How To Set Video Wallpaper On Windows 10 PC: Quick Steps

Ever thought about how to set video wallpaper on Windows 10? Well, when it comes to choosing a background on a Windows desktop, you have a few options to choose from. You can set a single picture or slideshow of multiple images. But guess what? Now, you can add a video desktop background too. Wondering how a video wallpaper for a computer will work, let us guide you through it.

Adding the live wallpaper on your Windows PC not only changes the overall look but also makes your desktop more entertaining. However, if you are using a low-end or mid-range PC, using a to set video wallpaper on Windows is not a productive option. But don’t worry, the lagging issue can be sorted by using an optimization utility. One such tool we recommend is Advanced System Optimizer; it can help you enhance the performance of your computer in no time. Then, you can easily set a video wallpaper as your Windows background. In this post, you will find different methods to set a video as the wallpaper on Windows 10.

Six Ways to Set Video as Wallpaper On Windows 10 Background Screen

Live wallpapers are already a huge thing on smartphones & we can’t deny they look super cool. Though video wallpaper for computers consumes more resources & battery power, more than mobile phones. However,Windows laptops & desktop computers make a very good device to display video wallpapers.

Here we will tell you how to set video wallpaper on Windows using different techniques –

1. Using VLC player: Easiest Way To Set Video Wallpaper On PC

VLC Media Player has been the oldest and most reliable choice of media player for Windows PC. We begin the task by using the method where a VLC player can change the wallpaper on your computer. It is a cakewalk to set video wallpaper for computers using a VLC media player. Download & Install VLC Player using the button below!

Follow these steps to set a video desktop background on Windows 10: 

Step 1 – Launch the VLC player.

Step 2- Go to the Tools & navigate to Preferences, followed by clicking on the Videos tab. 


set Wallpaper On Windows 10


Step 3 – Locate Show Settings option, you can find it in the bottom-left corner of the screen. By default, Simple option would be selected; you have to click on All


set Wallpaper On Windows 10


Step 4 –Now look for Output modules settings and from the set of options, select DirectX (DirectDraw) video output from the drop-down menu. Hit the Save button & exit VLC.


set Wallpaper On Windows 10


Step 5- Now navigate to the video clip you would like to set as the video desktop background on Windows 10 & play it in the VLC Media Player

Step 6- While VLC is playing the video, quickly right-click on the player window itself & choose Video > Set as Wallpaper

Right after the action, you will see the video playing on the desktop, and you can continue working on other applications. To be honest, the trick is more of a modified full-screen mode than a desktop background. 

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2. Using A Desktop Live Wallpaper Program

Now to set video wallpaper on Windows, let’s get started with the Microsoft App Desktop Live Wallpaper. It has multiple options to choose from; the list includes videos of animals, nature, landscapes, etc. You can use the cool video clips to be set as video wallpaper on the desktop of your computer.


Wallpaper On Windows 10


Get it from Microsoft Store; you can use the free version which lets you add the video files present on your system. It asks you to browse through video files from the available ones. You can also download the videos from the links given within the app, if you want to explore more options.

Step 1- Once the installation is finished, launch the Desktop Live Wallpapers app.

Step 2- Go to Settings from the main menu.

Step 3- Under General > Turn on the toggle switch to launch live wallpaper on Windows Startup, so you do not have to set the wallpaper every time you boot your computer.

tipsAdditional Tip

Quick Tip:  To save energy, turn on the display warning that will remind you whenever the video wallpaper is utilizing more resources.

Step 5- Now select the wallpaper fit from the options.

Step 6- Upload your video file to set it as wallpaper via the Browse folder option on the homepage of the app.

Note: Free version supports only WMV file format only as video wallpaper. 

This way you can set your favorite video desktop background on Windows 10 without any hassles!  

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3. Using Push video Wallpapers

An online solution that provides you with a classic range of videos for desktop wallpaper, Push Video Wallpapers is an easy to download service. It runs a background video wallpaper as soon as it is set up. 

This is a paid app with a free trial version to let you decide if you need it or not. The interface is pretty easy to understand, and it comes with a sample video as wallpaper for your desktop on Windows 10. You can add more videos as a wallpaper by browsing your computer. It will give you the option to pause the video while running the Windows applications on full screen. Thus, reducing the time and any chances of interference with another Windows app.


set Wallpaper On Windows 10


The most amazing thing about this desktop video background setting app is featuring an entire video playlist. Besides playing a single video file on repeat for your wallpaper, you can add the videos as a list & it will keep playing in the dedicated order.

How to set video as the wallpaper on Windows 10 using Push Video Wallpapers? 

Step 1- Launch the app after the complete setup.

Step 2- Run the sample video from the Main Menu.

Step 3- To set a video wallpaper on Windows 10, click on the add sign, located on the bottom right corner.

Step 4- Browse the video file from your local storage.

Step 5- In settings, you can choose to enable the video wallpaper on startup.

Step 6- Visibility of desktop icons can be changed from the settings.

Isn’t this an interesting way to set video desktop background on Windows 10 PC? Let us know your thoughts regarding using a third-party tool to set video wallpaper on desktop. 

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4- Set Video Wallpaper On PC Using YouTube

If you aren’t happy using the aforementioned methods, you can try using YouTube to set a video desktop background on Windows 10. The best part is, using YouTube you can set live wallpapers not only on Windows 10 but the solution is also workable on Mac, Linux & Chrome OS. 

Step 1 – Launch on any device. 

Step 2 – Play a video on YouTube on full screen, then press the keys ALT + TAB together. 

Step 3- Now, you can stream the YouTube video in the back while surfing the net or running programs over it. 


set Wallpaper On Windows 10


It is not exactly the desktop wallpaper for Windows, but the video plays as the home screen on full display. Gives you a feel of the video wallpaper on the computer for a while. You can hit the Esc button to exit the full-screen view!

5. Using DesktopHut Freeware

DesktopHut is a simple yet powerful tool to help you play any video file as a live wallpaper on your desktop. Since the tool is available as a portable version, you can run it directly on your system without installing or setting it up. Also, being a portable program, DesktopHut ensures minimum resources are being consumed while the wallpaper is rendered on the computer. 


set Wallpaper On Windows 10


Install Desktop Hut on Windows, Linux or Mac.

6. Using Wallpaper Engine

If it’s ok for you to spend a few bucks, then you can try using Wallpaper Engine on Steam. The program is capable of adding beautiful & interactive wallpapers on your Windows PC. Follow the quick steps to learn how to set video wallpapers on PC?

Step 1 – Download Steam Store on your system by going to steam & download installer.  

Step 2- Once installed. Log in to Steam & create an account. 

Step 3- Navigate to the Wallpaper Engine Steam page & click Open in Steam. 

Step 4- When Steam launches. Hit the buy button and install Wallpaper engine on your Windows PC. 


Wallpaper On Windows 10

 You’ll be displayed with a plethora of pre-installed wallpapers. Install the ones you like the most and set wallpapers according to your taste.

Were You Able To Set Video Wallpaper On Windows PC Or Laptop?

Using videos as desktop wallpaper can be a fun addition for your PC. Watching sunrise or sunsets or a clip of a bud turning into a flower would be a delight to look at. Now you know simple ways to set video wallpapers on Desktop on Windows 10.Use any of the above-mentioned ways to set videos as wallpaper on PC or laptop 

Also, you can learn how to stop users from changing desktop wallpaper on Windows when working on a shared computer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How To Download And Install Live Wallpapers For Windows? 

Get this Desktop Live Wallpapers Microsoft App on your system to download the best live wallpapers for your Windows PC. The app brings a beautiful collection of animated wallpapers for your desktop. Personalize now! 

Q2. Do Live Wallpapers Consume More Battery?

Yes, they could potentially consume a little more battery & other resources. But to ensure your system can extend its battery life for long, give a try to Advanced System Optimizer. It is a well-designed optimization suite that helps users keep their computer maintained.

Q3. Can I set a video as my Windows 10 wallpaper?

Yes, you can use VLC, YouTube and other dedicated desktop wallpaper applications to set a video wallpaper on your computer.

Read about its features here: Advanced System Optimizer, The Fastest Cleaner & Optimizer! 

Please share your comments to let us know which method you liked the best. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Follow us to get more informative articles and tech news.


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