How To Fix Common Computer Errors On Your Computer Using Advanced System Optimizer?

Everyone loves spending time on a PC, but nobody likes the errors and issues that arise. There are different types of errors in a computer that almost ruin our experience and create hurdles in our path. But did you know that there is an application that can fix PC errors and resolve common computer errors with a few clicks? Anyone can use this application as it does not require any troubleshooting to be done by the user. Let us now check the types of errors that frequently occur in your system and fix them.

Types Of Common Computer Errors

Countless errors occur in a computer, and this number has continuously been rising with new updates and applications. However, a few common computer errors can be fixed by using Advanced System Optimizer (ASO). To fix PC errors, you generally need to tweak the Windows Registry, replace a file, or type code in the command prompt. However, ASO aids the users from the technical steps and resolves many errors in computer errors with a few clicks.

Advanced System Optimizer can fix some of the common computer errors that are related to Control Panel, Desktop, Taskbar, and Windows File Explorer. The below table mentions some of the computer errors like unable to change the background, unable to view My Computer/This PC icon, cannot access the right-click menu, and no system tray icons for easy access. You can check the complete list below:

Control Panel Unable to access Display Properties
Enable ” Turn Windows Features On or OFF”
View Hidden Items in Control Panel
Unable to Access Control Panel
Desktop Enable Desktop Background
Prevent Duplicate icons on Desktop
Common Icons like My Computer and Recycle Bin not available
The Context Menu does not provide the New option.
The Context Menu does not display the Send To option.
You cannot use the RUN command
File Explorer No context menu on Right-Click
Show Hidden Files button is disabled or missing.
Cannot access other Drives in This PC Window
Taskbar System Tray Icons are not displayed.
The taskbar cannot be moved to a different side.
The taskbar cannot be resized.
Taskbar Properties are not accessible.
Taskbar does not display the Language Bar.

Steps On How To Fix Common Computer Errors On Your Computer Using Advanced System Optimizer?

Advanced System Optimizer is a simple and quick software with an intuitive interface that requires no training to operate and fix common computer errors. The steps to fix PC errors are listed below:

ASO Overview

Step 1: Download and Install Advanced System Optimizer by clicking on the download button below.

Step 2: Open the application and register it with the key provided to you in your email.

Step 3: Once the application is registered, you can locate Common Issue Fixer in the left panel on the main screen.

Step 4: Next, click on the PC Fixer option in the right panel of the application.

Step 5: A new application window will open where you have to click on the link labelled as Frequently Experienced Issues.

Step 6: Next, select any one of the categories on the left and click on it to list the fixes in the right panel.

Step 7: Place a checkmark next to the checkbox beside the computer’s error and then click on the Repair button in the right bottom corner of the screen.

Step 8: Once the computer errors are fixed, you will receive a prompt asking you to Log Off your computer for changes to take effect or Cancel for later.

Step 9: If you do not want to log off due to unsaved work, you can choose to cancel and Log Off later anytime.

Now check the issue if it has been fixed. This is one of the easiest ways to fix PC errors.

ASO Update

Why Should I Choose Advanced System Optimizer?

Apart from fixing the common computer errors, the Advanced System Optimizer offers a wide variety of options to optimize your system to ensure enhanced performance of your system. The extra features are plentiful and would not fit here, but let me list a few of the most important ones:

Optimizes the Registry. It fixes all major and minor registry issues, which help your system to remain stable.

Optimizes the Hard Drives. Cleans and fixes hard drive issues and ensures optimum performance.

Optimizes the Operating System. This includes optimizing the memory, or in simpler words, it frees up the RAM to make the computer run faster. This is useful while playing games.

Updates the Drivers. Drivers are an essential element of any operating system that aid in communicating with the hardware.

Protects the computer. Fixing the computer is cool, but what about viruses and malware. ASO makes sure that your system is protected from all types of malicious software.

Back up and Restore. ASO helps to backup and restore system files and create a restore point.

That not all! It is just the icing on the cake. As I mentioned, earlier Advanced System Optimizer has a lot of features and options that can’t be listed in a single document. I have been using this application for a couple of years now, and I still haven’t explored all of its features yet.

The Final Word On How To Fix Common Computer Errors On Your Computer Using Advanced System Optimizer?

If you face errors on the computer, then the best way to fix PC errors is to install Advanced System Optimizer. It fixes not only common computer errors but also offers many other functions and features to optimize your system such that it never gives you a reason to complain. As a multi-utility tool, ASO can resolve all computer-related problems single-handed without installing multiple programs for multiple issues.

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