13 Best Uninstaller Software for Windows 10, 8, 7 In 2022

Top Useful Uninstall Utilities In 2022 For Windows 10 & Other Versions

For Windows PC Optimization

Using the best software uninstallers can help you save a significant amount of saving your storage space. At the same time, Microsoft provides its users with an easy way to uninstall the software manually by clicking on the “Add or Remove Programs’ option. But let’s face it who would take the pain of uninstalling several Windows programs manually? Plus, the method would often leave associated files, folders, shortcuts & other residues which are probably of no use to you. 

So, to get rid of all the associated files and software in one go, we suggest using third-party windows uninstaller software. In this article, we have discussed some of the most useful uninstaller programs for Windows to remove rogue software & reclaim unnecessary occupied storage space

List Of 13 Best Uninstallers for Windows To Remove Apps Permanently

After testing more than 35 utilities, we’ve listed the best bunch of uninstallation software for your Windows. 

1. Advanced System Optimizer  | Download Now 


Advanced System Optimizer


When we talk about the best uninstaller software for Windows 10, Advanced System Optimizer should always be counted in. It is a great tool to get rid of unwanted apps, along with the associated files in just a few moments. As the name suggests, the program is a one-stop solution when it comes to maintenance and optimization.

Features Of Advanced System Optimizer: 

  • Besides uninstalling unwanted apps, it can:
  • Remove useless junk files, app cache, and other unwanted files.
  • Optimizes your computer for smoothest performance. 
  • Updates device drivers.
  • Registry Cleaning and optimization.
  • Optimizes your gaming experience with one click.
  • Scan and update your drivers for smooth functioning. 
  • Detect and block all types of malware. 


  • Best Windows 10 Uninstallation Program.
  • Size-wise program list.
  • Best Suited For Novice & Advanced Users
  • Tools To Speed Up Slow Computer


  • Free Windows Uninstall Version In Scan Only.

Supported Versions: (32-bit and 64-bit versions) of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP

Pricing Models: Advanced System Optimizer
Plan For License Price
1-Year    Subscription  $49.95

2. Advanced PC Cleanup


Advanced PC Cleanup


Advanced PC Cleanup lives up to its name and gives you a complete setup for cleaning up the clutter on your PC. It comes along with all the necessary tools to scan and detect the junk files and programs and then remove it from your computer. It is the best uninstaller software for Windows PC, as you can remove any program in one click. In additional features, you can also optimize your PC for unwanted files and old downloads.  

Features Of Advanced PC Cleanup: 

  • Uninstalls a program quickly.
  • Cleans junk, temporary and unused files.
  • Removes redundant files and programs.
  • Optimize your PC and improve performance.
  • Provides protection against malicious elements.
  • Add/remove programs from the startup list.
  • Scan for invalid registry values.


  • Protects from malware.
  • Removes online identity traces.
  • Manages Startup programs.
  • Removes Invalid registry entries.


  • Not available for Windows older versions.

Supported Versions: (32-bit and 64-bit versions) of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7.

Pricing Models: Advanced PC Cleanup
Plan For License Price
Lifetime (Limited Usage) Trial Version Free
1 year ( Advanced PC Cleanup + Systweak PhotoStudio v2.1) Subscription $39.95

3. Revo Uninstaller | Download Now 


Revo Uninstaller


Revo Uninstaller is a popular name in the category of best Windows uninstallers which helps users to find & remove all the traces of the software installed on your system. When you right-click on a program, it gives plenty of options, including to uninstall it, remove its entry from the list, search for it online, open its install location, open its registry key and more. Interesting right? 

Features of Revo Uninstaller: 

  • The interface is clutter-free and easy to use.
  • Can optionally remove system updates and system components.
  • Creates a system restore point before uninstalling a software.
  • Revo offers add-ons such as Autorun/Startup manager, Junk Cleaner, and Privacy Cleaner.
  • Best Uninstaller for Windows 10 PC (Well-suited for novice & advanced users). 


  • Entirely Removes Programs On Windows 10
  • Additional Tools Like Hunter Mode
  • Great Technical Support


  • Basics Functions In Free Version

Supported Versions: 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server

Pricing Models: Revo Uninstaller
Plan For License Price
30-Days Trial Version  Free
1-Year  Subscription For 1 Device   $17.95
2-Year (Current Summer Offer) Subscription For 1 Device   $27.95 

4. IObit Uninstaller 9 | Download Now


Iobit Uninstaller


Efficient, simple, and user-friendly are some adjectives that perfectly describe this Windows program uninstaller. IObit dedicatedly works to remove useless tools and software from your hard drive, without leaving any registry clutter or junk files behind.  It works in two steps; first, it uninstalls the program and does a powerful scan to look for leftover files and folders.

Features of IObit Uninstaller 9:

  • Supports batch uninstalling. 
  • Easily uninstalls software & removes the redundant registry entries, files & folders.
  • Can remove toolbars, plugins, browser add-on and extensions.
  • Can also help you to remove Windows Store apps that you don’t use anymore.
  • Creates a System Restore point before making any changes. 
  • The best feature of the software is the right-click context menu integration
  • If you want to uninstall a program, just right-click on the application on your desktop & choose to remove it with IObit Uninstaller.


  • Multilingual Uninstaller App For Windows
  • Browser Extension Manager
  • Extra Add-Ons With Premium Version


  • No Automatic Updates In Free Version

Supported Versions: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

Pricing Models: IObit Uninstaller 9
Plan For License Price
Lifetime (Only a Few Features) Free License Free Of Cost 
1-Year (IObit’s 15th Anniversary Offer) Subscription $19.99

5. Ashampoo Uninstaller 9 | Download Now


Ashampoo Uninstaller 9


Ashampoo Uninstaller is an amazing & the best Windows uninstaller tool available in the market. It helps you eliminate undesired apps, toolbars, and extensions & significantly improves your overall PC health. It uses deep cleaning technology, to dedicatedly monitors each installation & remove it from the deep folder. 

Features of Ashampoo Uninstaller 9:

  • Supports drag & drop uninstallation. 
  • It removes unwanted software, browser extensions or toolbars with a single click.
  • The tool comes with an inbuilt snapshot feature which helps compare various system stats.
  • Quickly detects any changes made by installers or apps.
  • Can permanently remove all the sensitive data during uninstallation.
  • Runs automatic leftover file scans even for default uninstallations. 
  • Best uninstaller for Windows 10 PC, can be used by novice users as well. 


  • Effectively Cleans Residual Files
  • Offers Several Extra Tools As A Part Of Suite
  • Capable of removing locked Windows Apps Too


  • Doesn’t Receive Frequent Updates

Supported Versions: Both 64-Bit & 32-Bit for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7

Pricing Models: Ashampoo Uninstaller 9
Plan For License Price
30-Days  Trial Version Free Of Cost 
1-Year (Current Deal) Subscription  $21.00

6. Advanced Uninstaller PRO | Download Now


Advanced Uninstaller Pro


If you are a commercial user or just searching for a highly effective Windows program uninstaller, Advanced Uninstaller Pro is the best choice among the glut. It has several features such as searching for leftover registry items, context menu integration, and more. The Windows uninstaller even features lots of tools to take care of your PC’s health. 

Features of Advanced Uninstaller PRO: 

  • Advanced Uninstaller not only uninstalls a program effectively but also has lots of tools. 
  • Like Startup manager, file shredder, junk cleaner, control panel applet remover.
  • You can even find a dedicated duplicate file finder and registry cleaning tool with it. 
  • When software is uninstalled, the uninstaller also scours leftover files.
  • Search for the installed programs by name, size, additional comments left by other users
  • The Windows Program Uninstaller also helps the user to back up and restore programs.
  • You can set the software to monitor every program installed as it will help you uninstall software on a later date.


  • Fastest Uninstallation Process
  • Works With Almost All Windows OS Versions
  • Automatic Updates Received


  • Outdated Dashboard

Supported Versions: 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP are supported

Pricing Models: Advanced Uninstaller PRO
Plan For License Price
Lifetime (Only a Few Features) Free License Free Of Cost 
30-Days  Subscription  $9.10
1-Year  Subscription  $10.15 
2-Years  Subscription $15.60 

7. Geek Uninstaller | Download Now


Geek Uninstaller


Due to its compact interface and many features, Geek Windows Uninstaller is considered to be one of the best options to uninstall unwanted software & programs on Windows for free. It lets users remove Windows Store apps in a normal way or by force. Geek Uninstaller supports multiple languages making it available for every type of user. 

Features of Geek Uninstaller:

  • It can even remove unwanted, stubborn and corrupted software forcefully.
  • Doesn’t require installation, means a portable version of Windows uninstaller is available.
  • Displays the list of all the installed programs in an organized HTML file.
  • With the list of programs, it also shows plenty of other essential details.
  • You can know the date on which a program was installed, space it is occupying on the disk.
  • Easily switch between uninstalling desktop & Windows Store apps through the View menu.


  • Forcefully Scrubs Stubborn Associated Files
  • Allows You To View App’s Registry Entry
  • Effective Sort & Search Functionalities


  • No, Restore Feature Available

Supported Versions: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, as well as in most Windows Server versions

Pricing Models: Geek Uninstaller
Plan For License Price
Personal Use  Free Version  Free of Cost 
Special Edition (PRO Version) Life-Time  $24.95

8. CCleaner Professional | Download Now


CCleaner Professional


Undoubtedly one of the most popular names in the category of Cleaning & Optimization for PCs, CCleaner comes with multiple effective modules to enhance system performance as a whole. One of its significant features is Uninstaller that helps users to delete not only any third-party Windows tools but also pre-installed programs. It displays a complete list of apps & you can click the Uninstall button to get rid of it one go. 

Features Of CCleaner: 

  • Automatic scheduling to clean & optimize the system.  
  • Clears history & cookies while users are not browsing the Internet. 
  • Uninstall Windows programs quickly and effectively. 
  • Enjoy faster performance after each scan. 
  • Ensures safe browsing & keeps your privacy intact. 
  • An all-in-one solution to clean, optimize, and protect your Windows PC. 
  • Top-rated Windows 10 uninstallation program by beginner users. 


  • Delete Apps In Just A Fraction Of Seconds
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Lots Of Other Modules To Elevate Performance


  • Doesn’t Support Batch Uninstallation

Supported Versions: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, as well as in most Windows Server versions

Pricing Models: CCleaner Professional
Plan For License Price
Lifetime (Limited Features) Free License Free of Cost 
1-Year For 1 PC Subscription  $6.54 
1-Year For 3 PCs (Professional Plus Version)  Subscription  $10.55

9. Comodo Programs Manager | Download Now


Comodo Programs Manager


Well, you might have heard about Comodo, it’s a famous brand which has one of the Best Antivirus software. But not many users know that they also have an incredible Windows program uninstaller with the name Comodo Programs Manager. It not only effectively removes associated junk files, registry entries and other traces, but it is also one of the best backup software to keep a copy

Features of Comodo Programs Manager:

  • Allows you to uninstall programs, drivers, services & installs made with Windows Update.
  • Can turn off Windows features and install updates from Windows Update.
  • You can search through and filter a program by name, company, size, and usage.
  • The Windows Software Uninstaller can detect & remove partially installed program as well.
  • The program also alerts you if it detects virus while installing an application.
  • Best Uninstaller for PC, as it is compatible with almost all Windows versions. 


  • Lets You Restore Deleted Windows Apps
  • Integrates Explorer For Easy Uninstallation
  • Lets You Remove Windows Updates & Drivers


  • Doesn’t Effectively Work With Windows 10
  • Doesn’t Get Frequent Updates

Supported Versions: 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP are supported, as well as Windows Server 2008 and Server 2003

Pricing Models: Comodo Programs Manager
Plan For License Price
30-Days  Free Trial Version  Free
Limited Time Offer  3 Licenses  $19.99

10. Wise Program Uninstaller | Download Now


Wise Program Uninstaller


It is of the handiest & best free uninstaller software for Windows. Wise Program Uninstaller makes the whole process effortless as it removes apps along with the associated files for free. You can get all the essential details about the app author, developer, size and location of the software from one dashboard. It offers Force & Safe mode, to delete the files on the force & delete all the registry files usually

Features of Wise Program Uninstaller: 

  • Removes the programs from the list which are uninstalled and still showing on the list.
  • Offers to uninstall the program in two ways: Safe Uninstall and Force Uninstall.
  • You can create a TXT file that contains a list of all the installed programs. 
  • Along with their name, install path, version number, installation date, and size.
  • The free Windows uninstaller allows you to open Registry Editor by right-clicking a program.
  • Allows you to enable context menu integration so you can uninstall programs from their desktop shortcut


  • Offers Data Recovery Options
  • Tools To Speed Up Slow Windows Computer
  • Forcibly Remove Stubborn Programs


  • Interface Needs Some Updates

Supported Versions: 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, as well as with Windows Server 2008 and Server 2003

Pricing Models: Wise Program Uninstaller
Plan For License Price
Lifetime  Free Version Free of Cost 

11. Puran Uninstaller | Download Now

ASO Uninstall Manager

Puran Windows Uninstaller is considered to be the best Windows uninstaller software & it checks for a program’s developer and confirms whether it is malicious. Like other best Windows uninstaller tools, Puran can also forcibly delete stubborn programs along with their associated files & folders. Additionally, Puran also helps users to fight against malfunction of the software. 

Features of Puran Uninstaller: 

  • It is small in size, easy to use & effective Free Windows Uninstaller.
  • Has clearly labelled buttons to get more info about a program installed.  
  • In case you want to inquire about software installed. 
  • Programs can be sorted by name, version number, publisher, install date, and size.
  • One of the best free uninstallers for Windows with a clear and decluttered interface.
  • If any software refuses to get deleted, Puran Windows uninstaller software searches for every reference & registry file to remove it from the computer.


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Good At Identifying Malfunctioning Apps
  • Sort Windows Apps & Uninstall In A Few Clicks


  • Packed With A Few Ads
  • This Windows 10 Uninstallation Program Hasn’t Received Any Updates From Long

Supported Versions: 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2008/2003 are supported

Pricing Models: Puran Uninstaller
Plan For License Price
Lifetime  Free Version  Free of Cost 

12. Free Uninstall It | Download Now


Free Uninstall


If you are dealing with certain stubborn programs that make the whole uninstallation process hard, then you need to install this Free Windows Uninstaller right away. The tool is highly efficient at uninstalling old & unused software in no time. Additionally, you can get rid of the registry entries and residue traces for all-round cleaning

Features of Free Uninstall It: 

  • The free Windows uninstallation software comes with a clean & straightforward interface. 
  • Offers several tabs to organize its components, such as Uninstall Programs, Installation Eye, Force Uninstall & Options, allowing you to choose whichever you want to work with.  
  • With Installation Eye, you can properly download & setup new software with ease.
  • After uninstalling the software, a prompt appears to remove the residual data. 
  • It’s truly effortless to uninstall stubborn apps from your PC
  • A handy & free uninstaller program with minimal resource usage. 


  • Can Delete Hidden Programs From Your PC
  • Create System Restore Point Before Deleting
  • Highly Compatible Free Uninstallation Tool


  • Doesn’t Support Batch Software Uninstallation
  • Extra Useless Features

Supported Versions: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, as well as in most Windows Server versions (32 Bit & 64 Bit)  

Pricing Models:
Plan For License Price
Lifetime  Free  Free of Cost 

13. Free Uninstaller | Download Now


Free Uninstaller


Free Uninstaller is a wonderful program that helps users to uninstall multiple types of software & apps in one-go. It has a basic interface with the clearly labeled button for hassle-free navigation. It has a portable version, that means you don’t need to install it, you can just launch the uninstall app on any Windows OS & get the task done. Unlike other popular Windows uninstallers, it doesn’t make any changes in the Windows Registry

Features of Free Uninstaller: 

  • Portable free Windows program uninstaller. 
  • You can store the tool on a removable device & directly run it on any computers. 
  • Lets you check out the name & published of each installed Windows apps
  • Allows you to save the uninstall list. 
  • You can back up the registry uninstall information too. 


  • No Changes Are Made To Windows Registry
  • Highly Compatible Windows Uninstallation Tool
  • Requires Least Amount Of System Resources


  • Doesn’t Have A Visually Compelling UI

Supported Versions: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Pricing Models: Revo Uninstaller
Plan For License Price
Lifetime  Free Free of Cost 

Which Windows Uninstaller Program Will You Pick?

These are some of our best recommendations to choose from. All the uninstallation programs for Windows 10 have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. But if you ask us, we suggest using Advanced System Optimizer and Revo Uninstaller as the most useful utilities. As both help in finding useless & large programs that you no longer need & a simple means to get rid of them quickly. Additionally, both the Windows Software offers extra sparkling features that help users to maintain the system for smooth functioning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Completely Uninstall Windows?

Want to entirely remove Windows from computers, just follow the steps below:

Note: Make sure that you backup the entire data you have on the drive where Windows is installed! 

  • From System Configuration > go to the Boot tab 
  • Now verify the Windows you want to keep is set as default 
  • Select the Windows you want to uninstall 
  • Hit Delete button & click Apply > OK to confirm the process 

Q2. How To Uninstall Programs On Windows 10 That Cannot Be Uninstalled?

Suppose you are not able to uninstall any program or software from the Control Panel. In that case, use any Best Windows Uninstallers mentioned above to force uninstall stubborn programs in a few clicks. We recommend using the best uninstaller for Windows – Advanced System Optimizer as it comes packed with multiple other PC tools.

Q3. How To Remove Software Leftovers On Windows PC Manually?

It is important to clear out the application along with its associated files and therefore we recommend using one of the best uninstaller software. Another way  to quickly wipe program leftovers off your PC manually, follow the instructions below: 

  • After successfully uninstalling software from Control Panel 
  • Check the program files & AppData Folders to remove the leftovers 
  • To do so: Press Windows logo key + S (from your keyboard) 
  • Now type: %programfiles% in the search box
  • When the Program Files folder opens, check if there are any folders with the name of uninstalled software 
  • If you find any, delete such folders 
  • Now type: %appdata% in the search box 
  • From the AppData folder, locate for the files with the name of uninstalled software 
  • And if you find any delete them completely 

These are just the basics, to completely get rid of the associated clutter of the uninstalled program. To complete the process, you need to clean its Registry entries, remove temp files & so on. Since the process is lengthy and cumbersome, we suggest our users rely on dedicated Uninstaller Apps For Windows 10 to get rid of all such leftovers in a click.

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