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We all know how frustrating it can be for a computer to take what seems like an eternity to perform simple tasks. A slow performing computer not only decreases productivity but also costs money overtime. Due to CPU overheating, space clogging apps, unnecessary running of startup items and more, PC slows down. But this is not something that cannot be fixed. It always easily fixed and Windows 10 can perform faster.

Think of cleaning your computer as doing spring cleaning: removing apps you no longer use, deleting temporary files that eats system resources, clearing invalid Windows registry, disabling unwanted startup items & so on.

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Do Computers Get Slower Over Time?

Honestly, computers don’t slow down with age, it’s the CPU and resource-intense programs that make it sluggish. More programs you install on the PC, the more digital weight it has to carry. The root cause can also be malware that is running in the background, eating up a lot of memory and ultimately overheating a system & freezing it randomly.

Does computer get slower with time

Common Reasons Why Your Computer Is Slow!

So, if you’ve been asking yourself Why My PC Is Running Slow? you need to read further to know the most common reasons due to which computer behaves abnormally or sluggishly.

  • Your PC has several startup programs running.
  • Your hard drive or memory could be maxed out.
  • Unnecessary software updates are overloading your machine.
  • Too many browser add-ons.
  • Running numerous programs at once.
  • Dozens of open tabs.
  • You’re certainly running an overzealous Antivirus Program.
  • Your Windows Machine has a Virus.

And counting. .  . These were some of the most common issues that make a computer certainly slow.

why my computer is running slow


How Do I Clean Up My Computer To Make It Run Faster?

When your computer is cursed by the spinning wheel of death, try some simple fixes to make it run faster:

  • Close unused tabs.
  • Uninstalled programs you no longer use.
  • Clear temporary files & other residues.
  • Stop operating your PC when it gets overheated.
  • Remove unwanted dashboard widgets.
  • Update OS as an when required.
  • Shut down or restart your PC at regular intervals.
  • Deleted unknown & unnecessary plugins or browser extensions.

Believe it or not but these simple methods aren’t certain enough to make your computer work like a pro. Sure these tips can help improve performance, but it won’t last long. To make your PC run like a new one, try using a dedicated PC Cleaner like Advanced System Optimizer that deeply scans & cleans your computer for the enhanced outcome.

Advanced System Optimizer


This means, now you can enjoy an optimized PC performance without spending a single penny.

Do I Need A Windows PC Cleaner To Optimize System Performance?

You might already have heard about several people and websites recommending using a PC Cleaner & tune-up software to optimizer system. And at some point, you’ve probably asked yourself, ‘Do I Really Need A PC Cleaner Software?’ Well, the short answer is “Yes” & here are the supporting reasons:

  • An ideal PC Cleaning Software doesn’t only clean your computer but also provides system-maintenance tools to boost performance.
  • A good PC tune-up software offers all-round privacy protection and helps securely deleting files by overwriting them through shredder utility.
  • The best computer cleaning software posses’ multiple features like Uninstaller, Startup Manager, Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleanup & other regular maintenance tools.
  • The best system cleaner for Windows 10 will help discover unnecessary files occupying unwanted disk space, keep system stability and speed up PC by managing caches, logs, autorun apps and more.

And there you have it, some excellent reasons why you should download a PC Cleaning Software on your Windows 10.

Introducing Advanced System Optimizer – A Proven Way To Make Your PC Faster & Smoother

Manual cleaning can take a lot of your time & effort. Hence, taking an active approach by installing a dedicated Windows Cleaning Software, like Advanced System Optimizer can turn out to be an ultimate way to clean, optimize, protect & speed up your computer for a power-packed performance.

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Advanced System Optimizer

  • Repairs Common PC Errors
  • Fixes Corrupted Files
  • Game Booster
  • Duplicate File Remover
  • Performance Optimization
  • Removes online traces

Best choice

FEATURES: Advanced System Optimizer

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Inside Features

How Does It Help?


features for system cleaning  

One-Click Fix


Helps optimize your PC in one-click. It offers a noticeable system boost.


registry cleaner  

Registry Cleaner
Registry Optimizer

Repair, Reduce size and Optimize Windows registry to prevent unwanted app crashes & smooth performance.


Disk Optimizer  

System Cleaner
Disk Optimizer
Disk Tools
Disk Explorer

To Optimize, Regain & Manage disk space. Remove redundant files to get a clutter free disk.


Windows Optimizer  

Game Optimizer
Memory Optimizer

 For faster gaming, better utilization of allocated memory


System Protector  

Privacy Protector
Secure Delete
Secure Encryptor

 To give your PC all-round protection, remove browsing traces, securely delete private files and password protection.


Backup Manager

Backup Manager
System Files Backup and Restore

Useful features for data recovery, file backup & creating system restore point.


PC Fixer

PC Fixer
System and Security Advisor
Duplicate Files Remover

To fix common system issues, get suitable tips to optimize PC and remove unnecessary duplicate files.


automatic system cleaning  

Startup Manager
Uninstall Manager


For improving system startup speed, uninstall multiple programs & scheduling automatic system cleaning.



  • Simple & User-Friendly Interface.
  • Packed with Advanced Tools For PC Optimization.
  • One-Click Cleanup.
  • Detailed Analysis.
  • Quick, Deep & Custom Scanning Options.
  • Free Up Huge Amount of Disk Space.
  • Game Optimizer for Faster & Lag-free Gaming Experience.
  • Clean, Optimize, Speed Up & Protect Your System Under One Dashboard with a Plethora of Modules.


  • Lacks Anti-malware.

Here are some common computer issues successfully resolved by Advanced System Optimizer:

FAQ: Advanced System Optimizer

Q1. How Does Advanced System Optimizer Work?

To use Advanced System Optimizer – the speed booster and PC Cleaner, download and install the software using the button below:

Available for Windows 10, and older versions.

Step 1:  Launch the application and click on Start Smart PC Care button to let the software scan for all the computer issues. You can also go to the Smart PC Care to customize the actions for the system optimization.

Step 2: Once your system lists out all the selected areas facing issues in terms of Storage, Privacy protection or Registry. Click on the Optimize button to fix all the issues right away.

smart pc care

Step 3: You can even check out different modules for fixing: Registry Issues, Backup & Recovery, Disk Cleaning, Regular Maintenance and much more.

Q2. What Are The Minimum System Requirements For Advanced System Optimizer?

Minimum System requirements needed for using Advanced System Optimizer are as follows:

  • OS Running Windows XP.
  • Intel Pentium 3.500 MHz or equivalent processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 50 MB Free Hard Disk Space

Q3. Which Windows Versions Are Supported By Advanced System Optimizer?

Advanced System Optimizer supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit) operating systems.

Q4. Where Can I Contact For Any Product Related Queries?

For any queries related to Advanced System Optimizer, feel free to connect on [email protected]

Q5. How Do I Uninstall Advanced System Optimizer?

To uninstall the product:

Step 1: Go to the Start Menu > Control Panel > Uninstall a program.

Step 2: Scroll down the list to search for Advanced System Optimizer and click on the Uninstall button.

Step 3: Confirm to uninstall the program successfully!

What’s Your Take?

Advanced System Optimizer is surely one of the best cleaner apps for PC as it comes loaded with advanced tools and features that help keep your system at its peak performance.

Will you be installing Advanced System Optimizer to Clean, Optimize & Protect your Windows PC? Do share your opinion in the comment section below!

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    I thought about buying it but the trial version crashed while I was using it for the first time!

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    Woah! This tool seems to be quite helpful. Thankyou for this amazing recommendation.

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