Best Apple Watch Workout and Fitness Apps Of 2023

The most exciting thing about wearing an Apple Watch is its ability to expand the possibilities of carrying something new and energetic every day. Even when you think that you are happy enough with available features including an in-built GPS that helps in counting your steps, you shall ponder once again.

These Apple workout apps are developed to enhance your experience while you wear it for running, cycling, or trekking. Yes, you need to download them on your iPhone before seeking the wonders but the ecstatic accuracy of apple watch fitness apps motivates each person in an amazing manner.

Let’s begin exploring each of the Apple watch workout apps one by one.


This fitness watch app is as hilarious as a comic movie that certainly inspires you to take challenges without further ado. It simply wants you to transform your chubby body into a healthy one with challenges like ‘7 Minutes in Hell Workout’, ‘Lose or Gain weight in style’, etc.

When you achieve your goals, awards await you including watching your friend eating bag of potato chips, app upgrades, etc.

Carrotfit Additional Features:

  • You can set up reminders within the app and not forget any workout plan of the day.
  • Track your weight progress through creative graphs.

Price: $3.99

Get CARROTFit here!

2. Strava

Let’s just say this apple watch workout app will keep your activities tracked when you run, cycle and helps in analyzing the training stats smartly. Even when you swim, go for CrossFit, hit the gym or simply kayak, all the major sports are being tracked with Strava.


Additional Features:

  • It can track your heart rate, biometric data, etc. while keeping smart training in mind.
  • Connect and share your own route & training with your friends and get compliments in return.

Price: Free

Get Strava Here!

3. Pocket Yoga

All of us are aware of physical and mental fitness during Yoga and this could be known as the best fitness app for Apple watch when you narrow down to Yoga. you have got more than 27 sessions to choose from before rolling the mat on the floor, based on duration and difficulty level. Not just that, open up the dictionary that possesses detailed alignment, postures, poses, etc.

Pocket Yoga

Additional Features:

  • All the practices are designed by yoga experts and your logs keep a record of the ongoing Yoga journey.
  • You can even play music through iTunes while practicing session to calm mind and heart.

Price: $2.99

Get Pocket Yoga Here!

4. Gymaholic Workout Tracker

We have something for gym and Apple watch lovers right here! This is the best workout app for apple watch as the world of Augmented Reality comes alive in front of you. Set up your avatar according to gender, height, body shape, etc. and it shows which muscle needs a workout today, which sets are required for bodybuilding today and much more, right on your wrist.

Gymaholic Workout Tracker

Additional Features:

  • You can change the perspective of your avatar to perceive the angles.
  • The apple watch fitness app integrates with your health app as well for better & healthy moderation.

Price: Free

Get Gymaholic Here!

5. Nike Run Club

Yeah, you heard it right! Your favorite sports brand has united with fitness aura in another way, this time through a smart Apple workout app! It totally supports apple watch series 4 that tracks and store your running at one point whereas audio guides like coaches and athletes back up on another end.

Nike Run Club

Additional Features:

  • Nike Global Community of runners lets you reach your goals and compare with leaderboards.
  • Earn milestone badges & trophies after winning the longest run through this best fitness app for apple watch.
  • Price: Free

Get Nike Run Club here!

6. Swing Tennis Tracker

How about an Apple workout app that is especially for tennis buffs? Well, Swing Tennis Tracker is one of the best fitness apps for Apple watch that simply analyzes your swing speed, spins, and shot distribution.

Swing Tennis Tracker

Additional Features:

  • It can easily sync with other Apple watches present on the court for better mutual understanding.
  • Tracks professional level match statistics and keep track of winners, etc.

Price: Free

Get Swing Tennis Tracker Here!

7. Streaks Workout

Another interesting Apple watch workout app is right here on your wrist that totally acts as your personal trainer on the field. Whether you are exercising in an open park or the terrace, Streaks provide you with 30 essential equipment-free exercise program at various workout lengths. Play your favorite music at the backdrop and forget all the worries.

Streaks Workout

Additional Features:

  • View your workout history and sync it all up with various devices smoothly.
  • Saves all the workout routines and history in the Health app for upgraded monitoring.

Price: $3.99

Get Streaks Workout Here!

 8. Couch To 5K

Already an Appy award winner a few years back, this could be called as best workout app for Apple watch where training plans are designed by expert trainers, have motivating coaches like Johnny Dead, imbibed human audio guidance and much more features to support all your fitness needs.

Couch To 5K

Additional Features:

  • Free GPS support to calculate distance and map your routes are present.
  • An in-built graph is present to compare distance and pace smoothly.

Price: $2.99

Get Couch To 5K Here!

9. My Fitness Pal

It’s not majorly about the workout but surely talks about overall fitness that begins with calories consumed and steps taken each day. The apple watch version will show you how many calories have you burned today, steps walked, the nutrient requirements for the body and similar essentials.

My Fitness Pal

Additional Features:

  • It keeps a log of all the exercises you have done and helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Price: Free

Get My Fitness Pal Here!

10. Keelo

It is important to gain body strength along with fitness and workout routine. And for such a case, Keelo is your right partner in the form of the best fitness app for Apple watch. A combination of strength, cardio, and conditioning is present here which you can perform anywhere, be it home, gym or jogger’s park.


Additional Features:

  • Compare your results with others using the leaderboard.
  • This fitness watch app supports body strength to build stamina for daily routines.

Price: Free

Get Keelo Here!

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So, download any one of the Apple Watch workout apps according to your suitable category and surely, you would be able to experience a better version of your smartwatch and iPhone!

Let us know your real-life experiences as well as the apps that suited your fitness schedule.

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