balanced

Improve your mood, get mentally balanced and improve the sleep by downloading Zen on your iPhone. New and guided meditations get updated every week for your mental peace! There is a great therapy called Binaural beats which helps in improving body chakras, endorphin release, intelligence boosting, mood elevation, etc.

How Zen Is Best Apple Watch Meditation App?

  • Realistic 3D sounds for mind relaxation makes this meditation app for Apple watch unique.
  • Mood monitoring feature to track your emotional and mental status.
  • Motivational messages and inspirational quotes keep your energy boosted, even if you feel low. e

Download: Zen

Price: Starting from $12.99 per month

What Else Do I Have To Say?

Beyond The Meditation Apps For Apple Watch

There are times when you do not want any meditation app to support your mind, but a distance from the tech-world can alone help in attaining peace. No wonder, meditation apps are great support, but when you want to be in the moment all by yourself, minimum interferences can do better than all.

So what should you do? Use Default settings in your style!

1. Breathe App: Comes by default, this app helps you in relaxing by guiding you series of deep breaths. The gentle animation on the screen also makes the mind calm and guides to focus better. 

You can set the length of your session, adjust the breathing reminders and set your own breathing length.

2. Turn off the notifications: Constant reminders and notifications like emails, messages on Twitter, etc. can be annoying. You can choose to feel less connected with technology for some time, especially when meeting your loved ones. 

3. Turn on Do Not Disturb mode: By tapping on the moon on the screen, you will not be able to recieve quick notifications.

4. Leave your phone home when going out for jogging or taking children in the park as major functions of the iPhone can be dealt with right here. While giving yourself some time, you are already getting peace and relaxation. Switch on any of the meditation apps for Apple Watch later for an enhanced experience.

5. Turn On Theatre Mode: This mode is better known for the blackening of the screen until you touch it to check the notifications. It turns the phone silent and saves a good amount of battery.

What Do You Have To Say?

I was wondering if any ideas have popped up in your mind by now or not. And, this is why you can share your feedback, favorite Apple Watch meditation apps, and other activities you take to relax your mind. Let’s stay connected more with great discussions. 

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